Thursday, August 6, 2015

Managing myself in the busy times...

It's a busy week this week.. last week wasn't so busy.. next week will be busy. I am working hard to manage myself in the down times and the up times.

In the down times I was spending too much time watching Dr Phil so I have put myself on a self-imposed ban for a while. I love his wisdom and brutal honesty but the stories are all pretty depressing - dysfunctional family after dysfunctional family gets a bit much after a while. Have been trying to read more books/listen to more podcasts instead when I do have a few free hours alone in the house after all the work is done and before the kids get home from school. This podcast was great! Interview with my beloved Tara.

In the busy times I am trying to manage myself by eating good foods (I'd give myself 85% on that score right now, bit of sugar creeping back in again but I'm trying to keep tabs on it), and keeping my thoughts focussed down and in the moment and not far away in the future or past. That is a biggie for keeping me feeling happy. I try to notice when I'm lost in my brain and bring myself back down to what I am actually doing - hands on the steering wheel, weather outside, etc etc. When you really look at it most moments in the day are lovely and calm, it's just our thinking that makes us feel they're not.

Doing a yoga class on a Tuesday night now at the local rec centre - love it!!! Best yoga teacher I have ever had, really relaxed and informal but good clear instructions and poses that are challenging and satisfying. For the first time ever I can see myself getting enthusiastic about yoga!

We took the kids to a 'Rise and Shine' Daybreak Dance party down on the waterfront yesterday! Had such fun dancing as the sun came up with great tunes spun by awesome DJs, free coffee and massages (massage tables set up in the corner of the venue with proper masseuses at work), lots of lovely people in their gym gear/onesies having a great boogie. Super fun and we are going to do it again! Was like reliving my clubbing days except this time I didn't have a bent brain and blurry mindset - was just happy moving my body to the music!

Flying out of town to give a talk at a charity lunch tomorrow - my boozing and sobriety story - then flying home and the next day off on another plane with the whole family to go to my mother-in-law's 70th. So a busy social time ahead, lots of chatting and energy to put out. Am looking forward to doing it all with no alcohol getting in the way. Just me with my clear head and faculties fully alert. Will be tired next week but no rest for the wicked - my sister and her entire family are coming to stay for 4 nights. Fun!

Yes I will be tired. But I will work hard to manage myself through with nourishing food and productive thinking.

This is my busy, full, stimulating alcohol-free life and I wouldn't change a thing.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Hi Mrs D,
    Yay for the yoga - the motion is the potion - someone told me to not judge or compare yoga until you have done it for ten years - I'm 18 months in and I'm staying for ten years.
    I keep thinking to myself Imagine if I could say I did yoga for ten years from 40 to 50 - imagine how it would change my life? So that's it - everything else just doesn't matter...
    All I know is everyone is very smiley and lean and supple - so I just keep turning up on the mat.
    Yours in sober suppleness,

  2. Can you imagine doing all that whilst drinking? I don't know what the fuck we did with our time. Oh yeah, drink.
    Take care of yourself, my friend. Remember to take time to cherish yourself.

  3. Big fan of Tim Ferriss and looking forward to listening to the Tara Brach interview :) xx

  4. YOGA!!
    I love my yoga practice.
    I wish life would come a little bit at a time, but it seems to be either all or nothing.
    So glad you are having fun!

  5. Busy, full, fun, SOBER life. You wear it well my friend! <3


  6. Keep on keepin on Mrs D :) It sounds like you are doing well.