Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mrs D Is Going Within

I am happy to report that my year of exercise is starting off well! I am back at the gym 2-3 times a week and although I wouldn't call myself a super gym-bunny I am there and I am doing it, and it is having a big impact on my mental health (and hopefully soon my body!).

I wrote a post this week at Living Sober called 'Things I work on in recovery' which was a good basic outline of all the elements I am focusing on in my sober lifestyle right now. Living Sober is where I do most of my blogging nowadays on sobriety. I post twice a week there, and often draw from updates the members are writing as inspiration for a post.

It's such a rich and warm online space I really do recommend you go hang out there if you want to feel part of a cool sober club and get support with kicking booze to the curb. You can read the Mrs D's Blog page as a non-member (and that is where I am posting twice weekly) or if you register to join (it's free and you can be anonymous!) you get access to the 'Members Feed' which is where people are taking to each other in real-time about their sober trials and triumphs.  

Me, well true to my last post here I am starting to look at mindfulness and meditation in more depth, and have started blogging about it to help keep myself focussed and keep track of all the research I am doing in this area. I have to say it is bloody good to have a push of energy in a new direction - and I'm really excited about what might emerge for me. I've called the blog 'Mrs D Is Going Within' so check it out if you think that sounds at all interesting.

And now I must go to school and help out with gymnastics for an hour or so!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Great stuff. I've been hitting the gym more often too. Consider adding time in the sauna, 15-20 minutes. Not only is it therapeutic, but recent studies indicate that it has long-term cardiovascular health benefits.


  2. My husband I and work out with a trainer once a week at our local gym and then 2 more times per week. It really helps me feel stronger and more confident. When I return from vacation in a few weeks I am starting a Mindfulness Meditation course. I can't wait! We are traveling to New Zealand for our vacation - Mrs. D. - do you have any speaking engagements coming up that I could try to visit while i am in your lovely country?

    1. That's so great you are coming to our fair shores! I don't have any speaking engagements coming up unfortunately, but will let you know. On my Facebook page is where I put all that sort of news.. search 'Mrs D Is Going Without' on Facebook xxx

  3. Guess What!
    I signed up at Living Sober!
    Thank You!

    1. Yes! I see you there!! That's so