Month 12 - Wings

(Below are all the posts I wrote in my twelfth month of sobriety. I've compiled them here into one page so that it's easy to see where I was at throughout this stage of my recovery. What you don't get to see by reading the posts this way is all the wonderful, supportive, warm and wise comments that came from the online community and that have been so crucial in my recovery. To share in that warmth and wisdom you need to read by going through my Blog Archive on the right.  If you are reading this here and you are at the same stage of recovery yourself, please comment at the bottom to share your thoughts and experiences with others. Love, Mrs D xxx)
8 August - "Yo ..(lack of imagination with post title)"

So I've been a bit grumpy, had a tummy bug on the weekend and didn't eat properly for 4 days, have had two drinking dreams, kids are being really demanding and I'm up against a deadline with my MA so am spending all my spare time writing and the rest of the time stressing that I should be writing, hence the grumpy-at-the-kids attitude, Mr D isn't around half as much with the long hours for his new job so I'm doing a lot of the parenting stuff alone and my young guy is now toilet training so I'm cleaning up a lot of accidents, it's raining and I feel like a bit of a stress cadet.

So! Time for some gratitude as someone sensibly suggested to me.

1) I am so fucking happy I could scream it from the mountain tops that I am sober!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I fucking love that I am dealing with all of this shit without the added complication of necking loads of booze.  Sorry about the swearing.

2) My boys are beautiful.  They are noisy, rowdy, pushy, demanding, argumentative wonderful bundles of life. They live life at maximum level and as their mum I have to constantly negotiate, mediate, placate and nurture them not to mention feed, water, clean and rest them but I love them so much I really do. They are good, crazy, special boys.

3) I just bought a lovely scented candle.

4) I have a great husband.

5) I have many many lovely friends scattered around this country and around the world and even though I am still sad to not be close to my friends we have just moved away from I have decided that friends are like precious jewels that you gather up and they never go away.

6) I am actually really enjoying this MA work (although it is hard to be doing it while being a full-time mum, but that is my choice).

7) I have my health, aside from the afore mentioned bug, and did I mention that I am so-fucking-happy that I am looking after myself and not slowly ruining myself with booze??!!

8) I am one month away from being one year sober and that, my friends, is a very very good thing.

Love, Mrs D xxx


13 August 2012 - Things that happen"

I put white wine in my chicken casserole tonight and leaned over the pot as it bubbled away evaporating down.  Smelled nice but didn't trigger anything much.

They were doing wine tastings at the local supermarket - offering little plastic cups filled with good quality white varieties as shoppers entered the bread section. 'Not for me thanks', I said with a smile, then spent the next 5 minutes imagining myself explaining to her why I was turning her down.

Making plans for my 'soberversary', and how I'm going to make an elaborate cake and order myself some treaty takeaways to have for dinner.

Met my deadline for my first chapter of results to my supervisor, emailed it off last night.  Stoked! Totally stoked with myself.  Couldn't have done that if boozing.

Loving reading the new bloggers who have come on the scene and are still early days (less than 90), as it's so good reading them and being reminded about all that gritty, hard work that we do early on in recovery when we're re-training our brains.  Bless every one of you.

Woke up this morning after yet another long heavy good sleep and tried hard to remember what it was like to wake up hungover and knackered after being awake in the night with a fizzy brain, taking endless trips to the loo and feeling terribly guilty.

I am reminded constantly that things can change in a heartbeat, that life is hard, and that I am so pleased to be fully present in the midst of my extended family, clearheaded, openhearted and sober.  That is such a good thing.

Love, Mrs D xxx


15 August 2012 - "Vulnerable? Odd? Not sure..."

Hi all .. just a quick post, realised I'm feeling a bit odd and want to write it out to examine what's going on.  Have decided that I'm going to buy a packet of cigarettes in the grocery shop today and have a sneaky one before I pick the kids up at 3pm.  Haven't had a ciggy since Christmas when I was indulging a little, like it was my 'treat' for getting through the silly season without booze. Some stern talk from my lovelies out in the blog-o-sphere helped me decide that was bloody stupid and I stopped before it became an intrenched habit.  But now I've decided I want one or two.  That I 'need' one or two, or 'deserve' it or something.

