Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Busy Schmizzy....

Been veeeerrrrryyy busy. Crazy busy. Not wanting to complain, because I know everyone is busy. Just saying it coz it's the truth.

I like being busy but I don't. I mean, I'm usually busy but at the moment it's 'next level' busy and that I don't like so much.

Usually I like being busy but also having time to...

1) lie on the sofa sometimes during the day to relax and watch some TV before the kids get home from school

2) sit and go through my cookbooks and choose recipes/make shopping lists for the week ahead

3) sit quietly with a cup of tea and think about what I'm going to write about next (i.e. let my mind wander to see what ideas float up to the top)

If I can achieve these sorts of things then I know I'm not 'crazy busy' and my life has some balance.

All of the time whether I'm 'next level' busy or not I am keeping up with a lot of stuff; cleaning the house, interacting with my kids, cooking, walking the dog, having work meetings, meeting friends for coffee, driving my kids places, waiting at places for my kids to do things, keeping up with all the household emails & paperwork etc, keeping up with all my Mrs D emails and writing and stuff, staying in touch with the community at Living Sober, sorting rubbish and recycling, washing and folding clothes, grocery shopping, tidying, more cooking, more cleaning, more driving... yada yada yada.

Everyone can make a list like this right? Everyone is very fucking busy all of the time!!!!!!

But me personally I like a bit of down time and not just after 9pm at night. Time to have a cup of tea and sit quietly in the sun, go through cook books or watch TV in the day time. If I can do these 'indulgent' (sensible) 'me' things then I am at peace with the world.

I know that when I get through this crazy busy stage and things start to quieten down a little before I get my energy restored I will have an emotional slump and feel a bit low. I know my mood cycles now from having been sober for so long and I am prepared. I won't panic, I will tread carefully, treat myself kindly and tell those silly low thoughts to go away like the little brain farts that they are.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I am still new to this sober journey (in just 1 hour I will be 100 days sober!! woohoo!) But, I find that boredom is one of my biggest triggers. So, I do not mind being crazy busy! It is interesting on how you are in tune with your moods as a sober woman. Maybe I need to stop avoiding the boredom so I can figure myself out! xo

  2. I love your perspective your low moods and your strategy to defeat those moods is awesome!

  3. I am learning hat my low moods don't last forever.
    Some days are hard, not about drinking, but about life.
    But they pass!

  4. Hi Mrs D,
    Boredom is terror in disguise - terror of moving forward, terror of growing, the terror of facing an ugly inner truth.
    Nothing is more unbecoming than an adult saying they are bored - boredom is something teenagers do when they are stalking their bedrooms, dreaming of what might happen - if only...
    Please see your boredom as a subtle invitation to explore more fully what options you have and see if there are ways to break through whatever it is that is holding you back.
    How can you be bored when the world is literally groaning under the weight of opportunity and potential?
    Perhaps the best remedy for boredom is humility and the grace to surrender to what we have to do, and get busy living as full and open as we can.