Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My alternative drink options...

I was showing the babysitter what she could help herself to in the kitchen; '..there's tea here and biscuits in this container.  Help yourself to any of these soft drinks in the fridge.  This fejoa and pear one is really yummy.  I've got lots of these because I don't drink alcohol'.  The line just slid off my tongue and felt so good.  Really I was saying it by way of explanation because there were quite a few soft drink options in there.  Little bottles of tonic (I have that sometimes with ice and a slice of lemon - a virgin G and T!), ginger beer and that fejoa and pear drink which is my current favorite.

I did a huge online grocery shop yesterday to be delivered this morning and bought 3 different four-packs of little bottles of fizzy.  I think one of them was a pink grapefruit thing.  This is what I do now to have a treaty option if ever I feel like having a 5pm drink.

Although having said that it is bloody cold here in our new city so often I don't feel like something cold and fizzy and that's when I turn to my trust teas.  I am addicted to green teas and herbal teas!  I have about 4 flavors and some of them are caffeine free which I have in the evening.  I sometimes wonder how my body is on the inside now compared with before.  I never actually felt ill or sick as the boozy me (aside from when I was hungover).. my body was a well tuned alcohol-processing machine!  Surely it must be happier inside now.

Right .. got to get studying.  I've got a child free day today and my thesis, long neglected thanks to this relocation, needs some attention!!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. I have water with a splash of lemon or lime, and bring soda/sparkling water to parties. It works well enough. :)

  2. Good to hear you're settling well Mrs D, and spending time with sister and family. Before the H I was an alcoholic (as will come to light in my story) and I used to be appalled if I went to a family dinner and there were maybe two bottles between eight people . . . I'd start to panic about what to do when they were empty. That's before they were even open! O dear.
    O well it's good that you cleared the air and they feel free now to have a "normal" glass. Take care x

  3. Had to laugh at "normies" and only having one glass of wine and being good with it.
    I too was fine with only one glass of wine.
    (Just don't ask how many times I refilled that one glass each night.) haha!
    Sounds like everything is going well, so happy for you Mrs. D. Good luck with the thesis writing.

  4. I feel the same way - don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable with my not drinking and don't want anyone to alter their normal activities because I don't drink.

  5. Oh... I love the Mac's Fejoa and Pear drink and their sour green apple too is delissssshhh! (our fridge is full of em at the moment, since they're on special at Countdown!) heehee.

    Go you ! ;)