Also feel like getting a Red Bull (!!shock horror!!).. I dunno .. this seems kind of minor and silly but the truth is I'm feeling a bit weird and ... vulnerable...?

It's all this talk of the one year soberversary which is looming.  I suddenly feel very overly aware of my 'point of difference' again, my sobriety, my living a dry life.  I feel like it's all very tenuous and delicate.

Mr D had a MONSTER glass of red wine after work yesterday (it was the only one he had but it was probably actually more like 2 1/2 glasses in one glass, it was that big).  It sat on the edge of the bench for 10 minutes or so while he helped get the boys to bed and .. I walked past it a couple of times .. and fuck it was really like looming large in my vision.

And then I let myself totally imagine just grabbing it and sculling it down real fast.  It wasn't an entirely pleasant imagining but I totally went there in my mind.  Like .. it would be just so easy.

Fuck.  This is annoying.  But anyway...

So, off to buy some cigarettes.  You know, for a treat.

And don't worry .. there's nofuckingway I'm going to actually have a drink because I don't do that because I'm an alcoholic and I'm way better off with that booze out of my life and I love being sober and I'm proud of myself and other people are proud of me and oh yes aren't I so clever and strong wow oh wow look at me clever sober fucking clever sober me.


Off to have a ciggy now.

Love, Mrs D xxx


18 August 2012 - "An early start"

So the two little boys woke us at 5.15am.  Boy were we annoyed.  5.15am is THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!  So there were lots of stern words as we tried unsuccessfully to get them to stay quiet until the sun came up or at least one bird started to chirp.

I lay with my head buried into the pillow feeling grumpy... grumbling .. grumpy .. but then .. made myself pause for a minute .. head buried in the pillow.. and think .. think of the wider picture Mrs D .. the bigger picture .. the whole entire picture.

It was 5.30am... my sons were giggling, my lovely husband was grumbling into his pillow next to me all warm and snugly in our bed .. the sun was about to rise on a clear Saturday morning and despite being a little tired I was also clear.  Clear headed and sober.

I'm bloody 40 years old and I've kicked a dysfunctional drinking habit to the curb and I am sober.

My life has it's ups and downs, way more than it used to.  Sometimes it's tricky. Sometimes it's gritty and I get grumpy or sad.  Sometimes shit happens to people around me and relationships get strained.  Life is tricky, people are complicated, people get sick, shit happens.  Shit happens all the time.  But dammit, all I have to do is not drink alcohol and I'm doing ok.  I am doing ok.

So I got up (I'm not going to embellish here and say all day was peaches and roses) but I got out of bed a damn sight happier that I could have done.  There was no hangover or guilt or concern about my alarming wine consumption, just a tired mother-of-three getting into the day earlier than she would have liked.

I'm feeling better.  I'm glad to hear people telling me that soberversaries can be hard.  I'm kind of annoyed once again to realise that I'll probably always be glum that I can't have a glass of wine or three to unwind.  But I can't.  I didn't.  I don't.  I used to.  Boy did I used to guzzle wine like it was water.  Hard and fast, lots of it.  In the glass it went.  Down my throat.  Bottles in the recycling.  Go get more.  In the glass.  Down the throat.  Wine, wine, wine, wine, wine. Not for me no more.

Now, off to make pizza with Parmesan cheese, thinly sliced potato, anchovies and rocket at the end to finish. Yummy!  A pink sparkling grapefruit juice to drink with it while I sit on the sofa, read my supervisor's notes on my draft chapter and watch the All Blacks play Australia.  Who needs wine.

Love, Mrs D xxx


22 August 2012 "Why I love being sober"

I chatted with a friend the other day about about all the stuff that had been going on lately and opened up that it had been a hard time 'sober-wise' as I'd been hankering for a glass of wine to help me deal with things.  Told her that I'd pushed through OK (with the help of half a cigarette that tasted awful) and things were smoothing out now and I was getting closer to my one year 'soberversary'.  She said, "I often think of you. How amazingly strong you are. I wish I could drink less."

Ok so there's a lot going on here.  1) she's concerned she drinks too much 2) she's being honest with herself about her drinking and working to keep in as under control as possible and 3) she thinks of me and it helps!

