Thursday, April 11, 2013

Online life...

I joined twitter a few weeks back and that's been a fun addition to my life. I've followed loads and loads of rehabs and addiction counsellors and a few ordinary people I've found who are like 'sober tweeters' (is that how you'd describe it?). It's been quite fun. I tweet about things I'm feeling, and I also tweet links to articles in the local media here in New Zealand about our drinking culture etc etc.

I'm quite enjoying some of the inspirational quotes that the people I follow are tweeting, and clicking on links they post with interesting information ... like this for example which is all about what knowing moderate drinking limits can do for you. It reminded me of the big jolt I got when I actually measured my glass sizes and worked out that my 2-3 wines a night was actually more equivalent to 6-7.

If you're interested in giving twitter a go set up an account, then look at my page (icon to the right) and then click on the people I am following and follow them to build up your own list. The more people you follow the more interesting your feed of information is.

I also got asked to contribute a story to this website/app thingy, Today's Step, you can subscribe to their daily newsletter and get emailed tips and inspiration and stuff to help you along your way.

So there's lots of great stuff online for people like me who are trying to stay sober and live sober. I am mindful of trying not to get too obsessed with my online life though, and have a new rule that I can't take my phone into the bedroom at night - it stays on the kitchen window ledge. And right now, I need to go outside and get some fresh air. Must not eat toast for dinner tonight...!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Thank you Mrs. D.!

    I have been reading wonderful - entertaining novels since I started this Sober Journey. It is now what I look forward to.... my warm bed and good book!

    Sober and happy!

  2. You make me laugh. Boring toast. Hilarious! Did you tweet about that? :)

  3. Ooh, loved your Now and Forever piece!!

    Can completely relate to the crap eating. If I've noticed any pattern at all, it's that I do it more when I'm bored or lonely. I'm learning (trying to anyway) just let it go and start back over. Food is tougher than alcohol in that way.

    Much love to you, especially this week while you're solo parenting. Take care.

  4. I really do hope Lindsay gets it this time. Dave gave her a lot of shit that probably wasn't fair, because it seemed like it took her by surprise and some of it was a little mean, but she did take it all in stride. It seemed to click a few times for her in the past, but with so many enablers surrounding her she inevitably slipped back.

    I hope she doesn't follow Amy Winehouse (god I loved her), but I'm scared that she will.