Tuesday, June 21, 2016


So delighted to see those two little words (or at least one word and one acronym) on my discharge notes from the hospital. Was also very delighted to tell two doctors (one in the emergency department and one in the ward) that I drank NO ALCOHOL!

Actually if I'm really honest both times the doctors asked me how much I drank I answered 'zero' and then giggled rather gleefully and then rambled "sorry I'm just giggling because I've been in recovery for 4 and a half years and it's always such a joy to tell someone that I don't drink any alcohol ever giggle giggle it's a real high moment for us sober people giggle giggle sorry but that was really satisfying giggle giggle..." at which point both lovely doctors laughed and said quite genuinely "that's great, good on you."

Maybe they just like it when someone says they don't drink alcohol because so often they see people with problems that are exasperated by booze? Or maybe they were just happy because I was laughing and happy and most people in hospital are a bit more unwell? Or maybe they were just genuinely happy for me that I was in recovery? Who knows...

Whatever the case I was certainly very happy telling two doctors at the hospital last week that I don't drink any alcohol ever and I was really happy when I saw on my discharge notes the words 'No ETOH'.

(If I'm honest again I had to google 'ETOH' just to be sure it meant alcohol as I thought it did.. and sure enough it stands for 'Ethyl Alcohol'.)

I was in the hospital for some unexplained abdominal pain which shall remain unexplained as all of their testing couldn't find a problem which is good news! And the pain has pretty much gone now too yippee.

My poor old creaky body has been making itself more aware to me lately. Have been having some sore neck/back problems as well which are finally coming right after weeks of pain.

For most of my life I've hardly given my body any thought. It's just been there below my 'floating head' not causing me too much grief. Now I am less of a floating head thanks to all my mindfulness work and focus on the moment and my breath and body.. and with all of this awareness work I have been starting to feel very kindly toward my body for doing such a great job of moving me around this earth for 44 years.

Good thing I'm feeling kindly given these small complaints my body has been making!

Good thing I'm looking after myself now!

Good things I'm sober!

Am also doing another Whole30 and aside from the 'decaf flat white' I ordered at a cafe yesterday without thinking it has been pretty easy this time to slip into a no wheat, no legumes, no dairy, no sugar diet. Mr D is doing it with me and we are both feeling better for it.

Right time to get this creaky body up off the chair and out the door to pick up my boys from school. No rest for the wicked!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I can hear those delightful giggles. Nice. So happy you are almost pain free and cleared.I'm wondering about the Whole 30... not liking migraine returning & wondering if stopping diary & wheat would help, not to mention sugar... is Harley a legume? Living Winter soups. Oh dear,giving up leek & potato soup, vichyssoise? with cream...

  2. I'm glad you're home and feeling better now! xo

  3. Happy to hear you've recovered Lotta :) xx

  4. Glad to hear you are ok.
    Perhaps a little yoga? It is amazing for body awareness, and to help prevent age from creeping up on us!

  5. I remember telling some old drinking buddies that I was in recovery for the first time. They seemed confused to say the least, it's always satisfying to run into an old drinking/using buddy and then turn down offers to get loaded. Always makes my day.

  6. Sending over a bit of love as you continue to recover. This comment is tri-fold.
    1) I remember the first time I went to the hospital for my daughter. I had her in my arms (she was 2) AND I was sober. WOW! Your post brings back the biggest memory of that summer day. I will never forget that feeling.
    2) A big fat thank you. As I randomly review my site stats I see again and again how many visits come from "Mrs. D." I love the advocacy you do for those on behalf of recovery. Now that school is behind me (for now) and the site is moved (for now) LOL, I would love to do a piece with you and your work as a recovery advocate. I've been working on some Qs. What's your time like? Game?

    Lots of love to you Lotta. Lisa @Sober Identity