I'd be a big fat liar if I didn't admit that I love that people are impressed by me giving up booze.  It's a vain, big-headed thing to say but it's definitely one of the big positives about living sober and I'll take the good along with the bad.

Good = people are impressed, people think I'm strong, I think I'm strong!, I respect myself more, I have a much healthier self-image, I make more effort with my appearance and personal grooming (the extra bits like nails and eyebrows), I'm saving money, I am healthier, I am calmer, I am more considered in my approach to interpersonal matters, I am ensuring my kids won't carry any shit from having a heavy-drinking mum, I am choosing a sustainable way of living well for the second half of my life.

Bad = I'm different from the majority, I won't be able to be 'silly pissed' at parties and might have to retreat if it's difficult to mesh with people who are getting tipsy or drunk, I have to deal with tricky interpersonal stuff in a raw and real state which is sometimes not as appealing as blurring the edges with wine, the angry and sad versions of myself are more pronounced when they're around, I don't get to taste alcohol any more.

These are the facts.  This is what I have chosen.  No regrets.

Love, Mrs D xxx


29 August 2012 - "Almost one year"

It's coming pretty easily right now.  Just busy living and not thinking or caring about the no-alcohol thing.  Got a bit of stress on with my MA, have been forcing my way through some heavy-duty theorists ... trying to understand what they're saying enough to write them in my own words and not feel like a fraud.

Mr D is really busy at work and has been having a few boozy nights out and that's fine by me - he can have them. I think it's good for him actually, to blow off some steam with colleagues or friends every now and then.  He has a very stressful job and is a great husband and dad, he's also a normal drinker who can have some blow-outs and then not touch alcohol for a week or two and not even really notice.

Me, no such luck.

I've been hearing stories from friends about boozy parties. I'm the queen of the living-room disco dance and don't need to be determinedly filling myself with wine (as I used to do) to enjoy them.

As I said to a mate, I feel like I'm in Magical Sober Land which is such a different head-space to what I used to be in I don't want to tip up the apple cart.  I think I understand now that my heavy wine-drinking was me not feeling fully happy in my own mind (that plus being a good-time party girl and someone who didn't want to deal with serious emotions).

Now I look to other things to keep me happy.  Really trying to not let the little stressful or miserable thoughts crowd in but try to lift my eyesight (metaphorically speaking) and widen my view to what a full, lovely life I have.  Do the things that make me happy - studying and exercising my mind, the gym and exercising my body (not so much lately as the kids have been sick), enjoying my cooking and trying new recipes out, keeping the house neat and ticking over nicely (confession: I find washing and folding laundry extremely satisfying), keeping in contact with all my far-flung friends, caring and being kind to my family, loving and snuggling my little boys as much as I possibly can.  And loving and supporting Mr D.

I cannot believe that almost one year ago I was still boozing and about to make the biggest decision of my life.  To remove alcohol completely and wrap myself in a warm cloak of sobriety.  Thank god I did that.

Now, back to those bloody theorists.....

Love, Mrs D xxx


3 September 2012 - "Punctuation can go jump"

too much coffee two a day is all but more compared with the one or none i've been having all my lovely green teas are a thing of the past right now too much sugar as well have been going to bed with a bowl of cereal topped with 3 desert spoons of sugar what the hell is that compensating for the coffee i suppose

classic reactions up and down and up and down spent all day looking at the computer screen trying to write not sure if i achieved much at all felt low teary at times went out to the garage to have a cigarette am i pre-menstrual

saw a photo of someone on holiday relaxing on a deck chair with a glass of wine looked so nice had a pang of course classic reaction to feeling low transfer it all on to the fact i don't drink alcohol started thinking that people who live near us now think it's boring coming here because it can't be lets have a drink or two energy just come for food but of course i'll be sober coz i'm sober all the time more classic sad pangs about alcohol where really this is just another day in the cycle of life

