Thursday, March 21, 2013

The real juice

Just a quickie:  OMG I LOVE MY JUICER!!!!  Sorry about yelling there but honestly there is nothing more satisfying than stuffing a whole lot of green veges and yummy fruits and clumps of ginger into a machine that whuurrrs away noisily and creates glasses of liquid gold. Just the act of making and drinking the juice makes me feel better about myself! And Mr D is even giving them a go. I just got a small 'compact' machine so I didn't have to fork out the big bucks but I am so enjoying it. It really makes me feel like I am looking after myself, especially if the juice is dark green (you know they say the dark green vege hold all the goodness).

It may be just a hippy fad but I'm going with it for now. And this weekend we are off to yet another wedding, the SEVENTH since I got sober. And this one is with a particularly boozy crowd. So we'll see how that goes.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I just bought my mom a new juicer for her birthday because I love mine so much!!! Love drinking something so friggen healthy!
    As for the boredom section, that is surely something I need to work on....finding things to do when my kids are gone. I'm hoping my new meditation class will help with that.
    Good luck with the wedding. 7! Wow That's expensive!

  2. Thank you for the mention dear. I don't think I'll be following as closely behind you with with this juice thing as I did with the booze thing. I've seen how quickly too much juice works on a person's innards. Ha Ha Ha.

  3. Chilling out has been one of my big challenges in recovery. I like busy, and sometimes busy is my way of avoiding things that need looking at. Busy keeps me from the silence that is good for me. Busy fills my day and makes me feel that I am accomplishing. But I have seen that quiet and still and not buzzing about is just as productive as any laundry-list filled day. Maybe even more. I no longer get anxious when I see large blank spots in my daytimer. I don't feel the need to overfill my days. I just try and chill too.

    Have fun with your machine, hippy. :)


  4. i love discovering new fads, especially the ones that don't last. It's liek a spiritual vacation i take and enjoy while i'm away. Don't change a thing, you're the right amount of perfect. :-)

  5. Huh, I might have to try out a juicer. Everyone seems to be gushing over them. Does yours have a lot of waste from the produce after juicing? That seems to be the major difference between different brands from what I've heard.

  6. I bought a little Breville juicer like three months ago and it's been sitting in its box since then because I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO JUICE. What a sad excuse. What if I do it wrong? What if it tastes bad and I will have wasted money? I live in what if, meanwhile my juicer stays in the box and I read posts like this that show me that other people are drinking juice that tastes good and I guess I'll have to go to the library today to get a juicing book. If you have any titles to recommend, please post. much respect /G

  7. Like you Mrs D I felt the need to fill up my time so I wouldn't want booze so I rescued a dog...not just any dog, but an english bulldog with lots of medical needs. So this post made me chuckle because I hadn't thought about rescuing my Carter that way. I just happened to see his handsome face on Facebook the day I quit booze. I also have 3 kids (older than yours but the oldest has serious emotional issues that keep us always on our toes), a husband, a house, volunteer duties, etc.... I never get to 'chill the F out either'! I have been thinking the once both dogs pass I will stay 'dogless' for a bit to 'relax'. English Bulldogs are LOTS of work...but they are also lots of love and fun. I am incapable of helping my adult daughter with her mental health issues but I can help these darn dogs stay well. No wonder I drank! But.... no more... today is 6 MONTHS SOBER! Yay me! Love you Mrs and this group have helped me more than you know.