Saturday, January 25, 2014

Made it!

Made it to the new house in one piece. As predicted we did get a gift from the Real Estate Agent but thankfully it wasn't a bottle of champagne but a really nice wooden chopping board. I was ridiculously happy about that.

The new place is fabulous. The previous owners have told us that it was a "party house" in the 1960's.. not sure what that means exactly.

There's no denying it will be a great house for parties as it has a nice open layout and cool outdoor area. Maybe that's why I've had a few sad thoughts about the fact I won't be able to have any boozy parties here. Bloody annoying stupid bollocksy sad non-drinking pangs. I've had to bombard my brain with my usual kick-ass sober thoughts. They go like this….

"It's just bullshit to think I can't have fun without drinking"

"I can still have fun parties I just won't be boozing"

"It's irrelevant if I'm not drinking alcohol.. it only matters if I think it matters"

"No-one else cares if I'm drinking alcohol or not. What's more important is that I'm being smiley and happy and fun"

"And no-one else will care if I go back to my boozy, hungover, guilt-ridden, emotionally stunted ways - BUT I WILL YOU DICKHEAD NOW STOP FEELING GLUM ABOUT BEING SOBER!!!!!!"

That was me yelling at me.

The thing is I know that I'm having these sad sober thoughts because I'm exhausted and because I'm feeling a little unsettled from the move. Soon enough I'll be back in my happy state where I'm pottering about my life calmly not giving a flying fuck that I don't touch alcohol any more.

No - let me rephrase that…I'll soon be pottering about my life caring hugely that I am so strong and cool to have kicked a nasty drinking habit to the curb. That's more like it.

The new neighbours have invited us over for a BBQ tonight - very lovely and welcoming. I will go and be perky and prove to myself yet again that when it actually comes down to it and I'm in social situations I am more than happy being a non-drinker.

You know, it's funny.. I was emailing Lucy from A Hangover Free Life and told her I'd been having some pangs. I asked her if I should blog about them or not. She said "If you feel you should blog about it then do, I always find it really cathartic to dump it on the page and hit publish." And you know what, now that I've written this post I do feel better! She was right! THIS IS WHY I BLOG!!! (Note to self: stop yelling)

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Lucy's right! Enjoy settling in. Plan a fantastic sober housewarming party --

  2. Thanks Mrs D ;) Glad it worked xx

  3. I think it IS the situation. Even from my sober-novice experience, I've noticed that when I'm in my home routine, I rarely have alcohol thoughts- but when traveling or, say, at parties with a lot of people I don't know, it becomes much harder. Keep creating those healthy non-alcohol neuronal connections!! And thanks for being open and honest, it is very helpful for those of us following in your sober footsteps!

  4. Your past few posts are so timely, as I have a move coming up soon. I don't want to move, I hate moving, and I am a little afraid of the triggers of it all. And I, too, sugar binged last night. Only I didn't think it had anything to do with the move. I was wrong! Thanks for continuing to post such relevant stuff. No pressure, but we're following you ! ;)

  5. Oh you brilliant brilliant woman! You really hit the nail on the head when you said that the reason for your pangs is that you're exhausted and unsettled. That beast that lives inside us is just sleeping and just LOVES to have a reason to wake up.

    But it does not matter because we are badass motherfucking sober ninja ladies who are more powerful than any beast will ever be.

    Plus we yell...yelling always works.


  6. Great words of wisdom from Lucy--perfect.

    Glad you're feeling better, Mrs. D, and so glad you got all moved in.

    I yell at myself from time to time. It's okay. And much better than yelling at someone else. It helps to expel all of that pent-up energy somehow, and every once in a while, you just gotta yell.


  7. Hi Mrs D. Would love friendly ear and a hug when you're strong enough to talk. Yelling not so good in my house! M

  8. I wouldn't be surprised if the pangs are due to the move - change will always disrupt us emotionally and when our emotions get ruffled guess what seems like a good idea to sort that out... yes... a drink.

    Over the years honestly I've found that no-one really cares if I have a drink or not - those that do make a big thing about me not drinking are often the ones propping up the bar in a way I used to.

    Whilst I may not be standing on the tables singing the national anthem with my trousers around my ankles any more I do have a great time... and given I don't do that I think most others have a better time around me now :-/