Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Did something a bit weird today. Was at the butchers going crazy on meat purchases and the two very nice, jolly men (what is it with butchers being so jolly?) were chatting away to me and then one of them commented on my broach. It's the silver broach with wings that Mr D gave me for my 1-year soberversary.. I wear it on my winter coat and it's bloody cold here so it was in full view..

Anyway he said 'I like that you're wearing there.. is that a watch mechanism in the middle?' to which I replied 'yeah it is.. my husband gave this to me for an anniversary'..

And both men kind of made 'oohh that's nice' noises, in a male/butchery way..

And then I opened my mouth and said; 'it was for my year anniversary of giving up wine'.

And the guy who was bagging up my marinated chicken drumsticks sort of gave me a look like 'Oh wow' and then pulled a funny face and said 'are you back on now?', nice and chummy like he was saying 'poor you how hard it would be not to drink'..(I think that's what he meant, he was being very nice and given he was probably a bit taken aback at my blunt information offering he was handling it pretty well I thought)..

Anyway I laughed and said 'oh no.. no way .. never again for me. Wine and me don't mix well' and he laughed and reached for the knife to slice up my steak and then I laughed and said 'or rather wine and me mix too well!' and he laughed even harder and the guy off to the side (small shop, hearing everything clearly) also had a chuckle and then we moved on to talk about how many beef kebabs I'd need.

Then the butcher to the side came closer to look at the broach again and told me how he thought it looked like some kind of car emblem.. (I can't remember what car he said because cars aren't my thing). Here it is anyway, judge for yourself.

It was all incredibly comfortable and no big deal.

I did wonder for a nano-second as I left the shop with a cheery 'see ya, thanks!' if I'd over-shared and should have not told them that the broach was for a soberversary rather than a wedding anniversary or something ...

But then I thought no fuck it, it is a broach for a soberversary, that's a fact, I don't drink wine, that's a fact, wine and me don't mix well, that's a fact too and frankly if anyone think's that's over-sharing to tell the butchers then bite me.

It's my story and I'll be open about it if I want to.

And anyway I don't think the lovely butcher men minded one single jot.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I love the wings! Aren't we weird? I find I'm busting at the gills to blurt out, "I don't drink anymore," but I hesitate to use the word recovering alcoholic to describe myself. Why is that? Is it because alcoholic draws such negative images for so many people?

  2. Hi Mrs. D, I admire your courage. I would imagine that when we share our story with others, it helps them feel less alone with their own story, even if it is a different one. There is a connection made, even if it is not openly acknowledged. We all have something that we carry, and it is nice to be reminded that we are not alone. Thank you for your blog; it has done just that for me. :-)

  3. I think it says, "watch me fly" and it's perfect.

    You know me Mrs. D...I tell everyone every little thing so over sharing is a way of life. I think you did great! Share it when you want, keep it to yourself when you want. It's your business!

    Love you!

  4. I think when we share our truth, it leaves the message hanging in the air that none of us are alone. Someday when they themselves or someone they love begins to question their own drinking can bet they will remember the very kind woman in the grocery who wore things to celebrate her new alcohol free life and how happy and natural she was. That might calm a little of the fear they might feeling when they have to cross that bridge in whatever form.

  5. Wings...not "things." spell check!

  6. If it were for an another type of anniversary, you probably wouldn't hesitate to share. So why not share about your soberversary? It is something you have worked hard for and are proud of! Go Mrs. D! It helps to remove the stigma that people with alcohol problems face.
    Peace, Jen

  7. Why not. Also you never know one of those in the shop may have needed to hear that either for themselves or someone else.

    The broach is brilliant btw great design.

  8. Very cool! Thanks for sharing. And the broach is beautiful!

  9. I love your wings and your confidence is awesome and inspiring!
    Is it a Bentley? The car, that is.