Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I have just reached 5000 likes on my Facebook page so am doing a giveaway there - to enter all you have to do is comment on my latest post and I'll select a name at random to win. The prize is a copy of my first book AND an exclusive early copy of my new book when it comes out next year!

The link to my page is here.

I am just putting the finishing touches on the manuscript of the new book now. I have to admit this book-writing process has been rather fraught and emotional - for a variety of reasons - but I have pushed through and have pulled together something I am happy with. My publishers are also happy with what they've seen and they'll get an editor to help polish it up, hooray!

Other than that things are good here, busy but trucking along ok. Mr D and I went to Coldplay last weekend with was huge and cheesy fun! They gave every concert-goer a light-up wrist band on arrival that flashed in time with the music. They also had confetti cannons, and huge colourful balloons floating around ... it was fun. I milked the experience for everything it offered, singing along, waving my hands in the air, just feeling really happy and present for the entire thing.

I have been so drunk at so many concerts and basically wasted the entire experience by being focussed on getting to the bar, going to the toilet, falling over, puking etc..it is so great now to attend music events and really just feel the atmosphere and let the natural emotions of being in a big crowd wash over me.

My goals for the next wee while are; deliver my manuscript, enjoy travelling away with my family, have a lovely time reconnecting with people over Christmas, figure out how I'm going to get fit, keep using my recovery tools to maintain a decent level of calm and happiness, stay in contact with the online recovery community, and stay sober!!!!!!!!!!

No stupid, foul-tasting, brain numbing, emotion stifling, carcinogenic liquid for me!!! No way.

I love my sober life, and I will not go back to being the boozy disconnected housewife I once was EVER. So there!!!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Couldn't agree more.I'm embarrassed to think of how much money I spent going to concerts I can't even remember attending. So much better now to go and be fully present and have fun!
    Good luck with the new book. It, like your first and your website and this blog, saves lives. Thank you for your help. I'm over 3 years sober now xx

  2. I can say for sure that you get the credit for my 249 days of sobriety. I was just searching the web, Cosmo in hand, wondering if anyone was in my same position, and BOOM, found your blog. After reading for a while, I ordered your book and decided to copy you as a last ditch effort, and here I am! This blogging thing really works!

  3. Wonderful goals!!
    I am so glad you are a light for us!!

  4. I love my sober life, and I will not go back to being the boozy disconnected housewife I once was EVER. So there!!!

    What a fantastic sentence right there - I love the word "disconnected". At first (without my glasses) I thought it said discontented and after reading and watching all your wonderful shared stories, it just didn't sound right. I am sure there has been discontented times but disconnected just describes what alcohol does to us so well.

    We are there but we are not. Long road for me and looking forward to your new book.

    Michelle xx

  5. Congrats on the 5K! What an accomplishment.

    I'm aslo so glad to hear that your manuscript is coming together. That must be such a blast to be nearing the end. I've just started something new and I'm totally obsessed with it. I'm also "future-tripping" or imagining I am at your stage, when I've only just begun.

    Well, anyway. Good luck in finishing the process! I'll be following and can't wait to read your enw book.

  6. Lol how did you afford the drinking habit while at the same times going to concerts all the time. I believe you are now unstoppable without the addiction. As a first time reader of this blog, I wonder how you managed to quit? Did you read Allen Carr's book? Also, how can I get in touch with you to talk about some collaboration between my blog and your? I would like you to write a guest post about Alcohol and insomnia. Thanks

  7. LOVE HOW YOU HAVE CHAN GENGED sorry about the caps lock!