Wednesday, January 4, 2012


(Warning.  This post tries hard to be clever and contains laboured metaphors)

Just spent 9 hours solid rearranging all the bedrooms at home which was a bloody hard job but oh so worth it!  Mr D and I are now nestled at the back of our house with heaps more light and sun and a door looking out to our back deck with it's new shade sail and pot plants. Our Big Boy now has his first bedroom on his own and he is so happy and the two little ones are sharing the bunk beds in the middle sunny room.

Had a strange thing happen last night.  We went out for dinner with my sister and her husband and stopped at a trendy bar for a drink beforehand and I had this sudden shocking thought come to me as we sat down .. 'oh my god I don't drink alcohol any more...!' 

I mean that's crazy right, because I am obsessed with being sober and blog about it twice weekly for gods sake and, you know, it's a brand shiny new fact about my life.  But I think actually what happened is that in the lead up to that 'surprise! No booze here!' moment I hadn't had the thought at the front of my brain.  It had slipped away momentarily.

So instead of my sober self always leaning over the bow of my life arms outstretched like Kate Winslet in Titanic (you know, with Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie.  I warned you ...).. she's now slipping down below deck occasionally.

This must be what happens as it becomes more and more the norm to be a non-drinker.  It's like my thoughts are rearranging themselves just as today my household bedrooms have been.  (OH SLAM DUNK ON THE WRAPPING UP THE POST NICELY HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!)

I'm exhausted, that's my excuse for this laboured writing.  I really should be watching TV not blogging.  But that was a real moment that happened in that bar.  Oh, and one more thing.  I do not miss drinking one bit.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I'm more than a bit jealous reading this post because I have not lost that obsession. I'm around alcohol all the time and haven't had a drink in 6 months, but I still think about it often and I'm far from putting it behind me in the way it sounds like you have. Sobriety is a gift, but losing that obsession and all craving is the one that seems to happen to different people at varying times. I am genuinely happy to hear you've reached that point.

  2. That sounds both exciting and scary! And I LIKE your metaphors!

  3. I just spent the start of the evening driving my wife and her friends off to the Tapas Bar so they could have a girls night. And they look at me, asking, if four bottles of wine will be enough for the four of them. I nod sagely and say that they can always buy some more if they run out...
    And come home and read and just be sober.
    Funny how it changes and I now see my alcoholism as a great defining moment in my life.
    Sounds like you are fresh and focused for 2012!

  4. I love this post! And your humor, thanks for the good laugh :))

    Good job with rearranging all the bedrooms, I can only imagine your Big Boy's joy in having his very own room!

  5. Lovely to discover your blog via Louisey. Just stopping in to say hello.

  6. Just to say, if you didn't get my email, that I have given you an award. Don't feel you have to do anything about it, just a gesture of appreciation.