Sunday, November 30, 2014

What's not to love…?

What's not to love about being sober?

You feel strong, clear, in control.

You feel connected, alive, aware.

You feel brave, daring and tenderly vulnerable.

You have fun enjoying authentically fun and enjoyable things.

You work on proper techniques to deal with big painful things - and they work. so. much. better. than. boozing. ever. did.

You work on slowing down and accepting the mundane, gentle, plodding pace of life, and it's so calming and lovely.

You stand proudly aware of the obstacle you have overcome and can see in other people's eyes they're impressed too.

You've fought addiction and won, making you open and tender towards others still battling their way.

You appreciate that life is in the little things, in the simple moments, in the ordinary beauty.

You feel so grateful to have left behind a life of guilt and sickness and bullshit.

You feel delightfully immune to the lies we are fed by alcohol marketers and society in general - that alcohol is a positive, harmless addition to a person's life. Yeah right.

You feel free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do anyway.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Hey Mrs.D-The rudiments, thanks, needed to hear that again. Cheers Penny x

  2. Well I'm 6 weeks in so yes I am starting to feel this way but I am going to take your word for it that it will only get better! Thanks for being an inspiration!

  3. Just finished reading your book, just the inspiration I need. Been in and out of AA, always slip as I feel I'm missing out on life but u give me a reality check and real hope. Always lonely but not now .Thank you. Im 40 next year and want to make a lasting change. My words don't show how I feel but thank u again. Looking forward to reading your live blogs. Laura Wales UK

  4. yeah... about as positive and harmless as a rattlesnake in a sandpit....

  5. You get to meet other sober people online and then they become friends in real life with tea and cake and laughter - what's not to love about that! :) xx

  6. I am finally learning to love my sober life.
    I love the freedom the most.
    Free to be the real me and knowing that I am ok!

  7. All of these things are true..though all of them are not always pleasant. I think there is still a part of me that misses the numbing sometimes...the need to get away from my feelings. It is my biggest struggle.

    1. Just keep at it. It truly does get easier. I used feel like that and i cant believe it but i dont really now. Its unbelievable... how time helps.

  8. Mrs. D, it been ridiculously longs since I've been over to your blog, and I clicked that link where you were interviewed... OMG! You are a bona fide celebrity :)

    So great to "catch up" with you, and hope that the issues in your life are coming to a peaceful conclusion!