Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Letter...

Ok I think now is a good time into my sobriety (76 days) to reprint the letter I wrote to myself that tearful morning after my final binge.  This is word for word, written in red pen on a page of plain A4.


I am going to stop drinking forever.

I am not going to lose anything by removing alcohol from my life.

I am going to gain a lot!

I cannot control alcohol, it controls me.

I don't even have joyful + fun drinking any more.

I cannot moderate.

Every time I drink alcohol I binge.

I suffer the next day and as a result the kids suffer.

Alcohol stops me being the best mother I can be.

Alcohol makes my life harder and increases negative thoughts.

I will be 40 soon and I need to stay in good health.

Today is September 6th 2011.  Today is Day One.  Go me!



  1. Go YOU! This is a great reminder for me from where I came from. It's always good to remember. Thank you.

  2. I am a great believer in putting it in writing. Makes it change from some internal noise into reality.
    Keep going. You cannot ever let yourself down again...

  3. Today is day 70 for me. Alcohol stops me from being the best anything I can be. I will be 50 soon. Thank you, my friend, for writing this letter for me, for you, for all of us.

  4. Hey Mrs D, Keep up the good work. You will find keeping up a site helps a lot - a way to get your feelings out, a sense of community and to know that you are not alone. My beginnings at TDA started with these letters to my family
    and now after several years you can see what it's morphed into - sobriety can be fun!

  5. Yeah..GO YOU!! GO YOU!! GO YOU!!!!!!