Sunday, November 3, 2013

Small pleasures..

So much great, gritty stuff going on with others in the sobersphere - I am totally grateful to be reading and thinking and processing all that is happening for other people with regards to their relationship with alcohol.

Me, I'm just so unbelievably happy to be sober and to be living without any alcohol. Sorry, I know that's boring but that's just where I'm at in my mind.

I do have this weird, twisted thinking going on right now that being sober is actually the 'cool' way to live. That living alcohol free is interesting and real and healthy and cool. Maybe I'm deluding myself.

Maybe it's because I'm not out in bars or at parties much at the moment so I'm not seeing what I'm missing out on. But am I missing out on much?  If I do go to bars or parties I can usually still laugh and talk loose and joke around and even have a boogie if I'm in the mood.

Maybe it's because I can vividly remember the loser boozer that I was.. always drinking wine and avoiding emotion and numbing myself constantly .. so for me to come from that place to where I am now is pretty damn cool (I think).

But don't think I'm a bloody saint. I got really really really grouchy at my boys yesterday for being boys and bickering and moaning and whining and I lost it and yelled a lot which wasn't cool. I calmed down and we had a nice afternoon and this morning we have had a 'meeting' about rules and screen time and stuff.. so I'm not beating myself up too much for losing it like I did, it's part of being a mother of three boys and also a sober person I figure.

And I'd rather be sober and raw and lose it sometimes than boozing and numb and detached..

Also have been reaching for the sugar again which is annoying. The Whole30 programme did such great things for my body and mind and diet. Since I've been off it I've hardly eaten any wheat or dairy or sugar.. I mean I do eat it but in much smaller amounts than before. Loads more meat and vege and fruit.

But then Halloween came along and heaps of candy entered our house and went down my throat. Must. Stop. That.

Got a voucher for a facial for my birthday and had it done on Friday afternoon. Talk about lush! An hour on a warm bed with lovely lotions and potions being administered to my face. Bliss. Before the treatment I had to fill out a long form about my skincare habits and lifestyle. Question: How many alcoholic drinks do you consume in a week? Answer: None!

Can you imagine how ridiculously happy I was at being able to give that answer!!  Small pleasures....

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I think being sober is the coolest thing ever! And I know my boys would rather have me having an honest to goodness meltdown than watch me sit up in my room drinking myself stupid. They want their mom real...warts and all.

    And I think that's the coolest thing of all.

    AND I just told the hubs the other day that I might have to do another Whole30...I fearing may be losing control. (Gee...imagine that...ME with no off switch. Who knew?)

    Love and hugs...

  2. Mrs D, I doubt you would ever be boring, much less sound boring! It's good to hear you're doing so well. Hooray you!!!

  3. Removed because of ghastly ipad keypad lol.

    Years ago it was rebellious and cool to drink and drug ( even though drinking drugging) now that is dull and sheep like.

    It really is cool and rebellious to be sober now, I think the tide is turning .

  4. I have been to three parties/social ocassions this week. I am in a great place following the weekend without kids revelation so I have really been proud of my newly discovered being-sober-awakens-passions so I don't feel boring but quite clever actually. Oh the joy of not wasting all that time doing the same shit night in, night out...and the unpredictable variety of new ways to pass the time is refreshing!
    Sober is the new black has been my mantra this week and I am hoping to hang onto that!
    Let's be sober and cool and proud!
    Carrie x

  5. Being sober is cool. Actually living how you want to is cool on matter.

    Being sober is a big pleasure !

  6. We are too cool for school ;)

  7. Mrs. D., You, Unpickled, Running on Sober and Tired of Drinking all helped me find sobriety for nine months. I am back at day one today after a five month slide and am so glad to see you are still here, still cool and still sober. You give me inspiration to try again.

  8. You hit the nail on the head. Again. Sober is COOL. In every sense of the word. You're not deluded. It is cool to be unimpaired. It is cool to be in touch with your real feelings. It is cool to have clear eyes and an a clear voice, and lucid thoughts. It's cool to be able to drive a car whenever you want. And the most cool thing ever is to be able to reply to the 'standard drinks' question with a big confident happy ZERO. Very cool.

  9. So this is what being cool is about. I like it!

  10. I can't wait to be asked to fill out one of those forms! When I was drinking it felt like I had to answer that "how many units a week" question all the time... I think being sober is very cool. As Carrie says, it's the new black.

  11. Isn't it great!? i never thought life could be this enjoyable. Makes me feel bad for normals, who will never know the relief of getting out of the dead end alley to walk tall on the right path!

  12. Being sober is definitely cool! And plenty of people think so- you're not the only one. And Halloween is a time for all diets to go to sleep. With so much candy and chocolates around I'll be shocked if any one resisted them!

  13. Good to hear everything is going well for you!