am i still learning how to live sober i thought i had it nailed so excited about one year have been planning my final post saying goodbye to blogger thinking one year is all i need but now i'm crying writing this i don't think 365 days is any different to 364 or 370 it's just on and on and can i really say goodbye to my friends my only support sherry emailed me today because i commented on her blog that i was feeling blah and i cried while i read her email how can i say goodbye to that i'm silly if i think i'm stronger and bigger than support even if it's faceless support on the computer it's real and warm and necessary anyway i know what sherry looks like she emailed me a photo once she's beautiful

don't even care about the one year in fact i think it's silly to mark it like a big deal it's just another sober day in a long line of sober days my eyes are all red now my boys are asking what's wrong i'm just saying nothing i'm just a bit emotional today and the middle guy just said did you miss us today mum i said yes

too much naval gazing another reason for not blogging any more all me me me all the time struggling to find things to write about outside of just the workings of my head because i'm alone a lot writing my ma and i don't have the same friends network here in my day to day life that i used to have so there aren't a lot of interactions to report on i am getting sick of myself but here i am blahhing on to my computer screen with tears rolling down my face bloody hell i'm going out to the garage to have another cigarette don't think for one second i'm actually going to drink but you know a sober life is more emotional and all that

love mrs d xxx


5 September 2012 - "I'm not saying goodbye"

Phew! Glad I got that out of my system. Man, I'm really sorry that I can't be a shining example of a nice calm sober person who glides through being so serene, happy and contented to have taken away that nasty wine.  I'm not her.  I'm a bloody emotional 40-year-old stressed out by her MA and her three rowdy young sons and hormones and general life stuff.

Tricky stuff.  Life.  But shit, I'm not going to be a dickhead and say goodbye to the only support network I have.  I don't go to AA and while I like to think that I'm big and hard and strong enough to do anything I want..!  I'm not.  So here I am and here I'll stay.  I might not be so regular at posting because I do have to give birth to 40,000 words of utter genius (my thesis) but I'll stay connected because to do otherwise might be foolish.

Take a look at what Mary said to me after the last post...

"What happens when we sober up Mrs D is that we find ourselves facing the problem of living. Sometimes the problem of drinking to avoid living seems simple by comparison. Life just keeps happening. Good, bad, wonderful, ugly, awful, intense and unstoppable, all of it. But it will get easier and those milestones count. One year is great. You don't want to start all over again, counting from day one. Continuity and sober time means something, little by little we find we are learning how to live, learning how to deal with thesis loneliness, stress, small children, eating patterns, bored brothers-in-law, moving house, publishing books, working at marriage, facing illness, facing success, travelling, making friends, living life to the full. We stop looking for comfort or numbness in external gratifications like smoking and sugar. We look inward and outward, we get better at relationships and work. We ride out the storm again and again."

Why would I say goodbye to that kind of loveliness and wisdom?

I've described sober life before as being like an emotional roller coaster. Monday (the non-punctuation day) was me racing down a steep section with my arms raised my mouth wide open and an ear-splitting scream coming from my mouth.  AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

Today I'm cruising round a gentle corner.  Writing a different section of the current chapter of my thesis, material I'm comfortable with (not like those nasty theorists that had me in a spin on Monday).  Windows open and a breeze flowing through the house.  Mr D packing in the other room ready to go overseas for a week.  Lots of treaty foods in the house for me and the boys to enjoy while he's gone. Heart beating more calmly. Thoughts flowing more freely.

This time last year I was only hours away from my final binge. This time last year I was a boozer. Today I'm not. Roll on tomorrow.

Love, Mrs D xxxx

(here's some extra punctuation to make up for the last post.. ..,,!?";...!! (),,.??!!" ;; " , . , . ,,?"!!"


7 September 2012 - "Got my wings now"

Had a lovely soberversary.

Rode for an hour on the bike at the gym watching Channel E with headphones on.

Went to posh deli for lots of foodie treats with the little guy in tow (he chose marshmallows and one big green apple).

Had a long hot shower back home and took my time choosing clothes, laying out outfits on the bed (I never do that).

Went online and bought some second-hand cassettes to listen to in the car which has no CD player (The Beatles, Paul Simon and The Cranberries - best I could find).

Had lovely long phone call with my baby sister.

Did puzzles with the little guy on the floor.

Went to scooter park with all the kids after school. Bought nice takeaway coffee.

Ordered Indian takeaways for dinner, me and the boys all ate too much but boy was it yummy.

