Thursday, August 27, 2015

A looming conference...

I'm working on my presentation for NZ's big addiction conference next week. Called Cutting Edge it's the annual gathering of the addictions treatment sector - loads of great talks & sessions for me to attend and listen to, as well as the opportunity to meet lots of lovely people who are working hard to help addicts in this country. I can't wait!

I'm presenting on the last day about our website Living Sober ... which is going great guns by the way. We are almost at 2500 registered members and just this week reached 1 million page views which, given we've only been live for one year, is AWESOME!!.

I am so proud of our little site. It is based on a very simple concept - put people who share a common trait (an inability to control the drug of alcohol) in a shared space which feels safe and protected and let them talk to each other and help each other along. Our ethos is kind, supportive and non-judgemental communication and that is what we do! There is never any snippiness or grumpiness displayed between members. Amazing! People are in there sharing about the REAL SHIT of life (tricky in laws, depression, anxiety, abuse, addiction, loneliness, low self-esteem etc etc) and yet the tone is always kept positive, forward looking and upbeat. Truly amazing.

I'm telling you - it is an incredibly powerful and transformative online space and if you are searching around the internet looking for support and inspiration to not drink you should TOTALLY go join the community there. It's free and you can be anonymous! There's a lot of great information on my blog page there and in the Sober Toolbox etc, but only by joining do you get inside the 'Members Feed' which is our rolling communication space where much of the gritty & lovely interactions go on.

Ok sales pitch over.

Attending the conference will be interesting as I know these events can pose a challenge to sober people (especially the newly sober) - all that socialising and booze. Not to mention the hotel rooms having fully stocked mini-bars. I don't know if alcohol will be available at the conference dinners etc. There are a lot of people in recovery working in the sector apparently.. but presumably there are many who are not. Anyway - for me I don't fear being tempted. I just look at that stuff as dumb bottles of poison wrapped up in fancy labels that will do nothing to enhance my life whatsoever. Far from it.

So happy to be sober. So grateful to be a part of this wonderful online recovery community. Grateful that the sun is shining. Grateful that I have a puppy who needs walking every day and for the first time I can see that daily walks will become a good positive feature of my life. Grateful that I have my health and my family. Grateful that I have stimulating work to do in a field I am passionate about.

Who knew this would turn into a gratitude post! Not me! Sometimes I just never know where these things will go....

Love, Mrs D xxx    


  1. Joined, followed shared, tweeted, all of the above, more power to you and keep the it shining brightly! You have really created something positive and beautiful from what for many of us is a place of shame and pain.

  2. Have fun at the conference!
    Living Sober is awesome!
    Thank you for being so positive about being sober!

  3. 1 million page views in a year Mrs D?! That is truly amazing!! Well done you for driving this and for being there for us all. Would love to see your presentation if it is being recorded :) xx

  4. Mrs D, you have helped me immensely. I have not given up alcohol completely but since joining your blog about a year ago, but since I found the strength to meet strict boundaries regarding drinking. No drinking at home during the week. I only drink at a function or dinner when out, and this is not all that often. So happy. Xxxx

  5. hi mrs D, thanks for setting up the LS space (i joined a while ago) i don't post there very often, but i make it a point to visit there when i'm feeling "meh" and it always makes me feel better---there are so many wonderful people there!! sometimes just giving support to others helps get me out of my own head, if you know what i mean? anyway, i just wanted to say thank you(:

  6. Having a dog is great motivation to keep up the walking.

  7. Mrs D, I have just stumbled onto your book and through that your blog. I think you may have changed my life! In fact, I know you have. Like so many others, I am a 44 year old mother of 3, housewife, high achiever. Like you I have been drinking more and more heavily since I fell in love with how alcohol made me feel in my teens. It has progressed to me hiding the amount I'm drinking; hiding bottles in the wheelie bin rather than the recycling, pouring myself big glasses after my husband has gone to bed, sculling them, then swilling mouthwash to mask the smell. And don't get me started on how things go on the nights that he is away!! But despite all of this, I have always thought that I was in control. What a bloody idiot I am!! Since reading your book I have come to the realisation that I am NOT in control. I CAN"T moderate my drinking and therefore it must stop altogether. So I have stopped, and today is Day 3. Hooray for me!!! Wish me luck - I have a feeling I'm going to need it! And thank you so much for being brave enough to share your story ..... I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to confront myself without you showing me it can be done. Thank you xx