Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Telling the kids

I was just chatting to the Big Guy and Middle Dude while I was putting them to bed and for some reason asked if things were better now that I'm not drinking wine and the Big Guy (7) said very definitely 'yes it is'.  I said 'why?' and he couldn't really answer with any specifics but said very clearly 'it's just better now'.  I asked if it was because I don't smell of alcohol any more when I kiss them goodnight and he said 'yeah that's one reason'.

They know I have stopped drinking alcohol and I'm sure they must hear me talking about it with Mr D and others a lot. (I am obsessed ok, but I'm sure this will pass.  I'm trying not to talk ALL the time about my sobriety and the books and blogs I'm reading and what I'm discovering about myself and our drinking society and everything so fascinating and interesting and and and.. I'm obsessed ok!!)

But anyway I've been unsure about what exactly to say to the boys, but tonight I just explained to them that lots of people can drink alcohol but for me and some others we shouldn't because we find it very hard to stop once we start.

It's for my boys as much as anything that I'm sober. 

Love, Mrs D xxx

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  1. I’m glad you posted this. I don’t know what to tell The Boy about my drinking and my decision to stop. Therefore I haven’t said anything. But I want to..I know he was aware of my drinking but I never realized how much attention he paid to it until I stopped. Once I stopped drinking I noticed he would always seem to ‘appear’ in the kitchen when I was getting a refill. At this point it was iced tea, soda, water, etc and not alcohol but it was interesting to see that he would watch me carefully and keep track of how much I drank. I even caught him sniffing my cup a few times. He’s mentioned that I seem to be going to ‘meetings’ often but hasn’t asked why or what is discussed at the meetings. I need to sit down and talk to him about it. I don’t want my sobriety to replace alcoholism as the elephant in the room.