Monday, August 13, 2012

Things that happen...

I put white wine in my chicken casserole tonight and leaned over the pot as it bubbled away evaporating down.  Smelled nice but didn't trigger anything much.

They were doing wine tastings at the local supermarket - offering little plastic cups filled with good quality white varieties as shoppers entered the bread section. 'Not for me thanks', I said with a smile, then spent the next 5 minutes imagining myself explaining to her why I was turning her down.

Making plans for my 'soberversary', and how I'm going to make an elaborate cake and order myself some treaty takeaways to have for dinner.

Met my deadline for my first chapter of results to my supervisor, emailed it off last night.  Stoked! Totally stoked with myself.  Couldn't have done that if boozing.

Loving reading the new bloggers who have come on the scene and are still early days (less than 90), as it's so good reading them and being reminded about all that gritty, hard work that we do early on in recovery when we're re-training our brains.  Bless every one of you.

Woke up this morning after yet another long heavy good sleep and tried hard to remember what it was like to wake up hungover and knackered after being awake in the night with a fizzy brain, taking endless trips to the loo and feeling terribly guilty.

I am reminded constantly that things can change in a heartbeat, that life is hard, and that I am so pleased to be fully present in the midst of my extended family, clearheaded, openhearted and sober.  That is such a good thing.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Wow Awesome! :) Post your addy so we can send you cards for your soberversary!!!! You deserve nice mail..and celebrations!! :)

    WEll done well done, well done!

    And you are so right re: things changing in a heartbeat... my 31yr old sister in law is now having triple dose chemotherapy for a rare and aggressive Cancer, and this means she's apart from her 4 little kiddies (aged 2yrs to 9yrs).. and my brother only gets to see her some weekends.......its all a bit raw and emotional at the moment, and I spend a lot of time in tears about it, and reminding people to make the most ... of every single day we have!!! :) Love to ya xx

  2. I find myself wanting to proclaim, I'm a recovering alcoholic to the new people I work with just to see their stunned faces. One year is one month from today for me and I wasn't planning a celebration but now I think I will but I think I'll skip the cake, those damn sugar cravings are still stalking me and my hips.

  3. Hope you are going to tell us what your foodie treats are so we can all share.

  4. Hi Mrs D!
    I'm almost at day 30 and was hoping that my newbie days were over. But I still find myself struggling on a daily basis so I'm thinking I do have a lot more work ahead of me! 90 days....I just want to feel free from the huge desires to drink and numb the pain from some shit I'm going through. I am learning different coping mechanisms through blogging and running. I will continue to focus on what's important in my life. Sobriety 1st!

  5. Thanks for being such an inspiration and cheerleader to us newbies (day 45!). i now can't wait to celebrate 90 days, then onwards ... there's much to learn from everyone, all around is, if we take the time to listen and share. May there be much cake and overflowing bubbly drinks in your near future. lots to celebrate :)