Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve!!!!!

I am full of snot and can't taste anything but other than that it's all good!! We are away from home staying with family, doing lots of mixing and mingling. Kids are exhausted but excited and happy... and I am much the same.

Bought myself a lot of fresh limes at the supermarket yesterday so I can dress up my soda water tomorrow. That's all I've got planned for a treaty Xmas drink to be honest which is a bit slack but it's all I'm really wanting.

I've had sober Christmas's in the past where I made a huge effort to concoct mocktails etc but this year being away from home and less fixated on my drink alternatives means fresh limes and soda is all that is really required.

Sat with some friends who were all chomping into the wines last night. Didn't bother me much.. they can have it, I'm happy with my alcohol free life. It was interesting watching it happen because that was me for soooooooo many years but now I just look and think 'yuk'! Not that my fiends are yuk, or that they were acting yucky.. it's just a very personal reaction to do with myself only which is 'yuk I don't want to go back to that life where I necked wine constantly and lived like an entirely different person'.

Yes I'm more low key than I probably would have been in the past and yes I probably go home earlier so I can snuggle into bed all cosy and warm. But that's ok. I've had a good many years of late nights boozing and now my life has taken a different turn.

I did have a dream last week in which I was feeling really left out of a party because I wasn't drinking. It wasn't a nice dream and it left me feeling sad for a day afterwards, and perturbed that there is obviously still a part of me somewhere deep inside that feels on the outside (of what?) now that I'm not boozing any more.

But I've chosen not to dwell on that feeling. See it as an understandable factor in my range of emotions - understandable because the world is awash with booze and I used to be too. And as always I have to stay very focused on my truth and the undeniable fact that for me personally living sober now is the best way for me to be. The alternative is just too shudder-inducing to think about.

Anyhoo... I've got washing to hang out and presents to wrap and kids to entertain and nibbles to prepare in advance of tomorrow, and a toilet to clean and it's Christmas Eve and I'm a sober housewife and happy with that!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Sorry to hear that you are sick, but Merry Christmas from one toilet/house cleaning, nibble preparing, present wrapping but thankful to be sober for my first x-mas housewife to another.

  2. Merry Christmas - feel better soon. I just wanted you to know that I read your book last week and it was wonderful. I wish I started reading your blog years ago! :) Take care. - Jenn

  3. Yes the missing out feeling is just a latent reminder from our dark past, mine not so past yet!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family L and I bet your kids are loving the "present" present that you are xxxx Michelle x

  4. Thanks Mrs. D! I have similar feelings when I'm around people drinking.. they can have it, I don't dislike them, but it's just not for me (anymore). Best wishes to you for 2017!!

  5. This was my first Christmas in a few years where I was back home and sober. It was low key too and I was more than happy about that. The shudder-inducing effect made me smile and nod. I can relate.

  6. Bad hangover but hoping this will be my last one. After 25 years of this crazy wine drinking I am done. The addict in me is really strong so the real me needs to be fierce.

  7. I love how open and honest you are - Mrs D - I will always love you like my sister and never ever forget how much you helped me through those times.
    And outstanding example - no doubt, and my full and utter gratitude!
    Thanks you
    Bren Murphy