Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lifting up again...

I've transferred my alcohol addiction into a rubber glove one. I get nervous when I don't have a back-up pair under the sink. I think I've got a problem.

No but seriously .. all going ok here.. trucking along and I think my post-party funk who-knows-what-the-hell-was-going-on low phase is finally beginning to lift. Phew! Managed to get though without drinking of course but do admit to having a couple of tiny teeny weeny sad romantic pangs about how nice it would be to escape the glumness with a nice glass of wine.

Batted those shitters away as quick as they entered my mind! Pangs be gone - POW! (Picture me fending off pangs with my yellow rubber gloves on. Their uses are many and varied)

Anyhoo going to increase my recovery reading for a bit I think. Have very kindly been sent a book called "Soul Recovery - 12 Keys to Healing Addiction" by Ester Nicholson. Quick look - Key 1 is "You Are The Power" Yes! I think I'm going to like this book. Hey get this.. Key 2 is "Yellow Rubber Gloves Are Amazing".. holy shit what are the odds??!!

No seriously I look forward to it. I do like a good recovery book. I'm also going to order "The Sober Revolution - Women Calling Time on Wine O'Clock" by (among others) blogger Lucy of Soberistas fame. I also want to get the book a Canadian reader told me about in a comment on my post banging on about sugar - something called "Potatoes not Prozac" ... AND I want to get a new memoir a lovely chap from Utah emailed me about called "Guts: The Endless Follies of a Giant Disaster" by Kristen Johnston of 3rd Rock From The Sun fame. Apparently she's a recovering drug addict and alcoholic - yes! Another cool sober chick!!

Anyway that should keep me busy for a while.

Speaking of keeping busy I'd like to end this post by displaying something truly gorgeous. Check this out..

This is a chair that my local sober friend Sue (we met though this blog) reupholstered HERSELF! She says it was only after she got sober that she had the confidence to try something new and challenging like this chair project. She stayed up late on a Saturday night working on it and got up fresh and early on Sunday morning to finish it off. And best of all she leapt in the air for joy when it was finished and feels incredibly happy every time she looks at it. How cool is that?

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. The chair is gorgeous and so are YOU! I love the visual of you fighting off pangs with your yellow gloves like Wonder Woman and her cuffs.

    Too cool. Like you!


  2. Hello Mrs D!

    I found your blog overnight, looking for inspiration for a friend who is strongly sober and wondering how to help other newly sober people in the future to fill the new void that was addiction/hangover. I love your writing style and am very interested in your story, and your courage.

    Sending you very best wishes from my Alps,

  3. Very cool chair, even if I say so myself! And very cool post too. Yellow rubber gloves are the new boxing gloves.

    I remember a friend saying "when you stop drinking, you end up with so much more time on your hands." She's so right. For the first several months I've just been being careful with all that extra time in the evenings, reading blogs, watching tv, doing crochet, easy does it. But just this past couple of weeks, since the nine-month-sober mark, I've broken out and cranked up the sewing machine, made all manner of cool stuff, and I'm now really having fun in the sober time. My creativity is my new bubbly. XX

  4. Ok, yellow rubber gloves are top of my shopping list for tomorrow . . it has to be worth a try! and my spring cleaning is long overdue.
    Thanks for cheering me up ;-) x x

  5. That is a BEAUTIFUL chair. Nice work, Sue!

    Have you read "Sober for Good" by Anne Fletcher? It's a good one.

    Potatoes not prozac was memorable because it acknowledges a link between sugar and chemical addiction (just can't bring myself to eat a potato every night before bed!).

  6. I am going to pick up the potatoes not prozac book tonight on amazon. I am looking forward to that read. As for the gloves, I have a bag of them under the sink - the latex ones. Not a fetish, although I am sure it exists just for gloves, lol, but because raccoons love to upend the organics bin at night and feast...and I need to clean up sometimes :)

    That chair does look fantastic, doesn't it?


  7. It's great that you're doing well. And kudos to your friend too!