Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Painting, pondering...

Quick post while I wait for the first coat of paint to dry. I'm putting a pale green on the bit of kitchen wall the previous owners had painted black. Looks nice and calming.

I've been wondering what my friends and family would say is different about me now that I'm sober. I think I'm a more serious version of myself. But then again I change depending on different moods/stresses/tiredness levels etc.. so who knows.

I had a moment at 5pm the other day - it was a long busy day - where I really thought how much I'd appreciate having some sort of 'energy shifter' entering the picture. It was an abstract thought.. but of course alcohol would have been the perfect solution to my feeling a bit tired and pressured and over it.

Obviously I don't allow that particular 'energy shifter' into my body any more so I registered the thought, pressed on with the jobs at hand and soon enough it was 7.30pm and I was on the sofa with a cup of chamomile tea and some chocolate biscuits.

My Sugar Witch is making herself at home at the moment.. and I'm allowing her to. I'll kick her out the door soon enough.

Mr D and I went out on a rare date night on Saturday night. Drinks and nibbles at a trendy bar and then a movie (Dallas Buyers Club - OMG Matthew McConaughey & Jarod Leto - amazeballs acting. What a fabulous film).

Anyway at the bar beforehand Mr D had a glass of red wine and I ordered a Virgin Mojito which was yummy. We had some olives and deep fried halloumi. Felt treaty. Didn't care that I wasn't imbibing.

Then at the movies we decided to upgrade to Gold Class and got drinks and food delivered to our big comfy reclining armchairs at the back of the cinema. I had a fizzy lemon drink and the worst BBQ ribs in the history of BBQ ribs. Mr D had another red wine and the worst nachos in the history of nachos. But despite the bad food the chairs were luxurious, the movie fantastic and the drinks treaty. Again - didn't care that I wasn't imbibing.

(Confession: I ducked out and bought a bag of Skittles half way through and we scoffed the whole lot. Sugar Witch was cackling with happiness.)

That's all the news for now from my sober life Down Under. I think the first coat of paint is dry so onwards I go with the painting.

Bye bye…

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. That Sugar Witch has flown to Chicago, I can't get enough. Going to do Whole 30 in March or at least a modified version, have to have cream in coffee. The night out sounds lovely. Good for you.

  2. Went to see Dallas Buyers Club last week too - painful and beautiful film. I wish I'd had the comfy chairs and I inhaled a bag of Cadbury's Mini Eggs while watching it - couldn't let them melt ;)

  3. the sugar witch seems to be an international phenomenon! I'm tackling mine right now. Had first 'relapse' on Sunday, day 12. The parallels it has with the early days of trying and failing to give up wine are immense, although for me I feel the stakes are not so high. Pale green is apparently a calming colour and is often used in dentists' waiting areas! Rx

  4. Ah-ha! You're painting!!! Okay...I'll take your advice and take on a small project.

    I think it's the kitchen backsplash...time to research tile.