Friday, October 30, 2015

Go the All Blacks!

I am surfing around the Internet looking for a recipe for a spicy halloween mocktail that I can make to share on the 'Drink of the Week' page at Living Sober and on my Facebook page. I've found something suitable for the spooky holiday but also perfect for early morning rugby watching. I will make it today to sample, photograph it and post online .. and then I will make it again at the crack of dawn on Sunday.

Because YES! New Zealand are in the Rugby World Cup final, our mighty All Blacks play Australia at 5am on Sunday morning (the tournament is being held on the other side of the world in England).

I am happy looking for the recipe, thinking about how I will adapt the ingredients to suit my tastes... planning on heading down to the supermarket shortly to get the ingredients.

I am nervous thinking about the game. I so hope we win because everyone in our lovely little country will be super-happy and excited if we do! And we love our team of brave rugby-playing men, they are super cool and incredibly talented and (if you don't mind me saying) they look totally hot in their foxy outfits!

I am comfortable knowing that I will be tired but not hungover in the wee small hours on Sunday morning as I drag myself out of bed to snuggle on the sofa and watch the game with the family.

I am very content with my sober life.

When I first got sober it was so hard to conceive of an alcohol-free life. 'When will it become normal?' I'd wonder. 'Will it ever become normal??!!' When will the obsession stop?' 'When will I stop thinking about not-drinking all the time?'

It took some time but eventually it did happen. The obsession stopped and I settled into my sober skin. Today I hardly evert think about the fact that I don't drink.

Ok - I write about my sobriety all the time because I have a blog and I run a community website dedicated to helping other people get sober! That is a fact. But outside of my writing time and mostly in my day-to-day life I do not think about the fact that I am sober.

I just 'am' sober.

It's ordinary.

It's not a big deal.

I don't crave booze. I don't wish I could drink. I just don't drink alcohol.

Far fucking out. Go back to my early posts - the ones in the really early days. How obsessed I was back then. And fast forward to now. Spicy mocktails, supermarket shopping, rugby games.. no hankering to drink. None.

That, my friends, is a good thing.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. You are so right - we have a Halloween party to go to tomorrow night but instead of then missing the game due to still being half drunk I'll be able to get up and cheer on our boys!

  2. Oh Lotta everything crossed!! I remember the England v Australia world cup final back in 2003 and how excited and nervous I was. We were in Rome for the week-end and swerved seeing the Sistine Chapel to stand in a bar (yep we were drinking) and cheer England on. Go All Blacks xx

  3. Hello Mrs. D. Just finished your book and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! It was so good, and in a real, funny 'I'm not crazy' kind of way. Day 12 here, but looking forward to the 'it's not a big deal' days someday.
    Hope your mocktail is delish and your All Blacks kick butt!
    Essie xxx

  4. OMG! In America where here lately everyone is offended by EVERYTHING the All Blacks would NEVER be called that!!! There would be protests and court cases and no end of discussion...

    And yes, "No big deal" is a good thing; but not as good as you my friend.

    Enjoy the game!


  5. Somewhere back in the 90s - one of the world cups then I somehow concocted some need for me to go to work on a Saturday (I did have legitimate reason in those days)... But I have a hazy recollection of being in a pub to watch a match and they turned the damn tv over to the football which is typical in the UK - but I still stayed got drunk and got into trouble at home. Part of my excuse was that I couldn't watch rugby without a drink! - WHAT?!?!

    I sat at home on Saturday afternoon cup of tea in hand as I watched enthralled at a great match. I enjoyed it far more than the old days without a doubt.

    Ok - so ignoring the union for a moment and whilst my allegiance is squarely in the 15 a side game normally can I just point out the result in the first of the England vs New Zealand rugby league tests? Oh yes - an English victory - and totally deserved... small consolation for our poor showing in the union world cup

  6. Hi Mrs D newish to the whole dear-god-iv'e-stopped-drinking-and-it's-driving-me-nuts. I love reading where you've been and where you've arrived. Only 5 weeks in and going though your posts from 4 years ago is helping me. It was rugby then and it's rugby now... Although in Australia we're an All-Blacks household. Damn what a great game! Thanks for all you do. mitm.