Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ebbs and flows

Sorry to continue to be a bit down on it but once again I am thinking of so many people who are struggling right now. Today's theme seems to be narcissistic people who are having a major impact on friends of mine - whether it be their narcissistic mother or sister-in-law or friend... just nasty people who do their damnedest to cause pain in others.

I can see so clearly that the narcissistic (problematic might be a better word because who can diagnose narcissism?) person is hurting and is in pain - i.e. they're a broken person to be acting in such a cruel/uncaring way - and so I want to feel kindly towards that broken person, but when they cause so much pain by lashing out and manipulating, well it's hard to bloody think kindly towards them!!

Sometimes I just feel like the world is so full of pain - and now with what is happening overseas with France at war and all those horrible broken people acting despicably by taking innocent lives..


Actually me in my life I'm doing ok at the minute. I'm trucking on. Doing ok with my food and exercise (I'd give myself 78.3% on that score), remembering to act mindfully every day (gets easier the more you practice it) and keeping up with all my online work & writing & housework commitments.

I have been having strange fleeting (and I really do mean fleeting) sad thoughts about being a non-drinker for evermore. But I am pretty well versed at kicking those thoughts out of my brain quick-smart and not picking over them so that they build in strength.

I can only surmise that it's because I'm tired at the moment (this is a CRAZY busy term with the boys and I'm running around like a headless chicken most days) and that is why these woe-is-me thoughts are creeping in.

Truth is I KNOW that booze isn't going to make my life more fun. I KNOW that I am a million times happier now that I don't touch booze ever. I KNOW that everything booze promises to offer is a crock of shit. I KNOW that I am a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend now that I don't numb myself constantly. I KNOW that if I start drinking again .. well I shudder to think what my life would be like if I started drinking again.

I am NOT going to start drinking again - ok??!!

But the truth is that being in recovery means living RAW forever more and the reality of that is that you feel everything more keenly. Life ebbs and flows and you feel it all more keenly. You are just raw all the time. Raw, raw, raw.

I wouldn't want it any other way - honestly - but it is what it is. Life in all it's up and down glory. Pain and pleasure. Highs and lows. Ebbs and flows.

And now I'm going to go take the dog for a big walk along the hill line.

And I am going to enjoy his delight at being out in the wide open air.

And I am going to rejoice in all that is good in the world.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Hey Mrs D. Sometimes everything feels hard. You have a big heart and you are looking out for a lot of people (including me!), and that can't but weigh on you sometimes. No need to sound cheery all the time anyway. Gabor Mate talks about the power of negative thinking, and I kind of like that! I hope your walk with the dog is restorative. Big hug to you! xo

  2. People can be such assholes! I like the fact that I've managed to gently (and without drama) remove myself from the company of negative people. Thank you for continuing to post, even when you feel a bit low xx. I started a video blog (if you need some cheering up) I've tried to be lighter in mood, and I hope it helps.x

  3. Love your Blog Mrs D.
    I stumbled across it a few weeks ago whilst looking for some ideas to give up the dreaded alcohol.

    I have just finished reading golfer John Daly's Biography
    "John Daly My life in and out of the rough"

    I would recommend it for those who are trying to cope with their addiction and what can happen when you trade one addiction for another.

    Keep up the good work Mrs D :-)

  4. I love that. 78.3%. Very precise!
    It always makes my heart hurt to see others in pain. That's a tough thing, as people struggle a lot in the sober sphere. But if they keep trying, I will always cheer them on. The potential is just so bright.

    Take care of you! Just because we are sober longer doesn't mean we can stop doing the things that got us that way in the first place!


  5. I commented and now it is gone :(

  6. I saw you commented yesterday, or earlier...on the last post
    I hope you are finding support. You have done it before. Sober is so much better.

  7. Dear Mrs. D,
    I do hope you are feeling better.
    But if not, just know that you are helping many people stay sober.
    I know that having children is a busy, busy life, and sometimes you just feel like you can't catch up.
    Sleep, a nap, a walk, I hope you can get one of these!