Kids watched cartoons before bed - big treat.

I finished up on the sofa watching the final of my current favourite Reality TV programme with a mug of green tea and a piece of coconut ice.

Thought about how my life is like a pencil drawing.  Now all sharp edges and clear. Before with wine it was like something had been smudged all over the top of it.

It was an interesting day, emotionally.  Actually I just felt calm and quite at peace.

Yes there are hard times, those sharp edges cut sometimes, but I like it like this.  It's challenging and interesting and ... well frankly I just don't want to go back to being that boozy mum who was so reliant on wine.

Mr D left a present in my top drawer when he went away - texting me from the taxi en route to the airport telling me to go look at it.   A lovely broach, silver with wings.  Wrote me a card which says "On your one year anniversary. I'm very proud of you, you are an inspiration to us all.  You got your wings now."


Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Hi there, proud of you and hope your sober life continues. I'm only on day 11. You have truly inspired me so thankyou.

    Cameron, Australia

  2. Words cannot express what coming across your blog has meant to me! I started reading one day after reading numerous blogs on my sober journey and yours just jumped out at me and everything you were saying rang true with me! I am almost 5 months sober on my journey which started the same way yours did! I decided that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I thought to myself, "What are you doing"? I just knew that I couldn't control my drinking or stop once I had started! So, I decided that the only way to guarantee that I would never wake up with the awful feelings of trying to remember what I said or did the night before or the self loathing that came along with knowing that there was something else controlling my life besides me! So, I woke up and said no more alcohol for me and have continued for the last five months! I am going it alone like you except for searching and being rather obsessed with sober blogs like yours that have truly helped me to make it through this uncharted territory that I call my sobriety! I am a 36 year old lady with a wonderful husband, a beautiful 4 year old daughter and a sober life that I am looking forward to appreciating and enjoying! So, thank you Mrs. D for making my journey that less scary by putting your words and raw emotions down on your blog so that the rest of us could follow in your direction and get some well deserved comfort! You sound like a truly amazing wife, mother, friend a woman!! Thanks again, Mrs. D and hope you enjoy every moment of your Sober Life!!!


    Chrissy in Connecticut

  3. I have just finished reading your entire 12 months up to your soberversary. What an amazingly inspiring woman you are, Mrs D. Thank you for sharing your journey with the world. I'm looking forward to reading the more recent blog posts. X

  4. Your story that you shared last night rang so familiar with me except that I didn't reach the point of realisation until my children had left home. I think back now on the years of sitting down to dinner with our four teenagers and having had my first wine at 5pm ( yes that magic hour of 5 pm hoorah!) I was often light-headed at the dinner table after about 3 glasses of wine. My lingering memory is that night after night I would leave the table in a huff because the slightest littlest thing would wind me up and I would storm off! Just one criticism, one argumentative family discussion over normal dinner conversation and I would react and implode/explode. My problem is that I am addictive with things. I simply cannot have one chocolate biscuit, one glass of wine, 1 row of a chocolate slab. If the biscuits are sitting there, if the bottle is standing there, if the chocolate is unwrapped I find myself just wanting and having the whole damned lot! So two years ago after yet another morning feeling shocking I decided ok ENough .. nada.. nothing is the easiest way . It's always been like that, everything or nothing. And so on that day two years ago I said to myself finito, schluss, nada. And voila.. it has been easy. But I know that I must not have even a sip of cider, of beer, a little summer cocktail becase for me it is 'nothing is easier than something' I have lost weight, feel much better about life and have said goodbye to the demon drink. Many people amongst my ancestors were ruined by drink and I do also believe that some people have a propensity to have this addictive gene towards alcohol. I have done it just by myself with no fuss but the interesting thing is how people react. One friend said recently " Let's all go out for dinner.. oh that's right you're not drinking, you're no fun." Sh'e so wrong.. I now always ask for sparkling water in a wine glass at a party , otherwise people go on and on about WHY am I not having a wine. SO many things to share but coming full circle with this post , I am so relieved that the demon drink never will interfere again with family relationships and that I am so clear headed now.. and I enjoy food so much without all that wine. Bravo Mrs D- loved your honest and oh so familiar thoughts last night! For me now , have I got the chutzpah to eliminate sugar? Everything or nothing is how it has to be!!

