Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Reasons why I love being sober....

Because it is the ultimate challenge: For so many years I was up for the challenge of booze. I loved how it shifted my reality and made everything gnarly and heightened. Now I am totally up for the challenge of sobriety.This is the ultimate challenge!  Living life in the raw. Learning how to deal with shit always with a wide-open brain. Never escaping. Never blurring the lines. Always sharp edged and real. It doesn't get any more fundamental and major than this. Bring it on.

Because it feels incredibly rebellious: My world is booze soaked. Every event involves alcohol. Every supermarket sells it right next to the bread and milk. Every billboard and glossy advertisement tells me that alcohol makes life better, and that drinking it regularly is a normal and totally acceptable thing to do. By choosing to live sober I am rebelling against everything my society is telling me. I am saying NO and BULLSHIT! to all the false messages that are being thrown at me. I am happily living a fun, full, and rewarding life with no alcohol in it thankyouverymuch so stick that up your arse alcohol industry!!

Because I have woken up as a human being:  Thank goodness I developed a problem with booze and had to take it away because without my addiction I might never have realised that I was an emotion avoider with no emotional coping mechanisms who was fooling herself every time she drank (which was practically every day for years and years and years). I finally feel like I am becoming a fully realised human being, living life as it was intended. I love where my sobriety is taking me and how I am busy discovering new and powerful ways to cope with life. It's fascinating and so incredibly rewarding.

Because I have joined the cool club: When you meet someone else who is in recovery from addiction you immediately go to a deep level of understanding and honesty. I'm not being dumb here, it's just true that you start talking straight away about 'real' stuff with another recovery warrior. All the  cool people are sober nowadays! I love my sober buddies!

Because I get to buy fresh flowers every week for the rest of my life and never feel guilty about it: Enough said.

Because I sleep fantastically 99.9% of the time: Also not much more to say about this one except that waking up after a deep and beautiful sleep NEVER gets old!

Because I'm just so proud of myself that I turned my life around: Even when I'm stressed or grumpy I feel so happy to be sober. I will never ever ever ever go backwards and put that shit booze back into my life.

The end.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Absolutely love this. I love it so much I wish I had written it myself hahah xo

  2. The first four of these resonate so resoundingly with me.

    The cool club is so true. I've met people through work, social etc. and something is said or not said or an action and you probe slightly, it is esp easy with Friends of Dr Bob as there is a whole lexicon of jargon that is easy to slip in from time to time. Then they acknowledge and then the conversation moves to a completely different level - at times I can just sense their whole anxiety level shift from one of "I have to play in the non-recovery world" to one of "Ah... great... one of us... I can just be honest here"

  3. We've woken up as human beings.I love that and I love the beautiful sleep too.xox

  4. Because I've woken up as a human being - and I'm proud of myself. Absolutely love it!

  5. Yes. Freedoms and enlightenment. And I didn't even have to live in an ashram.

  6. Not "the end" my sweet friend but "the beginning".

    Excellent list!!!!


  7. This is perfect!
    When you write these words, it gives me chills.
    I am in the cool club!!

  8. Love, love, love this! You keep writing our truth!
    Thanks so much for all you do!

  9. Love it. We should all have this stuck on our fridges!

  10. Or other non sexiest seeming appliance that you would commonly use..

  11. Congratulations, you are an inspiration.

  12. Really great to connect authentically and not on that cheap surface level - I get this too!

  13. Thanks, Mrs. D. I printed, highlighted and put this in a special place. I was so needing this. Granny Gets Sober

  14. Fantastic post - with a Rebel Yell! :-)

  15. I just came across your blog and I'm loving it! Thank you