Wednesday, April 11, 2012


A few years ago we packed up our lives completely and moved cities because of a big new job that Mr D landed.  It was an immense effort on my behalf, liaising with a million different people, supporting the kids through the move, supporting Mr D in the transition to a new job.  I was the go-to person for the entire move logistically and dealt with the movers, the bank, real estate agents, letting agents, utilities providers, schools, insurance companies etc etc.

It was very emotional leaving our old life behind and saying goodbye to the community of people we had around us in our old city.  I did a lot of hugging people and feeling sad but one way or another just got the job done.

I got through the whole mission with a clipboard full of pages of contacts numbers and notes and lists and lists and lists.

I got through with very little sleep (insomnia kicked in majorly because of stress, emotions and general brain noise).

And I got through with a lot of my beloved wine.  I drank to help relieve the stress.  I drank to cope with the strong emotions (sadness, excitement, nerves, grumps).  I drank because that's what I did and during tough times, well you drink more don't you?  Wine was my constant companion through the move, as it had been for most of my adult life.

Since we've been in the new city we've had a new baby and have built up a fabulous new community of people around us - neighbors, school teachers, kindy teachers, new mummy friends, previously distant family members, sports team buddies, gym friends, workmates.  We love our life here.  We are happy in our house and we are happy in our community which has become rich with people that we love.  And the climate here is so much better than in our old town!

Oh, and I've gone and gotten myself sober and am in the middle of writing my MA thesis through the local University.  Life is good.

So what's this all about?  Well, it's happening again.  And fast.  We're selling up, packing and heading away within a matter of weeks.  I can't talk about the details but it is the right move and a necessary one.  But I feel tired and emotional just thinking about what's ahead.  In the long run it will be great, but in the short term, hard work and tiring.  And emotional.

And this time, my coping mechanism has gone.  This time I'm going to do it all sober.  This will be a test. Wish me luck.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Oh all the very best of luck. You can do it. We've just done a move very similar (and I'm looking forward to the making new friends part, which we haven't done yet) and its tough and emotional. But kinda exciting.

  2. Isn't it amazing really how much we can accomplish even though we endulge in alcohol at the same time!?

    Moving is as you say sooo tiring and sooo much work. I send you lots and lots of strength by thought and wish you all the luck in the world *hugs*

  3. You know what? I bet it will be easier this time. You're strong enough, you don't need the wine.

  4. You are going to be fine and I agree with Kary May - it's going to be easier. Just think about waking up fresh every morning to face a day of challenges WITHOUT A HANGOVER.

    You are strong and loving and sober and you will stay that way.

    And no matter where you are you'll have us!

  5. Good luck Mrs D,I'm sure you'll manage fine without the wine. You love a challenge! :)

  6. You can do this Mrs. D! I agree with what others have said, it'll be easier sans wine. No hangovers, no wondering where the hell did I put that whatever. When you're feeling stressed come and pour it out here. We'll support you!

  7. Oy. I remember this all too well. At nine months sober I packed us up and moved a week after the wedding. Clear across the US. And got pregnant on the way out. Good times :-)

    I have no desire to go through that period of my life again but I have the strength of knowing that I did it all sober. And so can you.

    Go get 'em, tiger.

  8. Man oh man....if anyone can YOU can! Look at what you've overcome the last 7 months! You've faced situations full speed, head on, and coped amazingly!

    We are here..and will be here right the way through it all...cheering you on with our cyberspace pom poms...and with an ear always ready to listen! :)
    Go you !

    PS: If you happen to be moving even FURTHER north (like..up here near me)..we have a great group of blogger chicks here in Whangarei! heehe.
    Good luck !

  9. Good Luck. You will ace this and be even stronger on the other side.

  10. Oh my god I am just reading this now and I have to say how strange - I am going through the EXACT same thing right now.... we're moving AGAIN... hopefully for the last time. But I've turned to alcohol hard out.. that's the difference. Have been scared to blog about it and was thinking about it... delaying by reading other blogs and I found this post of yours.... wishing you luck! Hope it's all going well.

  11. My first thought was a fresh new start might be just what you need. My second thought was, like you, I am a huge list person. Without them I am clueless. This will be a very stressful event (which I know is now in the past) but I know you will do it will ease.