Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Riding the waves of life!

I'm following some of my own advice for the silly season. Leaving functions early, choosing not to go to some at all. I'm definitely putting together a Sober First Aid Kit for our 3-night trip away over Christmas Eve/Day/Boxing Day, and I will be continuing to work my own programme of recovery right throughout the summer holidays. 

For me that means keeping my thoughts in the moment, listening to lots of Tara Brach, communicating with other sober people in the Members Feed at Living Sober, writing posts there and here in my original 'warm bath' blog, being active on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (for goodness sakes I'm spread across the internet like butter !)….. and most importantly staying lovingly connected with all the beautiful real, live, flesh-and-blood people in my life. 

To do that I work hard to keep the house tidy and organized, wash, dry & fold at least one load of washing every day, make 3 meals each day and endless snacks in between, read stories, test spelling words, drive to swimming lessons and football games and Cubs meetings and birthday parties and school assemblies and drama classes, answer questions, explain things, listen and commiserate and share and advise and laugh along with funny (and not so funny but trying hard to be funny) stories. 

Basically my life is a very ordinary housewifey life with a bit of amazing connectedness going on through the internet. It's ordinary but for one glorious fact. I never touch alcohol ever.

I got lots of kind messages from people after my last post when I was quite annoyingly cryptic about things that are going on for me. It was very lovely (friends who I didn't know still read my blog because they never say anything to me about it were emailing and texting to see if I was ok!) and online 'friends' also reached out. Very lovely, thanks everyone. 

I don't know what else I can do other than be cryptic because I don't want to share all the details of my life but at the same time I can't regularly blog about my sober life and pretend things are peachy all the time and not tell the truth. So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place - wanting to share and be honest, but also wanting to maintain some privacy. It's ok really, the only casualty is readers who might wonder what the hell is going on.

Life!!! Life is going on. Life in all it's fantastic, messy, painful, crazy, up-and-down glory. It's ok. I'm ok. I'm better than ok. I am gloriously connected in a real, raw & calm way with all that is swirling around me. I am riding wave baby, and I'm not going to drown.

Not sure that metaphor makes sense but hopefully you get my drift!

Bye for now….

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Listening to Tara Brach right now Mrs D...thanks for the recommendation! Sending you good thoughts that everything in your personal life resolves itself happily. Big hugs. -Jen

  2. Yes Mrs D, that last post was too cryptic for me! I want to hear the bad as well as the good but not really knowing anything is too much! - it makes you think the worst!.... anyway glad to hear that you're ok and that it's just the normal shit stuff of life (not the really bad crap!).... I'm so immensely glad that you're going to be here through Christmas. This is going to be my first sober Christmas since I was - well a child basically - my last sober Christmas was probably when I was 14... 19 years of drinking ago... and I really want to make it through this period... I've had a couple of glimpses of sobriety in the past but always fallen down in December.... this time's going to be different though.... I'm actually confident that I'll do it because I've never had any tools or knowledge or support in the past, but now I do...... thanks to you!..... Like the wave metaphor btw, that is how it feels- sometimes it's a bit wobbly and you feel like you might fall off but it's exhilarating and the longer you ride the wave the more sure your footing becomes.

    1. I love your reference to the precious egg that could be broken.... i am going to find a nest and put a pale blue egg in it as a symbol in my kitchen. No one else will know what it means.... thanks cor that

    2. That's so cool that you're doing that. I've got a painted egg that sits on my desk. Hope you're doing well today.

  3. Hi reading your blog gave me a warm feeling inside. I think you must be such a lovely mum and care for your family in such a a loving way.

  4. Hi Mrs.D. Yep, sometimes life serves up a round of poos on toast. Keep kool kid, kia kaha-Penny

  5. Dear Mrs. D,
    I watched you on your interview!
    I admire the way you came out on TV.
    Most everyone I know, knows I struggled with drinking, but I still haven't announced it on FB yet.
    I want to, though, I know there will be other issues doing that.