Monday, May 29, 2017

You are not alone...

My new book is now out! Very exciting. It's called Mrs D Is Going Within and it's all about the next-stage work I did on myself and my recovery after getting to around 3 years sober.

It is available on Kindle through Amazon but DON'T buy a hard copy through Amazon they don't get it in their American-based warehouse till November (which strikes me as extremely odd but there it is). If you live overseas best to buy it on Book Depository and they'll ship it anywhere in the world straight away. If you live in NZ MightyApe is best... or of course walk into a book store!

Opening up my buzzy mind to the world in the form of a book has lead to a crap-tonne of vulnerable feelings and lost sleep and nerves in the tummy so I have been pounding my tools to help me get through.

Number 1 tool is forgiving myself for being a nervy wound up mess and not a perfect shining example of a calm zen person and accepting that I am who I am and I can't control my emotions.

I've had a little bit of media around the book which has given me a good opportunity to also talk about Living Sober and it's been great to see some new people hear about our community and come and join us to start talking about their own circumstances regarding alcohol. Hopefully we can all pull together and offer them lots of kindness and understanding and they'll start to climb out of the boozy hole.

It breaks my heart to imagine all the people who are right now in that awful, stuck, lonely place like the one I was in when I was deep in my alcohol addiction.

It's such an awful place to be in - especially because you feel like something is wrong with you that you've got to this miserable place and everyone else is having a fine and dandy time supping their chardonnay and being totally in control.

But believe me YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are so, so, so, so, so many of us who are (or have been) locked into a place of boozy misery. Alcohol is a readily available, cheap, glorified, normalised, highly addictive drug that causes masses of harm to huge amounts of people.

If you are reading this right now and you are feeling stuck and lonely and miserably then please know that it IS possible to change. BELIEVE that change is possible. KNOW that you can get to a place where you won't miss that shit at all. REACH OUT and connect with others who are going through and have been through the same thing, and then START working towards living the rest of your life sober.

You won't regret it. I promise.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. The day I quit -6 months ago- I found your blog, I have been reading it in order little by little, it was there when I needed it the most. I have read 2 books you recommended in between, joined AA, kept going to therapy.. but still, when I went to the first party I thought of you, when I'm tired and weak llike today, I come back here. You were right, all of it. Thank you. MX

  2. We are not alone.
    It's the most important thing in my recovery,,,,my support, on-line and in real life!

  3. Dear Mrs D,

    I feel a bit of a fraud as alcohol has not been a struggle for me. But I have read your first book through twice and check in to your blog regularly, and am getting ready to order your second book. Why?? Because I think you are amazing!!! You are incredibly strong and brave. Your writing is so very real, so raw, and you have the courage to be vulnerable. Cheers!!!

  4. Loved your new book as much as I did your first one - devoured it very quickly on Kindle :) I got drawn towards mindfulness and meditation after ditching the booze 2 years ago and can relate to so much of what you write about. It has made me go back and re-read Mark Williams's book and discover some more I haven't read yet. Thank you! X

  5. Dear Mrs D,

    Last night I read Mrs D Is Going Within on my Kindle. I have been sober for more than six years and alcohol is no longer my problem, but living life is getting harder than it should be. I've been looking for answers for a long time and then ...........I found your book. Bingo, it's me!! Thank you soon much. I'm on a mission now!

  6. So looking forward to reading. The link you provided above takes me to amazon page (for the kindle version) that says "this title not currently available for purchase". boo! Guess here in the US we will have to wait a little longer to read it. Looking forward to it Mrs. D!

  7. Hi Mrs D! I'm halfway through your first book and have been inspired to start my own sober blog. I'm day 66 of sobriety and soaking in as much information as I can find to support me on this journey.

    Love, light and energy

  8. Congratulations Mrs D! From one ex-boozer to another.., Hi-5 on publishing your second book. Just because we don't drink doesn't mean life is over..., really it's just beginning. Go well and thanks for keeping it honest and inspiring. Mrs R