Tuesday, September 6, 2016

FIVE YEARS SOBER! (Honesty post).

Today I am five years sober. Yes!!

I want to put those exclamation marks to denote happiness because I am super-happy to be living alcohol free and am super-proud of myself to have turned my life around. And this morning especially I woke up so, so, so, so happy - joyous really. I was on a real high! But then things just got busy and real.

Truth is I spent today running around after kids.. one kid got sick and spent the day by my side, another was in a swimming competition so we went to watch him race, and the other kid finished school at lunch-time because the teachers were having a union meeting. And then they had playdates and activities and stuff. It was a very kid-centric day.

And I had a headache for no obvious reason. And at one point I cried a little (not sure why).

If you'd been looking at my social media accounts today you wouldn't know any of this - I've been sharing up a storm, all pictures of me smiling and looking delighted and holding up signs with big '5 years' on it and stuff.

And it has been a lovely day in many ways - I wasn't exactly lying on my Instagram and Twitter and Facebook feeds.

It's just that ordinary life is far more ordinary and gritty than social media accounts can ever really reflect (that's what blogs are for!).

And headaches are a fact of life and so are motherly duties and so is food guilt (yep still in a bit of a rut) and so are work commitments and so are indiscriminate tears and basically today was a typical day in the busy, emotional life of a sober housewife.

And that's ok and frankly it doesn't matter what today was like because today is just another day in a long line of sober days that I have been living since September 6, 2011.

These sober days are all shapes and sizes. Some are delightful, some are hard work. Some are boring, some are fan-bloody-tastic. Today was a mixture of all of the above!

And that is ok. That is absolutely ok.

I love being fully present in my wild and messy life. I love my boisterous, busy, demanding sons. I love my work writing about sobriety (and I have a new book contract by the way as well - very exciting!). I love my body even though it is not waif-like. I love my tears they feel like messages from my soul.

And most of all I love my husband who wrote me a card this morning that says "I'm so proud of you reaching 5 years, it's a remarkable achievement, that has had such a positive force on this family. Celebrate your day knowing that we think you are the brightest star!"

I will do.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Huge congratulations. But with the honesty you share here about that life is life and you have to deal with it like we all do without the anaesthetic that drink afforded us it should be no surprise to you, me or anyone else with any idea about recovery. It is the secrets that make us sick first and foremost.

  2. Many Congrats! *"#*`°"*#^ Some glitter for your celebration! Lori

  3. Congratulations!!!! I hope you know how many people you've helped. I have not stopped drinking but I certainly have changed my ways since I 'met' you. Much more in reserve. I am looking forward to actually stopping soon, but not right now. You are the best. Xx

  4. Happy 5 years! Regular life is so lovely, even when it really actually isn't. :)
    I'm so excited for you- a book contract! Woot woot! I'm glad you are just who you are. Thank you. :)

  5. Sending a giant congrats to you, Mrs D! You've been such a beacon to so many (including me!) as you've got sober and shown how you live your beautiful life, sober, crying and sick kids and smiling faces and all that included. I'm so absolutely grateful you're here. Big hug to you! xo

  6. I'm so glad you are still here! Huge congratulations! I am on Day 1 and have started my own blog because of you. I have read your book and will be going through your blog day by day as I go forward in a sober life.
    Thanks so much! Your blog (and now this post!) was just what I needed!!

  7. Happy 5 years soberversary Mrs D! You have been an ongoing inspiration to me and so glad you are here lighting the way for those who follow behind you.

  8. What a wonderful post!
    I am so happy for your 5 years!!
    What I love about your writing is the honesty...life is hard, but so much richer when sober!
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  9. Happy 5 my friend! Here's to another 5 sober together!
    Love you! We'll have that meet-up one of these days.

  10. Congratulations, Mrs. D! You're story has inspired me so much, and I am proud to be sober right along with you!

  11. What a great milestone. Mrs. D. Congratulations! Look at all you've done with your sober time. You've created a whole sober universe! Your work is so rare on the web. A real gem to find. I'm so grateful to know you.

  12. Definitely something to celebrate! I am very happy for you!

  13. I love you because you are honest and real.
    Happy 5 sober birthday.
    Keep inspiring. By telling the truth.

  14. Congratulations on 5 YEARS! And thank you for this post - it was so honest and so much like my life (at 2 1/4 years sober) and therefore so inspiring! It is so much better living the ups and downs of daily life without alcohol!

  15. Just saw this now, and love your perspective on wonderful, messy, ol' Life. Also, your husband's words had me teary. Wonderful goodness all around. A belated congratulations.*

  16. Congrats Lotta your book has helped me a lot !

  17. The tears of finally reading that someone else gets your pain, the journey of trying to get by without alcohol to numb your emotions. Only on day three but feel like I am falling ... Looking forward to climbing back up.

  18. Only just seen this post, Mrs D, and just loved it. Keeping it real for 5 years - and onwards! Your honesty and sparkle has been a huge inspiration to me and so many others. (Predictive texting just said 'so many otters' which made me laugh - did you know how many otter fans you had?!)

    Best wishes for the process of writing the next book. I can't remember which author said that writing a book was like digging a fifty-foot trench.... Keep digging, Lotta, we are all cheering you on! Prim xx