Monday, August 20, 2018

Ain't that the truth.

Monday morning and I have just decluttered our downstairs room which was a mess with old CDs everywhere, kids dress-ups, various tools and bits of sporting equipment, swim gear, school art projects, old DVDs.. you get the picture.

I love decluttering!

And this is just the first area of the house that I'm going to deal with. Every day this week I'm going to do a different area which has gotten dusty and crappy and messy. Satisfying.

I've finished my 3-month work contract so now have more time on my hands to get on top of the house, plus get back to the gym and start walking the dog daily again and stuff like that. I let my self-care and some houseewifey jobs slip a bit while I was a busy working mum juggling two jobs and everything else.

But that's over for now - until the next contract comes along at least. And until it does I'm going to enjoy having a bit more time to potter about and get organised and look after myself and the family.

Been a bit of angst around lately as well with some stuff going on (out of my control but worrisome and stressful) but I've been coping with that fairly well. It's interesting for me to note that nowadays in the midst of a crisis I don't for a second hanker for a wine or wish that I could bend my brain with a drug to escape. I just deal with life as it comes - sometimes messily with tears or anger or sugar - but deal with it nonetheless and trust myself that I will cope.

And I always do.

I've taught myself now after nearly 7 years of sobriety that I can handle my emotions, that they're not to be feared or judged or avoided.. they are just emotions. Sadness, anger, worry, frustration, stress.. they're all there for a reason. It's how us humans are made! And I'm very happy to be a fully realised human riding the waves of life as best I can.

Most of all I'm happy to be showing my sons a mum who is well rounded, not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but just dealing with life on life's terms. They can see me up, down and sideways and circling around again. And they will learn by watching me that this is how life goes.

It's not what happens to you, it's how you deal with what's happening to you that counts.

Ain't that the truth.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I just love you!
    Thank you for sharing your journey!!

  2. Always love seeing new updates from you because they are so honest and anchoring. I, at Sober Day 45, don't much need the cheerleaders anymore (but so glad they WERE there early on), but real "this is just how life is now" stories help me immensely. In 40 years, I've never been 45 days sober so dealing with all these raw emotions is something I have to learn from scratch. Thank you for just being you and know that you are helping more people than you will ever realize.

    1. Yes! Thank you i long to be at day 45!

  3. I don't know what day I am on. I stopped new years eve (2017). Most of the time I am ok, but then I get the days where I feel sorry for myself. Its been a hell of a year and a time where wine would have drowned out all the shit that goes on in a busy life with 4 kids, a husband and a recovering alki. I'm not in a very good place atm, and its not helped by the fact that since stopping drinking I lost a stone, then I discovered sweet things which in turn has helped me put all that weight back on. Is there nothing in life that can give you a feel good factor that isn't bad for you, (I can no longer exercise, as I have a bad leg). Sometimes life feels shit. Sorry just needed to get it off my chest.

    1. Hang in there!! I have tried to stop so many times. I sometimes hate myself and am so afraid that I've destroyed my liver and God knows what else. The fear is crippling . One day at a time. Today, I will not drink. Good luck.

  4. Omg. Just finished reading the book yesterday while I was on holiday in Portugal.
    Today is day 1.
    God help me.
    I’ve tried and tried and tried.
    Maybe this is where the beginning will be for me to succeed.
    I neee immense support and acknowledgement.
    From a beginner who is weak today. ( also got other issues).
    Love this blog

  5. And forgot to mention. I have some port (bought duty free by husband) sitting in the garage!

  6. Do any you have or suspect that you may have liver damage from your drinking??

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, especially the last sentence. Life does happen and when you're not drinking, you deal with it so much better!

  8. Just read your book. Thank you so much for sharing x
    Two weeks in now .....