Monday, August 21, 2017

Sobriety - it only brings good things.

OMG I can't believe I've been going SO LONG now without eating any sugar or flour and I'm feeling SO GREAT!! I almost can't believe it! Who am I? Maybe this is me and finally at nearly 6 years sober I've gotten my shit together regarding food and this will be me for the rest of my life....


Or maybe not. Whatever the case I am thoroughly enjoying being cravings free and guilt free and generally just feeling lighter and happier without those sugary/floury foods (and believe me, when I go for them I really go for them and the past year while writing and putting out the new book I was REALLY going for them....)

No big weight loss as yet but it's not about that (although I'd be lying if I said I'm not hoping for a bit of a drop!) .. mostly it's about feeling free mentally from the obsession and binging and guilt.

Just to be clear I would class myself as 95% free from flour and sugar. I do sometimes have some fruit cordial with my fizzy water or sweet chilli sauce with my dinner. A few times I've had a piece of pie with pastry around it or a little bit of pasta. So there is some flour getting in there and some sugar.

I've found that letting in these very small amounts is enough to keep the cravings at bay. And if I do eat something sweet (like the other night I went out with girlfriends for pudding and I ordered a fruit crumble but asked for no ice cream and left half the topping behind) I know that the next day I'll probably have a craving.. and sure enough after my crumble-eating night I did. The following evening I found myself itching for something sweet, my thoughts were pulling me in that direction.

But I was prepared for it and tried to observe the craving with interest rather than fight it and think stressfully about it (and certainly not act on it!). I noticed the craving thoughts but didn't let them bed in and dominate. I told myself the craving was like a wave and would pass. I visualised myself getting into bed without having had anything sweet (like I used to when I first quit drinking, I'd visualise myself climbing into bed without having a drink). I put on the jug and made myself a cup of tea and sure enough the craving passed and I didn't spend my entire evening obsessing and the next day it was gone!

If I don't feed the cravings (literally) they die!

Like I said earlier.. long may this healthy eating phase last!

So this isn't really about drinking and I'm sorry about that because I get the feeling a lot of people visit this blog to read about sobriety except to say there is NO WAY I would be here now living my best life, learning about myself, accepting who I am and how my brain works if I hadn't quit drinking nearly 6 years ago.

I challenge anyone to find someone in long term recovery who hasn't experienced positive developments in their life.

Also quickly just to end on I'd like to update my Blog List (running down the left hand side of my blog page in case you are reading this on email). If you write a blog or can recommend someone else's sober blog please let me know so I can add it to my list!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. You are so right about the sugar/flour. I went 4 weeks without, and started back in about a week ago with birthday cake, then a cookie here and there, and now full-on dessert spree. Physically, the difference is amazing. I now can't concentrate well and have to drink caffeine to counter the sugar lows. I am back on the sugar wagon today, however. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Cute photo of you!! I love this one!
    I have not tried to stop eating sugar or flour. I find that salty things are triggers for me to eat more, such as chips or salted peanuts, even cheese!
    Sugar too, especially if it si combined with fat such as ice cream.
    I write a blog!
    You can see if you like it...

  3. Love following your progress. My blog is So grateful for your consistent updates!

  4. I think people read your blog to hear whatever you've got on your mind... drink related or not..... I just finished a book called 'A Life Discarded' by Alexander Masters..... it's about this person whose diaries are found in a skip in Cambridge... they're a prolific writer and had huge artistic ambitions... it's a fascinating read... this person just wrote and wrote and wrote and no one else ever read any of it... reminded me of you in a way, if you don't mind me saying, except you're realizing your ambitions :-)
    ......starting on your book next! ...library sent me the e-reader copy :-)

    1. ....I should say reminded me of you only in the sense of you both love writing!..they're much more like me in the sense of their personality and failure! :-)

  5. Ive been toying with a Ketogenic eating sugar or grains. High fat, protein, and low carbs. It's really easy to follow I thought....but then one of my kids will request lasagna for their birthday dinner and I cave in. So I am in and out of keto eating. Good for you Mrs. D. Giving up sugar and flour is pretty huge...since its everywhere and we have to eat to survive!

  6. Hi Mrs D
    I am back to blogging on Day 5, if you want to add me to the list. I am determined this time and have a few more tools to stay sober. Your blog is one of the first ones I read when I first tried to give up wine, it was so helpful and I could relate so much. I have been on and off the booze a few too many times but this time, I am determined to change, It finally has gotten to a point that it really doesn't work anymore and I am sick of the hangovers and feeling crappy

  7. Yay, well done Mrs D! I will try again tomorrow after a sugar heavy weekend. Will try to observe the cravings & let them pass. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep going!

  8. That's great, I really adore your desire to be sober and stop drinking alcohol. You inspire me to enter Transcend Recovery Community a sober living in Los Angeles, California.