    1. Yes sugar/ food is bad addiction too.....believe me, been there, done that. Alcohol addiction worse on your body (others would disagree, food, cigarettes just as bad. ; ;basically all ALL addictions. Bad bad bad. I want the cure for alchol right now. I weak for wine. I wish u all da best. From me alcoholic and once fat/obese(No more, one addiction at a time....tomorrow alcohol!!!!)

    2. Not clear last sentence. ......I meaning ....tomorrow NO alcohol
      . Wish me luck

  5. This is Day 1 of my new life of being sober. Everything I've read on this site is encouraging. I can completely relate to Mrs D. I've hidden the bottles, I've woken up riddled with guilt. My partner has given me ultimatum and even my son has told me I'm a drunk. The scary thing is no amount of begging from the people you love most can fight this monster, it really is so strong that when I feel like a drink I forget all my promises and pour a glass. So here goes, all my promises, personal commitment and the support of this network is going to kick it.

    1. Nah: sounds too easy. If one blogg was the answer we would all b rich! Truth is.....its hard work. ...reality. reality kicks in. This blogg is great support, unfortunately only one that can do it is the strongest of all. ....You. ....if u not ready come day u will b ready. ...come back please. day......I will join u. From ashamed, not ready yet chic. ...I so so so close though

    2. I am back. Ashamed. Hungover. And so angry with myself. I am writing this as the tears flow....I feel so bad. More tears, crying so hard I can barely type. I cant even get past day two..!!!!!..I was so close yesterday too. Guilty. Ashamed. Sad. .......ok....I am back as my mind feels strong even though my body is weak. Dam it, day one starts today. Wish me luck. I want to do this for my kids, my husband, but most most importantly me, myself and I. I have to be strong Alcohol has too much power and control over my life. Begone with u ugly demon drink, get out of my life. From ashamed, READY (i think) chic

    3. One day at a time. I went one day. Having a drink. Already feel guilty. I hate this legal disease. You can do it and so can I. Keep the faith. Peace and love. Sick of being sick and tired.

  6. You can do it Ready chic.....i am on day 0 and so fucking we go

    1. Hi, thanks so much for u message, it means so much to me.... its like a warm hug just came my way from someone who actually knows the pain I feel. I cant believe it I am on day 6. I feel weak, yet a little strong too....actually a lot strong, But the 'mind games/talk' in my head is sooooo strong, "just one or two glasses"....."i will be fine with just two?"...but i know the truth ...i have no STOP BUTTON deep down I think this MIGHT be it? Day 6 today. So no alcohol for good, Maybe? Forever.? ...oh my gosh, forever, that word.....that freaks me out. One day at a time. I dont know if i can do this? Here we go, How are you doing? "Here we go"....I am sending you a warm hug regardless of whether u made it past dsy two like me, either way hang in there. Good luck! From Ready Chic

  7. You can do it. I know it is hard. I am over three years sober now and I have been where you are...honestly, it is the hardest thing, but it is SO worth it. The best way to get rid of those mind games is to commit to NO alcohol. No wriggle room. Tune that voice out. Let it ramble in the background. And ignore it.
    You CAN do this. If you can do 6 days, you can do 7. And 8. And 9.

  8. Thanks anon 5 aug 3.53pm.....From 'still not ready chic'..Aug 1st day 6, DONE aug 2nd day 7.DONE Aug 3rd day 8 done, aug 4 :day 9 done. Day 10: AUG 5 TODAY FAILED, HAD 2 glasses wine, want more! !!!! I want to finish entire bottle. goes. ..but got encoraging post from somone on day one then someone on year three. Please please keep those post coming! ANYONE anyday....not ready chic :(. Does mrs D read her response anymore? I guess not. Anyone else out there? Gosh I really need da support. Ok, only 2 wines and THATS IT....Tomorrow back to none. QUESTION...CAN WE HAVE two wines on special nite or is it best to go NO ALCOHOL. ...tell me u experience, I would love to know. FROM NOT READY Chic . Thank you!!!!!!!

