Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I think when you live raw all of the time you become very sensitive to strong emotions and feelings.. very easily swayed by heightened environments, and they affect you quite strongly.

This is living in the raw. Sometimes it sucks.. but sometimes - like last Thursday! - it's totally awesome!!

Last Thursday we went to Adele. Me, my mum, and two of my sisters.

I'm pretty sure I've written before about sober concerts. They are the best thing EVER! I've really embraced concerts since I quit drinking because I realised early on it's one of the best ways to get a big natural endorphin rush.

Everything is laid out for you to have an amazing time. The buzz of a crowd (bigger the better!), the lighting, the music.. I just love it. Since becoming sober I've been to concerts in small venues like Ladyhawke and Elbow, and I've been to bigger shows like The Arctic Monkeys, Elton John, Sting and Paul Simon together, Coldplay, Rhianna, and then last week ... Adele.

Adele!! What a hilarious legend she is. Her show was fantastic. I was so moved when it opened (with much drama to ginormous cheers as she appeared under the spotlights and started singing 'Hello') that my hands were shaking. Talk about heightened emotions!

She was hilarious and brilliant. She chatted to the crowd as much as she sang. Me and my mum and sisters sang and danced and swayed and just had the best time. I felt very grounded in my body and my experience.. a small spec in a tiny crowd.

Me the sober, alive, heightened, appreciative, happy woman in Section C4 Seat S19.

I love sober concerts precisely because I am sober. I don't go with any furtive desire to get to the bar for drinks time and again nor do I need to go to the toilet over and over. I go with my head on straight to experience things fully, my eyes wide open to watch people and soak up the atmosphere, my feet planted firmly on the ground (in comfy shoes), and a positive and excited attitude.

I'm still riding on a post-Adele high 5 days later, feeling so grateful for her performance and so happy to have spent really lovely and enriching time with my mum and sisters.

Sobriety has given me all of this and I don't take it for granted. My life would not be what it is if I was still guzzling wine all the time. So maybe I've got myself to thank for last Thursday's joy as much I do Adele.

Thank you Adele for being so warm and talented. And thank you me for being sober to appreciate all she has to offer.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I love Adele! Isn't it awesome when an act ends up being as wonderful as you hope? Hopefully she'll swing through my neck of the woods. :)

  2. I too am struggling with Alcoholism. I've been to many concerts and festivals and for me it was a given that I should drink to enjoy the experience more. Or so I thought. Even though I continue to drink, even though its hardly as bad as it used to be, over the last 4 months I've been to 3 gigs sober. All of them I attended alone. (but saw people I know, this city is small) And like you I enjoyed myself more than if I were drunk. I did feel out of place but that was a given as all 3 were in venues that had a bar. I suffer from severe anxiety and don't like big crowds but the feeling of sobriety and seeing a band/group/singer that I love whilst sober was the most amazing feeling ever. I remember every part of the concert/s.
    I commend you on the journey that you've taken. Well done.
    BTW my counsellor in New Zealand where I live (Im not sure where you are) recommended I read your blog.
    Happy sobriety!


    1. Long term sobriety has been a huge part of my personal struggle with generalized anxiety disorder. I used to hate crowds. Now I love concerts and really the crowd is irrelevant because I know I am ok.
      Keep going. You will be amazed.

  3. I love going to hear music sober, too!
    It's way more fun!

  4. I agree. Sober concerts are so much better.

  5. Wonderful Mrs D - just great (was thinking about Anne when I read this! - she just loves her sober concerts)
    Michelle xx

  6. What a great idea! I have never been to a concert sober. I'm putting that on my list. Adele would be awesome! If I can live near Napa and Sonoma county and not drink wine, I'm thinking I could probably handle a concert without drinking. I do suffer from anxiety too, though, especially being in large crowds, so it could be challenging. But since I am never drinking again, being sober is the only option in every experience.

  7. Good on you,I'd like to read your book,Mrs D is going without,I'll hunt it down.Take care