Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thanks and an apology...

I love getting comments.  I'm quite addicted to them actually.  Every time I write a new post I spend the next day or two obsessively checking to see if anyone has commented.  I am always so happy to hear from people, I really love it when people respond to what I have written.

I love the wise people who help me in tricky times.  I love the lovely people who just say kind things and 'keep going' kind of supportive messages.  I love the thankful people who say your story helps me. I even loved it that one time someone was rude and told me to 'have a bloody drink and stop whining' because it made me mad and all the more determined.  Plus it gave me great material for a bite-back post.

But I want to apologize for not responding to individual comments.  I know a lot of other bloggers do respond to each and every comment directly at the bottom of their own posts - and for me personally I love checking back after I've commented on someone else's blog to see if they've responded to me.  It's so great!  Like a disjointed chat room.

I am so so tempted to start doing that myself, and I've kept mulling over whether to or not.  But the thing is, I just can't.

And it's because of my bloody MA research.  I am actually in the middle of writing a 40,000 word thesis!  I've had a terrible few months of not-studying, what with the house-sale and relocation, have really faltered for a while there but am finally back into the swing of things and am starting to get into some heavy-duty analysis of my data.

I'm actually meant to be working right now while I type this.  And, you see, that's the problem.  I already 'waste' too much time on blogger when I should be working on my studies.  Of course it's not a waste.  Blogging is my secret sobriety weapon and my blogger buddies are my secret support network, my home group, my lovely faceless buddies spread around the world give me so much strength and hope every day.  I love that we're all lumped together in a crazy blog-o-sphere, opening up and supporting and talking and listening.

But if I were to start responding to comments, on top of trying to comment on others blogs as much as possible, plus keep posting twice a week .. I just wouldn't get my MA done.  So that's all I wanted to say right now. I want to tell you all every time you comment that I agree, or thanks, or me too, or wow really! or some such.  But for now, I'm not going to let myself.  Until I put this MA baby to bed anyway.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Well I am glad to write your first comment to this post!

    I blog too and also love when people comment. I, too, cannot reply to them all but I do what you do...occaisionally write a thank you post acknowledging my readers and thanking them for comments.

    Feedback is important and knowing there are people who care is very special.

    You write a lovely blog and I am going to post a link to it under the "blogs I love" header on my own blog.

    Keep on keeping on...


  2. "i agree, me too, thanks, wow really!" i just adore you. I don't know if i troll more for your comments or for your posts. probably both. we're all in the same boat as you are - trying to balance this cool blogging thing with having a real (sober) life. If i said "rock on" you'd think i was mental. So I'll say "happy research, go study!"

  3. You don't need to apologise -- I went through a long phase of not having time to respond to comments or even to leave comments. We each do what works for us.

    Good luck with the thesis work --

  4. I have blogged since 2007 and I rarely, if ever respond to comments. I love it when others do, but I never really knew anyone came back and looked for a response...maybe I will start responding more. lol No need to apologize. That is the greatness of blogging. Its is your blog, you can do it however you want, whatever works for you and its all good. :o)

  5. What a sweet post, but don't give it another thought. I go back and forth on commenting on comments, which is worse because I'm not consistent. We know you read yours and will keep on leaving them. Good luck on your thesis!

  6. What do you mean you're too busy? Lol. Just kidding.
    I think we all can agree that we support each other, comment or no comment. It's always nice to read your posts...like little stories from up above!
    Xo Jen

  7. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who keeps checking obsessively to see if anyone has commented.
    I love this blogging milarky. I'm pleased you're still blogging, with love x

  8. Its easy to get obsessive about the blog. I went through a bad period of it in '08-'09. It waxes and wanes. The hardest part was when a blogger you feel you know or have a 'relationship' with suddenly stops blogging and doesn't tell anyone.

  9. I only comment on mine so it looks like I get half as many comments as you do. ;) We all know how long it takes to think and write out these seemingly off the cuff blogs. Big pats on the backs to all of us rockin' chicks (and you guys too) in bloggerland!

  10. Oh so easily does this blogging thing become another addiction. Don't I know that. I am also battling with "how much do I give to this blogging?/but it has given me so much/ therefore I should etc" thinking. We're all in this together and we all appreciate how much you have shared and helped us. Thanks Mrs D, you're a star!

  11. I hear you Mrs. D! I shut down my blog partially because it was chewing up too much of my time. And when I supposed to be paying attention to other things happening in my life, I was daydreaming about my blog or wondering who had a new post on my blog roll or what so and so in my blogosphere was doing about the situation he/she blogged about a week ago and hasn't posted a follow up yet...or, or, or...gahhh!

    And you know what I did. I started a new one! Such an addiction!

    Here's to finding balance in blogging.


  12. No worries Mrs D. I don't think there's any right and wrong on this. Basically, what everyone else has said!!

    Good luck with the MA.