Sunday, November 24, 2013

My sober guardian angel...

Phew, well thank goodness for that. The noisy crowd of people outside my living room waving their placards and shouting "you're a boring sober loser!" have moved on to the next recovering alcoholic's house and now I have my beautiful guardian angel back, floating around my head gently whispering 'you're great, drinking sucks and your life is better without it'.

Of course.

So now I'm pottering about my life once more being a contented sober person, not touching a drop of wine (or beer or whiskey or bubbles or anything) ever.


I have a flat day and I end it with a cup of green tea and a somber early-to-bed attitude. Not a bottle-and-a-bit of red wine.

I have something to celebrate and I might get some treaty foods and play some music loud or just punch the air excitedly and smile a lot.  Not drink many glasses of champagne.

It's a beautiful hot day and the city is buzzing with people happy that summer is here and heading to the pub for afternoon beers. I head to the pub too with the same happy-the-sun-is-out-attitude and drink a nice tall glass of lemon, lime and bitters. Not chardonnay.

And after all those moments pass with no alcohol entering my system I see that nothing is missing. I wake up without a hangover. I relish in the lack of guilt. I move through my days feeling grounded.

I am, however, back on the Whole30 until Christmas. That is, no wheat, dairy or sugar until we go away on holiday on the 23rd of December (except for milk in my coffee). This will make me feel much better. Much, much better. And my little guy is about to start morning kindy so I am planning on going to the gym to run on the treadmill every day. Well....maybe every second day...

These are things that I am going to do before Christmas and our summer holiday. That, and remember to smile at my sober guardian angel whispering sweet nothings in my ear as I move around my life.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. We all have our angels.. Mine is what I envision as a woman dressed like Wonder Woman just waiting to kick ass and take no prisoners. Well I said I felt empowered since I got sober. Isn't it grand. It's 21 degrees here and flurrying, enjoy your summer! Glad your flat feeling has passed.

  2. I am so stupid...when you said you were doing a Whole 30 until Christmas my first thought was, "But what about Thanksgivng?"


    Annette and I have decided to do one right after Christmas. I'll post about it closer to the time but if you wasn't to torture yourself then too...

    So back you're angel is back 'cause you are one cool chick.


  3. Ahem....

    *if you WANT to torture you're.

    **so GLAD you're angel is back...


  4. Hey Mrs. D, Just dropping to say hi. I'm glad those stupid little pangs have moved on--so good to remember that they are just temporary. They come around, make us feel crappy for a little while, then they move on and go away. Like you said, the key is just riding them out and doing something else instead. Hope they stay away for a long time!
    Good luck with the Whole 30. You've come so far! I remember at the beginning of the year-in January-you were just trying to cut out sugary soda-pop, now look at you! Way to go!
    xxx, Christy (RoS)

    1. Oh, and thank you also for including my side-project blog Words for the Weekend on your blogroll. That's very nice of you! Hopefully the peaceful weekend treats help us all regain some of sober sanity. :) xx, C