Monday, July 23, 2012

A birthday party.

Our middle boy has just turned 6 and we threw a wee party for him on Saturday.  There were about 15 adults and 18 kids at our house for Saturday afternoon.

Luckily Mr D and I enjoy throwing parties and we planned a treasure hunt, a disco competition and lots of yummy nibbles and drinks.

And I thought - bugger it.  Just because I don't drink any more doesn't mean no-one else shouldn't.  Opening a bottle of bubbles can really set a fun tone I think so I bought a couple during the week and had them in the fridge ready for the party.  Mr D went out in the morning and got some beer, and I also had some Virgin Cosmopolitans - a little pink bottle I've found from a company that is making a range of virgin cocktails pre-mixed. They're yummy.

So there I was popping the cork and pouring away for those who wanted it.  A few were happy to accept and a few had pink drinks with me.  Most of the blokes had a beer and the party was away! I was busy organizing the games and helping with present opening and making sure the food was going around and just chat chat chatting with our friends and did not give a toss that I wasn't sharing in the booze.

On the contrary I was actually delighted not to be.  I so love that I've discovered that I can just do everything just as well and happily without boozing.  Normally - before I became sober - I would have gone through the whole party much the same but slowly and steadily filling myself with alcohol.  I don't think it would have been too noticeable, but I would have probably bought at least double the amount for the party and had a bottle or two of red wine for 'after' when people had gone home.

As it was I waved our friends goodbye, tidied up, watched some tele, cleaned my face, put night cream on and went to bed.

Who am I??!! Who is this person who is so unbelievably happy to have realised what was so wrong and made it right.  That's me, yippee!  Sober me.

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Mrs. D, I've read your blog faithfully for the last 3 months (when I decided to "take a break from wine"). Lately, I have thought a couple of times about having a glass...and first I look to see if you, or some other bloggers I follow like Kary Mary, have posted. They always seem to be divine intervention...knowing the choice is mine, but hearing how others not only abstain but enjoy abstaining. So, thanks. That's all. It's not your job to make my decision, but reading about your life - alcohol free - allows me to see that this isn't the end of life. Quite the contrary in fact. So, thank you for sharing...the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens. Without alcohol.


  2. That's you Mrs D! Sober, happy, AND entertaining. x x

  3. how very excellent. i'm with you, i get it now! (finally!) how many years did i just WASTE trying moderation, when really, it turns out that none is easier. what a relief. it's like finding money on the street ... it's like sunshine in my head :) here's to sober movies, sober parties, and driving sober! yippee!

  4. What can I say? I am so with you. It is all so much easier. One can do so much more when one has killed off that evil dictator that ruled us. Freedom it is, real freedom.

  5. Isn't it great to be there for your kids and remember it! And not embarrass them? And not retreat to drink more when it's over?

    I'm with you Mrs. D - yippee!

  6. Thanks for this story. It will inspire me when my daughter turns 11 next week and people come over for her party. I've never not had a drink at my childrens' bday party, which means most of their parties became my own little party.
    I don't want to be that mom anymore.
    Jen. Day 8!

  7. I'm with Belle ^above^....I did the same...wasted TONS of time trying to find a way to drink in moderation. I didn't want to totally give it up because I couldn't imagine never ever having wine ever ever again. But now, something in my head switched and I really never ever want to drink again. I didn't expect to feel such joy at ridding my life of it. You are a great role model Mrs D because you are so much farther ahead than most of us following you. Its exciting to see how much better your life is in sobriety!!! Yay for all of us!!! (Day 25 here). On a side note: I was thinking this morning, that when I get to 6 wks, I will have officially been sober the longest I have been since my last pregnancy...I have given up alcohol for 3 Lents in a when I get past 40 days...I will have surpassed any dry spells in 13 years!!!! I will be buying myself some kind of present!!!