Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I am not tired...

Does anyone else feel like they live in a world where whenever you ask someone how they are everyone always replies with an"OK but super tired" or "good but so busy" or some such? It's like a badge of honour to always be completely flat out and exhausted. Or if not a badge of honour (because that implies that people are proud to be so busy and tired and that can't always be the case) then certainly an honest reality.

Everyone seems so stretched-to-the-max all the time. Running around working hard to earn money, raise kids, keep a house maintained, pay off the mortgage, exercise, stay in touch with friends and family etc etc yada yada.

Well today I am proud to say that I am NOT tired! I am well rested! I got 8+ hours sleep last night. And I got 8+ hours sleep the night before.

I don't always get so many hours of sleep. If Mr D is away out of town for work (which he often is) I don't sleep so well.. I go to bed later and sleep much more fitfully. And if the kids are unwell or I have something going on which is causing me extra 'brain noise' then I don't sleep as well either.

But if all the planets align, which they seem to much more nowadays, then I get a blissful long 8-hour uninterrupted sleep every night.

IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I can attribute this to two main things.

1) our kids are now beyond the infant/toddler stage and they all sleep long and deep every night - hallelujah. For 10+ years of parenting we had early waking kids but now they all sleep till 7am most mornings ... it is marvellous.

2) I am sober. I do not wake up with a bursting bladder, pounding headache, and intense guilt at 3am. I am calmer in my mind so if I do get up to use the toilet I can calm my thoughts and focus on my breath to quickly fall back to sleep.

Sometimes now if people ask me how I am, rather than trotting out the usual "good but tired" line... often now I simply say "good!". Because I am!

And I really do think sleep is so, so, so important when it comes to dealing with emotional shit. If I'm well rested I deal with stuff better. No doubt.

Today I am proud to say "I am NOT tired!".

On another note I am starting a '2 months of wellness' thing with my sisters where we are writing our own diet & exercise programme, committing to stick with it for 2 months and are going to check in with each other every Monday to update on how we are doing. My diet & exercise regime could do with some work for sure so this will be good.

Also wanted to say that I have done a big clean-out of my Blog List - if anyone has a blog or knows about a good sober blog that does not appear here (on the left hand side when you visit my blog page for those of you reading this post on an email) then please let me know and I will add it in.

Righto! Time for some work. Today is a very good day to be sober!!!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I LOVE me some sleep!!! Other people are all "I wish my kids were still babies"...NOT ME! Yes I'm busy a lot of the time parenting/working/exercising/keeping the house not disgusting, but I do my very best to get 7-8hrs of solid sleep every night. Give me sober sleep or give me death.

  2. is a blog written by two sisters beginning the journey of sobriety together. They are leaning on each other to get through the first few months!

  3. Hi. Please take a look at my blog at It follows me through my detox and the following month so far, with regular updates chatting my progress.

  4. I drank far too much last night and after being vile to my husband now am desperate to change my ways. Have lost friends through my wine fuelled rants and am currently devouring your book and hope today can be my Day 1

  5. I notice that everyone seems busy or tired too. In the area where I live, it's a sign of status to be overwhelmed. So much like me being counter culture with sobriety, I also aim to be not busy. Being not busy is hard!! But just like sobriety, I'm taking it one day at a time.

  6. Just off topic slightly, I popped into Whitcoulls today to purchase your book, having been thinking about not drinking for a wee while now. And after a particularly bad binge on Saturday night and having the worst anxiety I have ever experienced for the past 2 days, I have decided enough is bloody enough! Anyway, my 2 local bookstores don't have it, is there anywhere I can purchase it online? Thanks Mrs D, love Mrs S xx