Tuesday, March 6, 2018

About my weight loss..

I've had quite a few people notice in photos I've been sharing lately that I've lost a lot of weight. And yes it's true! So here is the story.

Last year while I was writing and releasing my new book I got into some terrible (worse than usual) habits around food. I was using foods - specifically bready/sugary foods - very alcoholically. That is, I was locked into a cravings-binging-guilt cycle that was very reminiscent of my boozing days.

I was hyper aware of this dysfunctional behaviour. I knew very clearly whenever I was binging beyond normal 'treating' of myself (i.e. being a total and utter pig) because I often felt sick and really bad about myself afterwards. I could also clearly see that my worst binging came when I felt low emotionally or was dealing with something stressful or gritty.

And the scales were climbing up and up and up. One day I climbed on and saw that I was on the cusp of my highest weight EVER. This was my trigger number one to change.

My second trigger to change came at almost exactly the same time. I was listening to an online conference and they interviewed a woman who was talking exactly my language about food - like .. big time! Her name was Dr Susan Pierce Thompson and she was a recovering addict herself who had switched her addiction to food after getting sober. She talked about flour and sugar having the same impact on the brain as alcohol does and explained the programme she had developed that was working for many, many people.

I got her book Bright Line Eating: The science of Living Happy, Thin & Free immediately and half started following her programme by cutting out flour and sugar. The cravings stopped which was great but I wasn't losing any weight so reluctantly I started doing her full programme (I was reluctant because it involved weighing portions and I was embarrassed that I needed to get the scales out to weigh my food every meal).

But I'm so pleased that I pushed past my reluctance and embarrassment because FUCK ME THE WEIGHT JUST STARTED DROPPING OFF! Her programme is bloody brilliant because a lot of the time I'm not that hungry - just the right amount of protein and veggies to keep me going until the next meal - but the results have been dramatic.

To date I have lost 14kg (nearly 31 pounds)!! Her plan is quite detailed but I'm not going explain it here because it's all in her book and I really recommend you get the book because there is a lot of science and explanation in there about how our brains and bodies work which is so empowering.

I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants to lose weight but mostly wants to be free from that awful cravings/binging/guilt cycle around food that is extremely soul destroying. I do still slip and eat those foods sometimes and then have to combat cravings for a few days until they've gone. But for the most part I live without these foods and happy.

Long may it last!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. You look great! It's been my "secret" too. I don't eat sugar (or white flower or bread). When I do, I binge, just like I did with drinking. Sweets are not safe around me -- I can't have them in the house or I will binge. I realize this now, and the weight really does fall off. I'm going to check out Dr. Thompson's book for some reinforcement.

    Thanks, Mrs. D. ; )

  2. This is so terrific. I do believe that everything is inter-connected: our diet, our spiritual lives, our escape behaviors! I did it in reverse: I lost 22 pounds through more mindful eating from last July through September, and then realized that the last frontier was dropping the wine at night. I am on day 121 AF; my blog is six weeks old at mereismindful at the blogspot. Thank you for your help and inspiration!

  3. I am going to order this! I've noticed I am having horrible urges, even though i ate enough to be stuffed. It is mostly around salt, though.

  4. I'm nearly at the end of your book Mrs D, and I have loved it. Between you and Clare Pooley, I have been able to see myself as I have been (Numb Brained Gulper Of Wine) and as I want to be (Clear Headed Swigger of Tea). I'm only at Day 5 but have returned to my old love of blogging to keep track of these early days. I just wrote a post about you and Clare, actually xx

  5. I am nearly done reading your second book and the mindfull thing sounds really great I keep looking at objects and REALLY thinking about them. Then telling other people (which is where it falls down i think).
    I am now on day 70 and feeling ok. life has thrown some shit at me recently (just found out i have to have a hip replacement, at 42 :(...) and my son had ADD. BUT i have managed to get through it all without a vino, of which i am very proud of myself. I usually like to exercise a lot but that has had to take massive steps down atm cause of my hip, so have felt sorry for myself. But i will get there. now I just need to focus on not eating the shit i have turned to consuming without the wine. I don't think I'm ready to step away from sweets yet. Agirls has to have something... xxx

  6. 14kg weight loss is amazing, well done! I've been a sugar binger for most of my life. I'm now in possession of the bright line book & I'm already 3kg down! Thanks for recommending & sharing x

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  8. I think you've hit the nail on the head here...and agree, Bright Line Eating is a real game changer. I've had a similar journey. I'm coming up to my 2 year alcohol soberversary this month. On first quitting the booze, my (already out of control!) sugar cravings went through the roof... lesser of two evils I thought at the time , but over the last year I've been working on reducing/moderating my sugar intake. I realised I just couldn't do it, I'd start off with good intentions and slip back. If anything, its been harder than quitting the booze for me. I recently found Bright Line Eating off a 'Club Soda' Alcohol Free facebook forum post , I read the book, and it clicked. I need to take the same unambiguous approach to sugar (and flour) as I do to alcohol. No half measures, no kidding myself. I've started out with a Bright line eating plan and I'm feeling really optimistic that this is the piece to the jigsaw I've been looking for. Personally, I think scientific knowledge is only just catching up on this sphere- the very real nature of sugar addiction - and the link that has to alcohol addiction too. Would highly recommend checking out Bright Line Eating to anyone who has had compulsive eating issues / lack of control around sugar and food in general. (Mel, UK)

  9. An interesting article, maybe I will try this method.I decided to change my appearance until next summer!I hope it will help.

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  11. My food journey started early. As a child I was addicted to sugar. I was a latch key kid and remember making sugary snacks every day after school, then eating a full dinner followed by dessert. I started dieting when I was 12. But looking at pictures of myself then, I wasn't fat. My mom was always on a diet, so I thought that was just what us girls did.

    Throughout high school, I was a normal weight, but always wanted to drop 5-10 lbs...which never happened. In college I started to gain weight and for the next 20 years slowly inched up and out. I have tried every diet under the sun....seriously.

    I have spent thousands of dollars on diets, diet food/meals, diet books, online courses, gym memberships, personal training, injections, nutritionists, brain training and therapy. It was exhausting and I didn't understand why I was successful in every aspect of my life except my weight.

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