Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I'm just really farking knackered, it seems every morning I wake up and I am tired ... and I drag my tired sorry arse through the day. My eyes are stinging they feel so tired and sore. And my patience is slim at best.

Is my iron low? Is it because the puppy wakes me up bloody early every morning? Is it because I'm not getting enough sleep? (I average 7 solid hours sleep per night give or take).  Is it because I run a busy household? Is it because parenting three active boys aged 11, 9 & 5 is full on? Is it because I have a steady flow of writing and other work to do? Is it because my diet is less than stellar at the moment? Do bad food choices make you feel run down? (I know the answer to that).

Is it a combination of all of the above?


I'm pretty sick of it to be honest. But I keep trying to turn my thoughts in a positive direction and slide gracefully through the days without getting too grumpy or self-pitying. Because really I have nothing to worry about.

And EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE seems to feel tired all the time nowadays.

But the knowledge that everyone feels tired a lot of the time doesn't diminish my personal experience of tiredness. I can still feel it behind my eyes.

It's just so booooooooring going on about tiredness.

I want to feel fresh! And energetic! And sparkly! And not tired!

So I will....

1) try and make good, healthy, perfect food choices like all the perfectly perfect eaters of the world seem to do (they do exist these perfectly perfect eaters don't they?)
2) rest where possible but also....
3) increase my physical activity
4) feel grateful for my very nice life
5) go to bed earlier
6) buy a women's multi-vitamin that includes iron
7) keep feeling very incredible good about the fact that 1470 days ago I stopped drinking alcohol and I am very cool and brave and amazing for having done that and my life has improved in immeasurable ways as a result

Love making a plan - I feel better already! In a low-key tired out way that is ....

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Sounds like a very sound plan, but I think some things are missing: are you giving yourself some real rest in the school holidays? Are the boys booked into some things?
    I have to say something about supplements!, maybe some mega B vitamins in the afternoon too, I know it seems wasteful but I am convinced it makes a big difference to me at low energy times - + C. Definitely an iron check.
    Did you consider finding an after school 'entertaining' teen to give the boys some special time some days? Even give you a lie down then? The school day may be long for teachers but it is short for Mums with a lot to do.
    The puppy... what about a job for the eldest? Tricky one. XXXXX

  2. Hi Mrs. D.
    I always read your posts, but this one I have to comment on - I just started back to work (after a 20 year hiatus) and I was so exhausted all the time it was like I was sleepwalking through the days and passing out at 9 - so I started doing all the things you're supposed to do (but as a longtime body punisher I never did - even after giving up booze). I gave up sugar (my transfer addiction) and started eating whole foods, no red meat, lots of fruits and veggies and exercising (beach jogs/walks and Pilates).

    This will sound obvious, but I feel a LOT more energetic. And a lot happier. As an addict, I keep trying to find things to be addicted TO - coffee, candy and sugary treats, weirdly - frozen grapes (which can be a problem if you exhibit some of the same isolating behavior while doing so). I won't say this will last, and sometimes we just go through a down biorhythms thing, but so far so amazing, and all this good-for-me can't hurt, right?

  3. Are you giving yourself enough "me" time? Take a day and sleep as late as you want, eat what you want, don't write, don't get on the blogs, take a long bath, read a good book, go for a refreshing walk...When I was in grade school our priest told us that we all need a day every once in a while when we don't do anything we don't want to do-strange coming from a priest, I know, but I believe it.
    Take a day.
    P.S. One of the reasons I haven't gotten a dog yet is because I'm so grumpy in the mornings these days, I'm afraid I'd be rather mean to him when he got me out of bed to go out.

  4. The last couple of days I've been EXHAUSTED as well! I know mine isn't low iron so it's likely the crap I've been eating lately.

    I love your plan so I'm stealing everything except the multi-vitamin. Also get yourself some Vitamin D. Did wonders for me...

    Love ya!

  5. Hello Mrs D

    I don't have any amazing remedies for tiredness, but it seems like everything starts and ends with diet, exercise, sleep and drinking enough water.

    I've just finished reading your book and I loved it so much that now I feel a bit bereft. What I found SO helpful was everything you wrote about emotion. For some reason I thought that when I stopped drinking everything would be calm and 'sorted'. Oh how wrong. I'm grumpy, snappy, teary, fearful and sometimes down right terrified. I really thought that sober = perfect life (I'm so delusional). However, I was so relieved to understand from your book that this is just life and I'm just experiencing emotions that I've squashed down the last 20 years (and boy are they coming back with a vengeance). This seems like basic life knowledge but I never knew it. They should teach it in school, much more useful than the periodic table (probably).


  6. I am happy to say that no not everyone is tired these days. Your list is the usual suspects to address and given your busy schedule I would encourage you to pick just one, the one that speaks the loudest to you and see what simple things you could do to achieve it.
    Equally if you are suspecting low iron levels which is a fair assumption then perhaps getting a blood test to confirm either way is a wise idea, lets you know what you are dealing with.
    Your body is giving you a clear message, take a moment to really listen to it.
    All the best for loving return to energy.

  7. I have found myself in this boat. A couple things occur to me. Sometimes we are just tired and we need to get some extra rest, plain and simple.

    The other thing I am trying to work on is not telling myself that I am tired over and over. If I am I just go to bed, everything always seems better after a good night's sleep.

    But if it is persistent talking with a health professional is a good idea. When I first quit drinking, I went though a bit of serious fatigue that lasted for a few weeks even, I just made sure that I got extra sleep and in time I passed. But for you having been through all that long ago, I bet it is simply having a busy schedule, I suspect you might be burning the candle at both ends.

    At the end of the day it sounds like you have a plan.

  8. Hi Mrs. D!
    I am trying to listen to my body and moods, too!
    It's hard.
    Winter and cold are coming, and gray days make my energy go down.
    You have a wonderful, busy life!

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  10. Ditto, ditto, ditto, once again, you write my life. I have just bought Dr Libby's Book but really I know what it will tell me - your list. However, hoping something will actually resonate. Also, check out Kerre McIvor's FB post last night - https://www.facebook.com/kerrewoodham?fref=ts. I went for a little walk (previously known as pathetic) this morning and told myself I was making a small but positive start in the right direction. Today's world is bloody busy and yes, we do too much. I have kids a similar age - full on, and work and run the house and, and and AND I am sick of the tiredness too. Bring on the warmth and sun and if I get any pearlers from Dr Libby, I'll be sure to share. We know what is needed but my perfect answer is another 24 hours in every day - so far unsuccessful in that crusade :). Keep posting, you help the rest of us feel normal and not alone.xxxx ALONGTIMEOVERDUE xxxx