Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A special message from Sue..

Had a lovely lunch yesterday with my new sober friend Sue - we met through this blog after discovering we lived in the same city. Yesterday was her 1-year soberversary! Yay for Sue!!

She's asked that I post this special message from her, so here it is below.

Also wanted to quickly say that I am doing a long-overdue clean out & update of my blog list.. if you write a sober blog (or follow one) that isn't on my list please drop me a comment below so I can get you on there.

Now here's Sue...

A huge thank you to all you sober bloggers.

I had my last drink a year ago today. The only reason I've made it to a year was because I found all you sober bloggers, and even though most of you had no idea, I've leaned heavily on you, every day, for support, information, encouragement, and company.

I met you all on Day 2, at 5pm, when I was buckling, and heading for yet another failed attempt at quitting. For some reason, before I went to the fridge for a wine, I Googled "sober blogs", and I found you all. I never did make it to the fridge. I spent the next couple of hours finding out that other people craved booze at 5pm, and how they get through, and eventually break the habit. I found out about having non-alcoholic drinks on hand, and actually drinking them. I found out how to look past the craving, and imagine going to bed sober, and waking up with no remorse or self hatred. But most importantly, I found out I wasn't alone in this horrible drinking place. You all made me feel like I was normal, that I was among friends, and that I was actually going to make it this time. I've been reading your blogs all year, and they've helped me deal with everything that getting and living sober deals up. I'm totally grateful to you all.

So I want to say a huge thank you to the sober bloggers.

Thank you for your courage -- to tell it like it is, in public. I leaned on your courage, and found my own courage because of you.

Thank you for your honesty -- for sharing intimate details about your lives, the ups and downs, the passes and fails. This helped me finally be honest with myself, after a lifetime of lies about drinking.

Thank you for your encouragement -- for responding to comments and cheering each other along, and offering advice and help so generously. Your practical advice and enthusiasm taught me so much, kept me strong and committed to staying sober.

Thank you for your humour (and cussing!) -- for being real live ordinary unintimidating people, speaking your truth. I feel comfortable with you, and even though you don't know it, you've been real friends to me.

I know I would not be sober today if it wasn't for you all writing your amazing blogs. Honestly, I've tried to quit so many times before, but this is the first time I've had support, and it's been the difference between failure and success.

So please, all, accept my heart-felt thanks for being such amazing, courageous, generous, encouraging, real people. You are awesome, and I am totally grateful for you.


  1. Hello Mrs. D and your friend Sue. Thank you for your inspiring ways...Sue congrats! Reading that I am saying to self "I want to be saying exactly that one year from today!" And for you Mrs. D... more then 2 years. Well..I actually wrote a wee blog page myself today and plan to continue (if I can figure out the layout better!) ..It's Best Without the case anyone is looking. But I plan to keep visiting just like Sue as this is a brilliant way to gather support. I am just SOOO tired of the life/non-life of drinking too much. Night! Pinky.

    1. I'm going out right now and look for your blog. Keep writing and keep works!


    2. How kind Sherry, thanks!

    3. I would love to read your blog. Day 2 here.

  2. Fantastic Sue, 1 year, you must be so proud of yourself, I would be (will be)!!!
    Hugs Emma b

  3. Congratulations Sue!!!! So happy for you! Thanks for reading and thanks for the beautiful message.

    Now pardon me while I find a tissue.


  4. Well done on your first year. I hope you have many more

  5. Congratulations Sue. Exactly what I want to say at one year. I'm just at 93 days but I'm aiming for your goal.

  6. Congrats Sue - how touching your note was. I am so blessed to be a part of this community, and we all help one another, whether you have 2 hours or 20 years. It's all about support and leaning and learning and being there.

    Thank you for sharing :)


  7. Congrats to Sue, a whole year!! Huge.
    Goosebumps at your message...

  8. You're welcome, Sue and big congratulations on a year of sobriety. What a gift, huh? Sober blogs is how I found my way also, we're a mighty force and I'm proud and humble to be a member of this family.

  9. How cool! Congratulations, Sue! xx -Jen

  10. Hurrah Sue! Sober blogs/blogging is what saved me too. I am grateful every day for our community. :)


  11. Aw, congratulations on one year, Sue! Love this beautifully expressed, heartfelt piece. Couldn't agree more!

  12. Mrs D Another new sober blogger here Day40! Also completely new to this blogging malarkey and want to add you to my blog roll but don't know how! D'oh

  13. Congrats Sue! So happy for you. And thank you Mrs. D for sharing. This is why I love the sober bloggers. We all are in it together no matter how much time i still need to be connected too to others like me! Love it. Higgs to both of you!

  14. Jeez that's the second time I have read about someone who could be describing me. First Mrs. D, now Sue. It's almost surreal. I am trying for the umpteenth time too but can't seem to give it my all. I am glad to have found you guys to follow and glean some support.

  15. Congrats on your one year of sobriety!!