Monday, March 14, 2016

Sober Hero YEAH!!!!!!!!

Ugh have been slammed with a heavy head cold which is VERY reminiscent of having a bad hangover. Not fun, not fun at all.

Spent most of the weekend trying to hold my head up complaining about the fact that I couldn't taste any food.

Speaking of food I'm so sick of all the hard-core 'clean eating' messages that keep bombarding me through our local news websites, and my Facebook and Instagram feeds. Am sick of feeling guilty about bread and sugar and cheese and stuff. It's such the modern-day bandwagon isn't it.. all this healthy, paleo, grain-rich, veggie-rich food.

Everything in moderation!!!

If only it were that simple. I am TERRIBLE at moderation. I've said before that I think my moderation button was broken at birth. If I have a piece of chocolate I'll have 10. If I have one delicious warm fresh-out-of-the-oven banana choc-chip muffins with butter and jam added I'll have 3. If I have one piece of fresh bakery bread slathered with butter I'll have 4.

And obviously if I have one glass of wine I'll have 8. One was never enough. In fact even now I don't see the point of one glass of wine. What is the point of one glass of wine? Why not have lots? Why just have a teeny tiny buzz when  you can have a hard-core buzz?

If I was given the option now to magically & miraculously be able to drink one glass of wine every night for the rest of my life I would say NO THANKS!

What would that nightly single glass of wine offer me? The taste of wine? Yuk. The feeling of having a blurred-out, numbed-out, checked-out brain? Well no.. one glass of wine wouldn't offer that. It would just hint at that.

So what's the point? To not feel left out because I'm the only one not drinking (as is often the case)? Well I'm not bloody left out by not drinking.. I'm still totally involved in whatever the scenario is, just so happens my glass has a different liquid in it.

I can't see anything that that one glass of wine could offer my life to make it better.

And anyway.. I love being sober too much. I love the challenge of having to navigate a raw, un-inebriated brain 100% of the time. I love belonging to the fantastic, brave and amazing gang of people who never touch alcohol ever. I love being fully alert and aware of all that is happening around me and to me all the time.

I love waking up every morning with no hangover. I love never having to worry about my liver because of all the alcohol it is processing. I love that even if I am not managing to be a clean-eating goddess like many other people seem to be (all over my social media anyway) I am managing to be a sober hero.

Sober hero!!! That's me. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I went for a job interview at a raw food cafe the other day. Everything was gluten free, sugar free, meat free. They didn't even use honey because bees are made of meat apparently. They used fancy grains and seeds from South America that no one's ever heard of (quinoa's so old fashioned now) and all their drinks were a radioactive green colour. The one thing that is back in fashion surprisingly is FAT! Butter, full fat milk etc... (I know, I thought it came from meat too) so now I'm just rolling everything I eat in anchor butter.

    1. Needless to say I didn't take the job. They wanted someone passionate about their food philosophy and I just couldn't muster up the required enthusiasm.

    2. I know exactly what you are saying. I do feel better when I eat healthier and I like eating healthy but I also like to be bad (or human) once and a while and eat something sugary or salty. My main problem is moderation. My mind does not know what that means. I can't eat in moderation especially if it tastes soooo good. I know that is part of my problem with alcohol also, no such thing as moderation in my pea brain. Abstaining is the only thing that works for me. All we can do is try to have self control.

    3. Love this blog,,,I feel now that I may succeed!

  2. Right there with you girl!

  3. Three cheers for your message, Sober Hero! I too am an intense woman (Hope using "too" is okay..!). I run with everything at 200++% intensity and this can be a grrreat characteristic! (or not). Sometimes we have to peel away our pride and rid the setbacks that don't work for us—alcohol being one. Onward with thriving authentically! Keep inspiring Mrs. D!

  4. Dear Mrs. D,
    I am terrible at moderation too!
    And I too do not like all the fad diets out there.
    I tried a juice fast once, and almost fainted.
    I agree with D. Thank you for being someone who also gives me courage to be happy being sober!

  5. Stop ya whingeing. You are clean and sober, there is nothing to complain about

  6. I'm the same Mrs D! I can't do moderation either. Hangover free mornings are the best! I'm on day 117 today! A x

  7. oh yeah, I hear you! one glass? I never saw the point in "one glass" either. One glass sends me hunting for the next! And yes, I am the same with biscuits, cake, hot buttered bread, chips - anything that is listed as "bad"....once you start you may as well keep going right?

  8. I am so glad I heard your story last week on 7 Sharp, I think that was the show. It's my story. It was what I finally needed to hear, contemplate and digest. Thank you for being brave and honest. Clarity is heaven. 4 days into my journey...and I can't see going back to a 24 hour cycle of regret, guilt, fuzzy head, excuses, unkept promises and wishing for something better. This is the better I always needed. Thank you. Hazel