Thursday, June 8, 2017

A fully realised human...

Things are calming down now and getting back to normal. In other words my nerves and adrenaline are subsiding now and I am calming down and getting back to normal. 

I have to be honest I didn't hugely enjoy that whole 'putting out the new book' process. Bit of a bummer because I wanted to feel happy and proud and all my lovely friends and family were happy and proud for me but I can't hide the truth that overall I felt very edgy and vulnerable and insecure about the whole thing. 

Of course the fact that I'm sober means every experience I go through I feel acutely at 150% volume and this was no exception! Raw and real is how I experience things.. I'm cool with that because I LOVE being sober and out of the boozy trap I was once in.. but I'm not sure I will be writing and putting out another book any time soon. 

Or if I do it will be about something other than the innermost workings of my mind.

Anyway - got a wee bit of media around the book release which was nice and all the interviewers were very kind. Jack Tame on Newstalk ZB called me 'reluctantly introspective' which was right on the money I thought. His radio interview is here. Jesse Mulligan on Radio NZ laughed when I told him I was a 'girly swat' when I set about learning mindfulness. His radio interview is here. Carly Flynn was very complimentary which was very nice of her and I really enjoyed talking to Tim Fookes as well. Also got a couple of print articles here and here

I'm never nervous when I'm actually talking to journalists because I always see it as an opportunity to get the word out about recovery and hopefully reach more people who might be living in a boozy hell. It's just when I'm sitting at home in the quiet that I feel a bit exposed and weird... but no more complaining! No-one made me write this book and overall I am pleased to have written out what I learned to make my sober life more manageable .. and there's no denying that consolidating it all into book form helped me further cement many of the concepts and tools I've been learning and developing. 

I've had a couple of people say the book isn't available overseas yet. The kindle is on Amazon (just make sure you're not looking at the print copy as they don't get it till November) and if you buy a hard copy from Book Depository they'll ship it straight away anywhere in the world for free!

Today I am pottering at home doing some blog writing, cooking dinner (getting a bit fancy and making Chermoula Marinade for chicken kebabs), and looking after the dog who has a cone on his head to stop him licking his infected paw. I am watching The Real Housewives of New York while I cook and drinking a delicious Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea. Later I will run the boys around to their rugby practice/drama classes/Scout Scavenger Hunt and finally will collapse into bed with a mug of chamomile tea. 

Sober life is good. It's gritty and gnarly at times but always rewarding and genuine. I finally feel fully alive truly experiencing what it means to be a fully realised human. 

So, so grateful I got alcohol out of my life 2102 days ago. 

Love, Mrs D xxx

P.S. Cheesy selfie taken at the airport when I spotted my new book on the shelf!


  1. Congratulations on your book, oh, and even more so on your incredible sobriety! I've been reading your blog daily since getting sober 8 months ago. Many nights I've read & re-read your writings while struggling to get through just one more minute without a glass/bottle of wine. You've been a huge part of my journey & I thank you. ((Hugs)) the scarf in your super cute selfie!

  2. 2,102 Days! That's so cool!

  3. Hi Lotta
    I know you are going to think this is super cheesy too! However I really think you could write super awesome childrens' books.
    You are really edgy, intelligent and witty so why not?

    there are not enough books around like Babette Coles: Princess Smartypants and Two of Everything.

    You probably think I am crazy but kids books are hard and you would be so good at it!

    Your adult books are fantastic by the way!

  4. I am ordering your book as we speak! I so look forward to cozying up with my Kindle for a few hours. Congratulations on surviving the marathon process of book writing. (I work in publishing.) ❤️

  5. Hi there! I am celebrating 14 days! I started your book late last week (Mrs D is Going Without) and I have to force myself to put it down or I won't get any sleep! Plus I also am reading it slow to let the wonderful information sink in. You are an inspiration to me! Reading about how you handled social situations has put me at ease. I had a fear that I'd be a dud at social gatherings. But that will be quite the opposite.

    Thank you for your inspiring words!!

  6. I'm devouring your book as fast as I can. I need every word.
    Thank you. It could be a life changer for me.