Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Something really cool happened today!!

I went and met a blog reader in person!! A lovely, strong, wonderful, brave woman who has also managed to kick a nasty drinking habit to the curb - yes!

It was so cute, we've been emailing sporadically for a while and knew we were in the same city.. and she wrote recently that she hardly knew anyone who didn't drink (it's rare in our society) so then I was like 'do you want to meet for a coffee sometime?' and she was like 'sure!' and I was like 'what about the cafe at the library?' and she was like 'sounds good!' and I was like 'how about next week' and she was like '10.30 on Wednesday is good' and I was like 'I'll wear a red scarf' and she was like 'I'll wear an orange one!!' ....

I felt a bit nervous as I walked in and saw her sitting with her back to me.. all stylish and cool with an orange top on and an orange scarf.. so I took a big breath and walked over with my coffee, leant down and said 'hi are you ...?' and she was like 'yes!' and then we had a big hug....

Fast forward and hour and a half later and we'd hardly drawn breath. How totally cool to just look someone in the eye and be able to share sober living stories...

And this woman is really amazing .. she is about 8 months sober and hasn't really had anyone at all to talk to about it.. just dug deep and did it on her own and with the help of reading blogs. Just goes to show how powerful this interweb thingy really can be. We are going to meet again for coffee and plan something fun for her 1 year sober-versary on October 27th. That won't be long after my 2 year sober-versary on September 6.

Here's a pic of our empty cups just to show my story is can just see a glimpse of an orange elbow resting on the table in the background!

Here's to all the fabulous sober women in the world!  Oh and yes the fabulous sober men as well! Here's to all of us!!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Hey... that's my orange elbow! It was amazing to meet and talk in person. Really. The wonderful sober blogs have been an incredible help to me, but to make eye contact with a real person who knows what's going on and who doesn't judge was huge for me. I'm so happy tonight! XX

  2. This just makes me so happy. :o)

  3. Ditto what Annette said! I smiled the whole time I read this. Love it!


  4. Awhhh... I LOVE it. And I still hope we get to meet someday, given we're if not in the same city then at least in the same corner of the planet. Lucky Sue. Lucky you. xx

  5. I love this post! How nice to be able to meet face-to-face with another sober warrior! I have had the privilege to meet several sober gals from the online community and one of them is a very good friend whom I see 2-3 times a year and she's awesome!


  6. This is such a lovely story and evidence of how "real" this stuff totally is.
    So pleased for you both.
    C x

  7. How fun! i'm really learning how to socialize without alcohol thanks to friends in sobriety. Sounds like you had a great time!

  8. Very cool :)

    I got to meet Michelle from a few months ago (she was in town) and it was pretty cool to meet a fellow blogger. I guess I count myself lucky to be able to talk to other sober men and women on a regular basis through the 12-step meetings, but it was still neat to meet someone from out here! And it sounds like you guys certainly connected and felt the power and joy that comes from two or more sober alcoholics meeting and just chatting about whatever. It's pretty groovy stuff.

    Thanks for sharing this!


  9. Very cool! I am glad you had a chance to meet each other! There is something so special about the actual human interaction and the unbelievable support you get; blogs are great but face to face is awesome!

  10. Love this post! I would love to meet some bloggers face to face. It's a shame we all live so far apart! x

  11. So awesome that you guys got to meet! Boy if ever I am in New! sigh! I can dream! What a wonderful treat for the two of you to be able to meet and share your journeys in person!!! That's just awesome!