Monday, June 15, 2015

Whole30 again...

I'm halfway through another Whole30. Strict as fuck eating regime that is hell but does wonders. Mr D is doing it with me. We were both stuck in eating ruts and not feeling good so what's a girl who can't moderate to do...? A strict as fuck eating regime for 30 days - that's what!

This morning I had a Kiwi-Banana Breakfast Mocktail followed by a two-egg omelet with bacon. For lunch I have just had a scotch egg. Dinner tonight is a chicken curry with heaps of veggies in it (everyone else can have rice and roti bread, we'll just have lots of curry). I might snack on some cashew nuts this afternoon or a beer stick. Maybe have a mandarin when I have my nightly cup of chamomile tea. It's not too hard really.

I've had some serious moments of being completely over it but will persevere because I am feeling good (or at least I'm not feeling gross and down about my foods, or moody because sugar is playing havoc with my emotional equilibrium) and also because hopefully I'll lose a bit of weight (not that I'm too worried about that but it's always a bonus). And also it is forcing us to eat a lot more veggies and also for Mr D he's finding some great healthy food options for his lunch around where he works.

I have to be honest and say there was one night I cheated. I had to go to a 'Pudding Club' that I've been invited to join by some local ladies. This was the inaugural meeting at someone's house (we're going to take turns hosting monthly and serving a delicious pudding) and of course I couldn't go along and say like some foodie weirdo "sorry but I'm on a super-restrictive food regime so can't eat your sticky date pudding with toffee sauce...!"

So I ate it even though I felt bummed out about having a 'cheat' night during the Whole30. But it was delicious - DELICIOUS! - and a lovely fun chatty night.

Didn't matter that I didn't drink alcohol even though everyone else was.

Doesn't matter any more that I don't drink alcohol.

I just don't drink alcohol. That's me nowadays. That's how I roll, and I'm happy with that.

Have had another column posted on - this is a regular monthly gig for me now and I'm very proud to be included as one of their 'Expert Bloggers'. All my other work is busy but I am achieving a much better balance between work time and non-work time at home (probably an on-going dilemma for anyone working from home), am making fewer appointments during the week days so I don't end up feeling stretched and am still not taking my iPad into the bedroom which is a great little habit to have broken!

Sober life is good. It's not perfect, but it's a damn sight better than my boozy life.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Hi Mrs D,
    I've heard of the whole30 and that it was pretty extreme. A 2 egg omelet with bacon sounds pretty good though! I think I could handle that! I need to do something too, I desperately need to lose around 10kg. It's so hard to get motivated though. I'm off to do a 20 minute workout now!
    A x

  2. I think diets are. Dangerous thing for newly sober people. Restriction and deprivation are too triggering.

  3. Good food, exercise, sleep, meditative time. Basic self care that is vital to recovery, but is often bypassed. I handle food addictively, sugar and refined carbohydrates like white flour I work to avoid. The sugar I'm handling well, but pasta, bread, potatoes creep back on my plate. By the way, how do you make scotch eggs?
    Love your blog and website,
    Diana in Indiana

  4. The Devil's AdvocaatJune 16, 2015 at 7:34 AM

    Did you not feel like the odd one out when everyone else was drinking? I do... I feel like the stupid one who has got a problem... who can't socialise normally like everyone else... who has to be 'special' and have a different drink to everyone else. I hate it. I miss the comradery and fellowship that comes with drinking... and that doesn't mean I want to drink again 'cause I know where it ends up... but if I could just take the good parts of it... the warm feeling in your head and your stomach and the high spirits and the conviviality...
    it's those bits that I miss and can never regain through being sober... Being sober is immeasurably better for my life in general but there are certain situations where alcohol greatly enhances experiences and I fear I'll always carry around the feeling that I'm not allowed to participate in the game because there's this little thing wrong with me which everyone knows about and they pretend that it's all good to my face but secretly they've labelled me as 'different'... someone who needs 'special care'... a 'troubled person' to be avoided if possible who 'probably wouldn't come if we invited them anyway.'

  5. Holy crap - that is fantastic - didn't know you were a whole 30 fan. I've been following your story - but this is the first time I've actually looked at your blog. Well done. I've done it once, a stricter version for auto-immune conditions, never felt so good.

  6. Did you know that Dallas Hartwig - the author will be in New Zealand speaking at the Ancestral Health Conference in Queenstown on labour weekend? Here is a link FYI.

  7. Amen my sweet friend...amen!


  8. I just started a Low Carbohydrate diet three days ago and feel like shit!. These four years of sugar binging are taking their revenge, it almost feels as bad as withdrawing from booze (because that's all sugar too) but just like when I withdrew from my bourbon, I know there is an end in sight and ultimately I'll feel a lot better. By the way, three days and have lost 5 pounds! Woo-Hoo! I seem to be forever following in your footsteps. Keep on taking me to higher places, okay?

  9. Hah! I am on a major health kick too - a four month whole food diet thing. And yes, its the thing I keep coming back to as well: I don't drink. Go well Mrs-D, you are doing great things with your life xx