Monday, February 6, 2017

A long weekend

Hammering my mindfulness exercises this weekend as have been a bit glum in the mood department. So lots of focusing on my breath and what my hands are doing and what my eyes can see and what my ears can hear and not what my brain is saying. Sometimes easier said than done but at least now I have the ability to recognise when my thoughts are not helping me feel calm and happy and get a slight detachment from them.

Long weekend here and Mr D is away for work so me and my three glorious (boisterous), stimulating (feisty) and delightful (stroppy) boys have been getting (struggling) through the days doing this and that.

I've got two books that I am reading (one novel, one memoir), I'm dipping in and out of various TV shows, am cooking a lot, folding washing, negotiating arguments, trying hard to avoid sugar, drinking lots of tea, looking after our injured dog, reviewing the first layout of my new book, publishing posts on Living Sober ... blah blah blah.

Not bending my brain though with shit booze!!!!!!!! No Way Hosea. Life in the raw - all the way baby.

Someone commented anonymously on my last post that I should consider replying to them and others.. I presume this means reply to the comments that are left on my blog posts here? I have never done that .. partly because my replies always show up in a bright red box which is annoying (I've tried to fix it but can't).. and also because I find it a weird disjointed way to communicate.

The best way to get more interaction from me and other awesome kick-arse sober warriors is to join the community at Living Sober which is the recovery website I run. I'm inside the Community Area there every single day interacting with members, and there are always plenty of others inside the Members Feed talking amongst themselves as well. Everyone there is honest, warm, supportive, non-judgmental, helpful and kind. That's how we roll. It's an incredibly powerful space and honestly, anyone who is spending time online trying to get sober should be in there.

It's also free to join and you can be anonymous so there's no barriers to entry - so get yourself there pronto!

I started writing this post standing up at the kitchen bench making pizza and drinking a delicious pineapple and coconut drink ... am finishing it now sitting on the sofa watching Bridge of Spies with my boys, about to put some cookies in the oven to take to my friend tomorrow who has recently had brain surgery. Soon I will have a mug of chamomile tea and later I will rest my sober head on the pillow and fall asleep.

Sobriety rocks. Even on gritty weekends. It truly does.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Yes it does rock and if ever we feel a bit glum or out of sorts most of us have someone we love or know battling an illness like your friend. Wouldn't they give anything to have the usual small worries of grumpy kids,ignorant husband,lack of money,gossiping friends etc. How lucky we are to be safe and sober.

  2. Good luck with the layout of your new book Mrs. D!

    That doesn't sound blah blah at all. That is awesoeme!

  3. Hi Mrs. D!
    Funny, here I am standing up in my kitchen, watching tv, unloading dishwasher, and it's glum weather, no sleep, and I AM HAPPY.

  4. I used to read some of your posts when I was drinking and think, well Mrs D is still not entirely "happy". But I was wrong and now I am sober I realise that happiness isn't feeling joy all the time. Being sober is about dealing with life without the crutch of alcohol and sometimes that means you have to actually face the boring, mundane (thanks Mark!) and sometime painful stages life offers. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE A PARTY.

    This is hard to accept but it is a start to realise that this is the path I need to take.

    About your commenting... yes I saw that and wondered how you felt about that! In no way does your lack of blog comments mirror your ability to care, support and send love to others. You are an inspiration and I value all you write and offer.

    Thanks and looking forward to your next post :)

    Michelle xxx

  5. Just wanted to say hi Lotta :) I have to get back at you at the other site!


  6. 49 days.

    I wanted to type it on a screen. Woo hop!!!!

  7. Hello Mrs. D! I am about 3/4 of the way through your book that I downloaded to my Kindle. I live near Seattle, Washington, USA. I belong to Craig Beck's secret Facebook group and use his and Allen Carr's methods to stop drinking. Day 33 for me! I really like your content in that it addresses what to do with yourself after you quit drinking; how to become this different person over time. That has really helped me a lot because for the first few weeks I really felt out of it, restless, irritable, and just like something was missing. Very emotional as well. It is getting better! Thank you so much for all your words and thoughts that are just like you wrote them especially for me. Nancy