Friday, June 13, 2014

What I'm up to...

Swimming: Not once. Seems that was a one-day urge to swim. Maybe the urge will come back next week and hopefully the pool will be open this time.

Writing: A new article for The Fix about whether being sober makes me a better mum (yes.. not a perfect one, but a better one undoubtedly) - being posted shortly.

Cooking: Muffins for the baking roster at kindy. Curry & rice for the family. Hummus because it's easy and my boys love it. Coffee walnut layer cake this afternoon because it's Friday and I feel like it.

Crying: Sometimes. Watching a sad programme on the TV about a couple who lost a baby, saying goodbye to Mr D who is going to America for 11 days for work, on the phone to my mum when she offers to come and stay for a few days.

Cleaning: Always. Spraying, wiping, washing, folding, unpacking, vacuuming, straightening up, clearing away.

Loving: My boys to distraction. Inflicting lots of hugs onto them. Smelling the backs of their necks.. it's powerful that scent.

Listening: Sia's Chandaleir - still. The new Elbow album and the new Natalie Merchant album.

Reading: Tara Brach's wonderful 'True Refuge', The lovely 'Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society'. News articles up the wazoo about alcohol related problems in this country. Magazine articles headed "Alcohol: Beating the Burning Desire"

Watching: The Voice, My Kitchen Rules, One Born Every Minute, Football World Cup!

Drinking: Green tea in the morning, chamomile tea at night. Two instant coffees during the day. Fizzy water with dinner. Lemon, lime & bitters at a restaurant with girlfriends. Fancy home-made ginger beer tonight because it's Friday and I feel like it.

Waiting: 1 week until I cry on the TV revealing my drinking problem. 9 days until the magazine with my face in it hits the newsstands. 2 weeks until my book is released.

Printing: Lovely comments and emails and watching my inspiration board grow - it's now spreading out onto the study door. Keep 'em coming. It's working.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Instant coffee? Now, I don't like to judge another person's drinking, but...

    I'm as ever in awe of you, Mrs D. I'm struggling with the openness thing today; my husband read my blog yesterday and it's a pretty terrifying experience, and here you are going on TELEVISION. I keep thinking, if she can do that, I can keep writing my truths. So, thanks as always. And tell us when you're on, yes?

  2. Sounds full and busy and lovely, Mrs D. I'm looking forward to the TV show. I really hope we can stream it here in Canada! Good job keeping on top of the stress of it all! xo

  3. Sunrise is visiting NZ..... any chance we'll see you on it?

  4. Something tells me your life is on the cusp of a major change Mrs D!! Rooting for you from across the world :) xx

  5. Oh're about to go gang busters! You are going to have to wear shades to keep away from the Papparazzi!!!

    Seriously though - I really can't wait for your book to be published. I get goosebumps when I think about it.


  6. I can't even balance playing Angry Birds and making dinner and you're conquering the world AND drinking tea AND writing for the Fix AND well, the other 342 things you mentioned. Do you sleep? Are you someone rocketed from outer space? Do you have VOODOO? Oh

    Congrats once again - you've got it all going on, Mrs. D!

  7. Don't forget:
    Playing: Words with Friends, and winning! XX

  8. Great summary love the gratitude that shines from this. Good luck with the book launch.

  9. My first post since starting to read your blog in early April. You are a role model and help us to reflect. Things have changed around here. Thank you. Looking forward to Kindle delivering your eBook on the 25th of June.

  10. This is great :) I love the way you organized this post. I am so excited for your book!

  11. You are so brave! Good on you for sharing your experiences and how you helped yourself. I am sure there will be lots of women watching and thinking "that's me." Right up there with JK who shared his experiences!

  12. Well done. I watched you last night on Sunday - after watching the ads - that's what made me tune in. You will have seen by the response you have received how inspirational you are. I'm really working towards the aim of that 'clear thinking / head' place . . . and yes - I work full time and no one would have a clue (that I'm aware of!!) Hope you keep on inspiring - for me to tune in and then for the first time go on a blog - you've clearly got something!!

  13. One of life's Angles - Thank you for sharing your story, yes I can definitely join the ranks of a Mother at home diving for the wine bottle, and usually not making it to 5pm.
    You have helped SO many invisible people thank you.

  14. Well done mrs D you are 'amazeballs' oh and i love the comment re the back of the kids necks mmmmm yummy lol

  15. Good on you, you amazing, strong woman. I am a Brisbane housewife with 3 small boys... my husband travels a lot for work.... and I have a rule that I don't drink when he's away. I think it's something that could slowly snow ball. I just don't want to go there. Wonderful to see you are in a happy place, thank you for sharing yr story xoxoxo