Monday, October 28, 2013

Ten great years..

I am writing this post from a HOTEL ROOM!!!!!!!!!! It is 7am and I've just opened all the curtains, we are on the 16th floor - Mr D and I - and from my position on the bed I can see the tops of some high rises and some houses on the hills behind and lots of green bush-covered hilltops. The sky is a brilliant blue and the sun is in full force.

In about 30 minutes there should be a knock on the door with our BREAKFAST ON A TRAY!! (use of caps for emphasis.. oh how I love to have food delivered on a tray, one of the great joys of life I reckon).

Anyway the reason for the hotel is our 10th wedding anniversary. Very chuffed with that milestone. The actual anniversary was on Friday and we celebrated with a 3-course dinner with the kids, cooked by moi. I bought Mr D a nice boutique beer and a posh red wine (felt a little weird at the bottle shop but not too bad). I had elderflower cordial in a goblet with ice and soda water.

Our wedding 10 years ago was a big fun party, an all nighter with us heading home in a taxi as the sun came up. I do regret the fact that I can't remember much from midnight till 5am, but mostly I regret the fact that the next day when we hosted a big lunch for all guests I was a tired mess, mooching around, not able to converse much I was so wiped out by the partying from the night before.

But.. no point in dwelling on regrets. Not going to waste time looking backwards... all that happened before got me to where I am now - sober and free.

I've written before about how child-free nights in hotels used to always involve me drinking lots (because, as every good alcoholic knows any 'special' night is an excuse to drink more than usual). I love that I don't do that any more.

Yesterday when we arrived I had a cup of herbal tea (ginger and lemon) and a bottle of fizzy water from the mini bar (probably vastly expensive but so what). At dinner (went to a local Asian restaurant) I ordered a mango iced tea which was yum, and back home at the hotel I had an instant coffee with my chocolate pudding (delivered on a tray from room service - lushing it out big time baby!).

I'm just so pleased not to have any alcohol in my life. I don't regret my boozing, that was me then, this is me now. And now I'm in love with my sobriety. I think it's cool to be sober. All the cool people are sober don't you know...

Oh, I hear a knock.. breakfast calls.....bye!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Congratulations on the anniversary. I used to mess up weekends like that regularly. My wife's 40th in Dublin a remorseful memory sadly. Our 25th some years back was so much better - sober days always better days.

  2. Yes indeed, all the cool people are sober! And all the cool people get room service whenever they have the chance. Happy happy Anniversary to you and Mr D. XX Sue

  3. Congratulations on your tenth anniversary, Mrs. D! So glad to hear that you're sober and happy!

  4. Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful lil celebration!!

  5. "In love with sobriety." I love that, I need to remind myself of that because I really am in love with my life now. Congratulations on 10 blissful years! Breakfast in bed isn't just for anniversaries anymore.

  6. It all sounds just lovely. Congrats on 10 years. xx- Jen

  7. Congratulations on 10 years!! Something special about that milestone. Sounds like you celebrated it in the best possible way.

    Love how you pointed out the joys of sober traveling and the fun ways we can spoil ourselves. Even when I feel a twinge of regret at not being able to drink with my husband, this freedom to fully experience life is such a precious gift. You illustrated this beautifully with your brilliant post.

  8. Happy wedding anniversary sober (sounds better than sober wedding anniversary). I had my first last month and it was great.

  9. Happy 10 Years! We just had 15 in the Summer.
    isn't it just lovely to actually relish the time together, without getting wasted. I am just realising that. It gets better and better. That's marriage and sobriety, neither perfect all the time but both worth it!

  10. Sounds like you really know how to hold an anniversary! Congrats on the first 10 years and, sober, i bet the next 10 are even better!