Thursday, September 6, 2018

Seven years today!!

Happy Soberversary to me! Happy Soberversary to me! Happy Soberversary to me! Happy Soberversary to me! Seven years today!! Woo bloody Hoo.

That is 2557 days by the way - crazy!

Waking up this morning with the memory of having yelled at my kids last night because one of them pissed all over the toilet floor - whoopsie! Grumpy mum alert. But at least it was sober yelling not drunken yelling! Unlike last night 7 years ago when I was totally full of wine and an utter wreck on the inside.

So anyway.. what to do on my soberversary? I have to take the car into town to get fixed so thought I might walk myself to the movies after that and go see Crazy Rich Asians which is apparently great. Then maybe get some food in a cafe.. then bus home and do other normal stuff like walk the dog and go to the supermarket and pick up the kids from school and make dinner and stuff.... such is the life of a sober housewife. Yay for being a sober housewife!!

Thank you me of 7 years ago for digging deep even when you were feeling miserable and making such a monumental life-changing decision.

Thank you me of 7 years ago for pushing through the hard-as-buggery early stages of getting sober. Learning how to socialise, filling my days, getting through wine o-clock, and the hardest work of all - retraining my brain to stop seeing booze as a good idea. Thank you!

And thank you me for every one of the last 2557 days for being brave enough to deal with emotional stuff and not seek to escape or numb. I am so proud of myself that I have committed to living 100% of the time in the raw. It is a fantastic, grounded, brave, real, honest way to live. And I love it!

No regrets! Sobriety is my new normal and I'm so happy with that. Happy Seven Years to me! Can't wait for the next seven.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Hi, Mrs. D... First time commenting on a blog and it just had to be yours. Congrats and cyber hugs for your huge accomplishment! I am 50 days sober today (47 days longer than any other time period in the last 10 years) and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help along the way. I very randomly came across your book, "Mrs. D Goes Without." Thought it looked cute, so ordered that and "Within" at the same time. It was the thump on the head I needed, right when I needed it. My story is so similar to yours and I am thrilled to be so inspired. I've tried AA and other groups but your book put me on a very direct and determined path that I haven't been on ever before. I took your lead and also started a blog, which has been an amazing gift to myself. Thank you for the great idea!

    I'm inspired and in awe of your strength. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

    By the way, if there are other blogs you follow that you think would be good for me at this VERY EARLY STAGE, I would love to have them!

  2. Yay!! I’m dancing in the street for you!!

  3. Thank you and well done! Strong and honest lady. Blessings

  4. Your site was the inspiration for my own blog and eventual sobriety, Mrs. D. Thank you!!

  5. Hello Mrs D, and congratulations on your soberversary!
    I am trying to quit drinking and got interested in the method called Alcohol Free Forever that I can do at home without going to AA meetings. Do you happen to know about it? I read the review here:, supposedly it's really effective. Can you advise? Thank you.

  6. I decided to look for other sober bloggers today and I'm so glad I found your site. Happy anniversary to you! Isn't it amazing how the new norm used to seem like an impossibility? I mean, how can ANYTHING in life be fun if you're not drunk right?? LOL! Good for you and may God continue to bless you in your sobriety!

  7. I just finished your book this evening, your first one that is. Loved it. I wondered through out if you would ever admit that you were an alcoholic to yourself...then this evening my question was answered. I have to say that when I finally did to myself, out loud I felt relief, what a pivitol moment in my life. On October 15, 2018 I will hit my first year! Wow! It's really hard to believe in some ways that I made it. No, I am not out of the clear but I have realized I want to live my life sober. Thank you for your heartfelt writings. You are an amazing woman.

  8. Hey Mrs D! Typed a long comment and then it disappeared - apologies if it turns up twice. Anyway, I wanted to say congratulations!! I've just finished your book and can relate to so much. Just like you I have blogged since I stopped drinking and the blogosphere tribe I've found are an amazing bunch. Absolutely priceless the advice, encouragement and support you get from absolute strangers you've never met and sometimes don't even know their real name! Anyway, congratulations again! I'm at 254 days and loving my new sober life - best thing I ever did. Lots of love, Anna x

  9. Happy Annoversary. Thank you for being such a bright light of hope to so many.

  10. Hi Lotta.Well done with staying sober for 7 years.Its a great achievement,and so worthwhile.You have my vote.I,m still sober,its great.Jim Nettleton.

  11. I just finished your book then logged into this site and your blog is the first one I read- weird! Congrats on an amazing achievement! I go between dry weeks and wine ones and as I’m getting older I see wine for what it takes from you when you don’t control it. Your words are excellent in their clear message. Loved your book- congrats again Mrs D x