Monday, June 16, 2014

Keep on rolling…!!!!

Just watched The Anonymous People. What a perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, PERFECT film for me to be watching right now. Makes me want to stand up and be PROUD to be in recovery.

No shame! No stigma!

Listen to this song.. LOUD .. it'll get you going on a Monday morning…cheese-a-rama…(just had to update this post because I don't think the video insert was working properly.. hopefully clicking on this link will take you to the song..!)

"Keep on rolling… keep on rolling.. keep on rolling… "

I dare you to do wild & crazy dancing around your living room or kitchen while you listen. Kick your heels up!! Clap!! Dance like no-one's watching! Dance like you're in the middle of a big gang of mates at a wedding all trying to out-do each other with your cheesy dancing. Go!

Of course we are sober at this imaginary wedding. Coz that's how we roll…

"Keep on rolling… keep on rolling.. keep on rolling… "

I've decided all of life is about controlling your thoughts. So for me right now I am refusing to let my brain race ahead and get wound up thinking about what's ahead.. refusing to freak out and be nervous and overwhelmed. So every time I feel myself thinking too much, lost in my thoughts, reaching ahead, freaking.. I bring myself back down in to the now. Look at the bubbles in the sink.. look at the water running down the shower wall.. what shall I cook today? How did they manage to break that towel rail? Do I need to cut my nails? Oh bugger the washing machine is leaking..

It was the same when I was trying to stop drinking wine all the time. Didn't let myself look too far ahead and freak out thinking about every wedding and party in the future.. just thinking of my immediate evening.. my immediate weekend. Refusing to give space to the negative voice in my head telling me the fun would stop, that people would consider me boring, that I couldn't live without touching alcohol ever again. Controlling my thoughts. Being the boss.

Lucky for me there were people ahead - people further down Recovery Road - showing me the way .. demonstrating that a life lived sober is not a life doomed to boring-ass hell. And now I know it's true!!!!!! Whoop whoop!!

Keep on rolling.. keep on rolling… off to buy lightbulbs….

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Yesterday I was sitting at a ball game and feeling the warm sun and cool breeze and felt that sweet bliss of contentment wash over. Love those feeling of pure happiness, which only ever seem to come during otherwise ordinary moments. I do have to remember to look for them, but there they are.

    I'm glad you watched and enjoyed The Anonymous People :)

  2. I love the ordinary too. See what I assume is the book cover on the right. It looks awesome. Can't wait. Can't find you in US on Amazon. Hope it's soon.

  3. Yes it all chimes with the Mindfulness we hear so much about these days- living completely in the moment because that's really all there is and it's good!

  4. Just wanted to add, in connection with the above, I have enjoyed a series of blissful early Sunday mornings since laying off the juice- sitting quietly in the garden, listening to the birds and being totally in the moment.

  5. Hi Mrs D,

    Why you're an infectious one aren't you!

    I suffer from loneliness a lot. It's something that I have noticed more since I stopped drinking. When I get like this I like to put my headphones on, bang up the volume, download all the lyrics to my fave songs and sing and dance my heart out.

    I don't feel lonely thereafter.

    Remaining in the now is so critical, and yet so bloody difficult. I saw a person wearing a watch the other day. It was pure white and there was no clock on it, just the word - NOW.

    What a wonderful idea.

    What a great reminder.

    Keep up the good work.

    Lee Davy

  6. When is your TV appearance Mrs D? What channel can I get you on in NZ???

  7. Glad to hear that! Sometimes, commitments and vows are only hinged upon the company that we keep and those we choose to stay with. The fight against addiction is never in a vacuum. There will always be implications and effects, which are bound to ping on the perceptions of those around us, who may have their own conclusions about the way you now act around the things they like that you've just sort of rejected. I'm really happy that you've found your state of peace. Keep on rolling!

    Scott McKinney @ Midwest Institute For Addiction

  8. Hello Mrs D - I am SO enjoying your blog, thank you. I have a similar addiction, but mine is food. I just can't stop eating, like will have a packet of crumpets and just can't eat one... or two... or even stop at three. I cooked AMAZING Weiner Schnitzel for a friend and myself last night... she had a "normal"serving but I had too much and then - when she'd left - ate the rest of it. Right now there's a bottle of wine and all sorts of foods calling to me from the kitchen. I think I'll get myself a glass of water and a carrot and continue reading. Thanks for the inspiration, you're very brave. Keep it up.

  9. Me back was a great item on SUNDAY, and I think you're very courageous - good on you, and Corin too. Keep it up, Lotta, youré an inspiration.

  10. great work saw you on Sunday cant wait to see your book!!!!!!!

  11. Utterly Inspirational! What a courageous thing for you to do. And so brave and wonderful of Corin to publicly support you. All the very best to you both.

  12. Saw you last night on sunday and you were telling my story. How brave you are. I have just celebrated 1000 days without alcohol. I too feel amazing and my life has change dramatically. I will be 3 years sober on September 23rd 2014. We have been given a second chance.

  13. Hello Mrs D, I saw your Sunday investigation and it was really interesting. I am incouraged not to dink now. Thanks.