  9. From "trying to stay ready chic" Just wanted to say....I have contacted alcohol counselling service. Up to 3 weeks tomorrow alcohol free....3 whole weeks tomorrow. SO SO SO HARD. The counselling is free, and helping. These bloggs from mrs d and all you others are so great! Nice to hear thoughts of people in the same bost as me. Phew. From 'think I am ready chic'. Thanks everyone. One dsy at a time for me.....and 3 weeks tomorrow! !!

    1. All the best and good luck to you :)

    2. There was more!
      With me it all started with depression 12 years ago... Father was alcoholic ... Never thought it would happen to me,

  10. Are you still sober?

  11. You have inspired me!

  12. You have inspired me, Mrs. D!

  13. Well what can I say... I have just binge read through all of your first 12 months of blogs and wow.. that last one has moved me to tears on a grey spring morning in the UK. Thank you for sharing Mrs D.

  14. The bit about the broach made me well up... I had wings once.. I got my 12m chip.. But I threw it away .. Actually I lost it on a boozy night out on my second drinking outing after starting again.. Poetic justice I suppose. That was 8 years ago.. Things have been ok booze wise.. Sure I started drinking again after 15m in AA, adjusting the image of myself back to a casual drinker was made easier as I moved across the country, I fell in love, got a degree and generally reaped the rewards of my sober year.. But I guess my happiness made me cocky because I picked up again. I've had two kids, I work and am still largely happy.. But the nagging feeling that alcohol is a controlling factor is getting loud again.. It doesn't look like it did back then.. There aren't huge blackouts, no drugs, no time off work, self harms or shameful episodes of wetting oneself on someone's kitchen floor... Yes that was me then.. But I casually forgot all that when I got happy and reinvented myself as a casual drinking wife and mother... But it's coming back.. The fear that I can't control it.. Can't cope without it.. Hence finding this blog.. And my tears over the wings... Oh God..

  15. Here I am on my umpteenth attempt to kick the demon for good, all other attempts have been relatively easy at first convincing me I'm not really an alcoholic so I start back thinking I'll only drink a couple of nights a week and within a fortnight I'm back to 2 double G &Ts and a bottle of red every night and that's a "light" night.
    I'm not an aggressive drunk and my tolerance is far to high for a 5'2" female but I'm sick of the evenings lost, conversations with my kids I can't remember, falling asleep on the chair and waking up cold at 3am, dealing with work with a hangover, husband making excuses why I can't come to the phone, I could go on, but generally I am sick of being a flake!
    All of mrs Ds fears are mine around social gatherings and holidays but I need to stay strong.
    I've also lately had a pain in my lower back after drinking and am sure it's my liver objecting, with 2 sons in their 20s and both with long term girlfriends I'm sure it won't be many years before someone will be calling me granny. I want to be around to see that but also be trusted to care for a child without a glass in my hand!
    I'm on day 3 wish me luck! X

  16. Thank you for this article. This accurately describes the experience in the 12th month of recovery from addiction

  17. Just started my journey of becoming Sober. Thanks for writing your book. It has helped me a lot with my process of finally taking this moment in life and finding the new me.

  18. Hi my name is Kobe James I'm 2 years and 8 months sober off alcohol I've just bought two bottles of wine I'm sipping on it I'm lonely from social isolation and cutting all my friends off because they all using I have a fantastic wife but feel I need maybe a good mate that I can talk to so I'm called the drug and alcohol line and they told me to get on to this blog here is there anyone out there

  19. Hi Mrs D
    I am day 357!! Creeping towards my first soberversary 😵‍💫😵‍💫
    I am reading your book again; it’s like reading it anew; but with less anxiety about my sober decision.

    I still have the nagging voice inside; the little addict that tries to tell me that I’m boring and my life will always be lame bla bla bla

    Decided to come here to read your blogs from your early years to see how long it takes for you to really feel comfortable in your new sober life.

    Thank you for the inspiration; I do resonate so much with what you say; I have experienced so much emotional turmoil this first year!

    My husband is a heavy boozer and not very supportive of me; which makes it harder. But I am stubbornly determined to keep going and going.
    I have worked too hard to give up now. Even if the nagging witch in my head persists.

    Love Taryn x