Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Ten years sober and fifty years old!

I've been having a very reflective time of late - reaching some monumental milestones in my life.

A few weeks back I celebrated ten years sober. TEN! What a milestone. And in just over one week I'll be turning 50 years old. Also a pretty big milestone.

Celebrating ten years of sobriety was really cool. It's so easy for me to not drink now, I don't hanker, crave or wish for booze in my life ever. But I still have to front up to all my emotions in the raw every single day.. so being sober makes a big difference to my day-to-day life. Celebrating milestones is important, I think, and because it was such a lovely big round number I got some great feedback from friends and family on ten years. My mum sent flowers! And Mr D gave me a gorgeous daisy necklace.

Ten years is a lot of days of never numbing or bending my brain chemistry. A lot of days of showing up every moment with a 100% wide open brain, pure intention and gutsy attitude. Whatever happens - tricky stuff, emotional stuff, delicate stuff, uneasy stuff.. I deal with it head on. Rah!

Anyone who chooses to live without booze is a goddam hero. Whether you're on day 10 or year 10, you're a legend. We all deserve huge praise and admiration from ourselves and those around us. 

And as for turning 50 years old. If I'm honest I'm feeling it pretty keenly. There's no denying now that I'm on the downward slope of life. No longer 'young' or 'fresh'. Getting a bit more wrinkly and grey. Body feeling a bit more creaky. Things are changing. 

It's ok. I'm ok. Everything is going to be ok. I just have to adjust my mindset, accept the way of life and get on with it.

And getting on with it I am! I've quit one of my part-time jobs (the one that wasn't right for me sadly) and am going back to University next year to do a Post Graduate Diploma in counselling. I want to do more work in the addiction sector, helping people one-on-one but with the right training and qualification behind me.

I've also just rejoined the gym! And am going to work on strengthening my body and getting fit again.

So 50 - bring it on. Downward slope - whatevs. This is my one life and I'm living it to the full. 

Wouldn't want it any other way.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Happy Birthday! And congratulations on 10 years sober. I am on day 48, my longest stretch of not-drinking in 9 years despite many, many attempts. I believe I have made it so far this time thanks to blogs and books, yours included - yours was the first blog I came across that made me stop and read from the start. So, thank you.

  2. Happy 50th Birthday!! I turn 50 on the 16th November and am 80 days sober.
    I have just discovered this blog and your book ‘Mrs D…’ thanks to Clare Pooley’s blog. I completely identify with it.
    I gave up drinking for 16mths back in 2010/2011. Unfortunately I didn’t discover this wonderful online community then other wise I believe I would also be celebrating 10 years Sobriety. I am so grateful to be back on this sobriety journey. It’s hard going at times and uncomfortable mixed with peri - menopause. I am at the stage of not quite knowing how to be in a constant sober state but already seeing so many benefits. Looking forward to joining you in the fabulous 50’s club!

  3. Dear Mrs D, you were one of the first 'sober bloggers' I found in my journey to sobriety. I recently celebrated by 6 years of sobriety and DAMN, LIFE IS GOOD!! I love hearing that you are heading back to uni to study counselling. I am 2 weeks and one statistics exam away from finishing my four years of study so I can be a psychologist and be the person I needed when I was younger. Be sober allowed me to do this, and I am giddy with excitement. Having the lived experience we have is just the best when it comes to helping others. Oh and I'm just 50 too! Congrats on your birthday, your sobriety milestone, and thankyou for being a part of my sobriety too. :)

  4. I used to be 10 years sober, happily sober. Unfortunately a man came into my life and insisted I have a shot with him.

    I resisted several times. He bought me a shot, placed it before me and I made a horrible mistake to drink it. That was 5 years ago. Since then I have been trying to get back on track. I hate what I have become.

    I am struggling to be forever sober. I have gone without for just 7 days and keeping a positive mental attitude.

    The plot thickens. For 1 year I have been in a relationship with someone who drinks heavily. Each time I try to remain sober for an extended period of time, I get the urge to binge and I do.

    This time I am determined to succeed. Going on day 8. Wish me luck.

    Mrs. D, bless you for being here for us.

  5. I literally just finished your book and found the link to your blog in the back. Im from nz too and a 34 year old mum of 4. I finally gave up drinking 3 weeks ago and its my birthday next weekend. Reading your book has made me even more determined to not drink on my birthday. My dad and most of my family drink daily and were suprised when i said i was stopping. My problem is i dont drink everyday but when i do i binge. Your book made me realize i binge to suppress my emotion
    s so a huge thank you for being you and being an inspiration for people like me xx

    1. Your comment is so cool to read. Iv literally just finished the book tonight and am here reading the blog. I’m 36 have 2 children and 2 weeks sober. Bring it on

  6. Just finished your book, it was SOOOO wonderful. I'm 8 days in to this AF journey and so ready to be done. I loved your humor, your honesty and you have such a gift for writing. Thank you.

  7. I am up to page 117 of "Mrs D going Without" and I think it is a great book because it addresses the nitty-gritty reality of alcohol addiction with frankness and honesty.
    My partner is in medically managed Detox and the whole experience of her addiction is grueling, with an outcome that could result in success, continued addiction or suicide death.
    One of your commenters is offering to sell nembutal as an easy route to suicide. Can you please have this comment removed. My partner has voiced her thoughts of suicide and showing her this blog would be a breach of my duty of care.

  8. I’m three weeks sober, your book is really helping me. Thanks so much πŸ’•

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  14. I just discovered your audiobook.

  15. I decided to quit drinking 20 years later than you did. Better late than never! Wish me luck πŸ€žπŸ™πŸ»

  16. Hey anonymous. I'm wondering how you are getting on. Would love to know! I'm 30 days down.....