Sunday, February 24, 2013


Had the best dance I have had in years at the wedding on Friday night!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must have danced for two hours! The music was just totally awesome and the conditions were just right for an extended boogie. Lovely vibe, great tunes, nice low lighting, dance floor away from the main room so not lots of people sitting around watching us dance, big crowd cutting it up and not caring how they looked.

It was mostly old hits, lots of 80's favourites (hence the post title), lots of hands in the air and bouncing around. I got so hot and puffed I kept having to move to the side for a breather and then another great song would start up and my feet would lead me back out. The DJ even played 'Call Me Al' for goodness sake and we were all singing along word for word "A man walks down the street and says why am I short of attention......" and so on.

It was fab. At one point I honestly got hit with an overwhelming feeling of pure joy and endorphins, I was bouncing on both feet with my hands in the air shouting to myself 'no more thesis - yay!!!!!!!!!!'. What a perfect way to celebrate.

Didn't care that I wasn't drinking bubbles with everyone else straight after the ceremony. They had lovely big jugs of elderflower cordial mixed with soda water with cut fresh lemon and ice cubes so I had a couple of those in a flute. Lovely. Then with the meal I had actually smuggled in a Red Bull but then the groom came up to me and said 'They've got your Red Bull behind the bar!". So nice of him to remember and I'd forgotten I'd mentioned it to him!

I had another Red Bull mid-dance when I was hot and sweaty. That second one might have been a mistake as I didn't sleep that well and had a headache the next day but that could have just been tiredness after the big fun night.

Almost forgot that other people were sinking alcohol and I wasn't.. it seemed completely irrelevant. I was reminded after dinner when I noticed some people blinking a little more slowly and talking with tongues that had gotten a little thicker.  Right at the end there were a few loose units, but nothing too dramatic and I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything. The opposite almost, just so happy to have discovered that I don't need lots of wine to have fun at a wedding.

Drove home. HOW I LOVE DRIVING HOME!!  Makeup off, night cream on, brush teeth, bed. Booze, who needs it?

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. Leave it to an alcoholic to smuggle in a non-alcoholic beverage in to a Some habits are hard to break!

    Anyway, I got tired just reading your post there - sounds like you had quite the time cutting that rug there. I am so glad that booze wasn't even on the radar. Weddings seem to be a problem for some of us, with the booze flowing freely. Funny thing is that we picture weddings as these big piss-ups, and as you witnessed, it's not really like that at all. Yeah, you might get a few people getting a little sloppy, but it's more the exception than the rule. When I was drinking, I saw it the other way around, and made sure I participated with the "majority"

    Fun read, Mrs. D! Loved it :)

  2. Thanks for sharing that wonderful story! It made me what to put my dancing shoes on!!

    Booze really has little to do with making things fun!! I just had a fun sober weekend, too! I can honestly say it was a nice weekend - free of booze.

    Day 11 arriving for me!!


  3. Awesome post and so full of hope. As someone who's making progress towards having fun in groups, your story is a huge inspiration.

  4. LOVED this post! I have been sober since April 16th. We have been to four weddings since then and I have found that they are even MORE fun sober! When I first got sober I thought, weddings won't be fun without alcohol but I have found that they really are even better. Dance the night away, be able to drive home, then wake up the next morning feeling great and remembering everything! Thanks for your writing.

  5. I lovelovelove these posts. I have two weddings coming up, the first in just a few months time, and they make me nervous as I have never, ever been to a wedding and not gotten completely and utterly hammered. As others said, I always thought that's what everyone just DID at weddings - will be interesting to see if that's even the case.

    I guess as a drinker it's a 'socially acceptable' excuse to get blasted but no doubt there were probably always people looking askance at just how drunk we were. There are many ends of wedding nights I don't even remember. And what a shame really - to get so obliterated on these joyous romantic occasions. Your posts give me hope it will be even MORE fun sober.

    Lilly xx

  6. Well Twinkletoes, you did it again. I bet a few people at the party were saying, "I want whatever she's having."
    I'm not a dancer, and I'm sure there are youtube videos out there somewhere to prove it, booze tricked me into thinking I was one. I'm just as happy to sit on the sidelines and let the likes of you shine. Another privilege of sobriety, basking in another's limelight, instead of always trying to make sure the spotlight is directed on me.

    1. Terrific, Mrs. D!

      And come on, Kary, dancing is like sex--you don't have to be good at it to enjoy it!

  7. I love to dance and it's so much nicer when you're not falling all over your own feet or when the hubs doesn't have to hold you up.

    And I LOVE that nighttime routine after being out and snuggling under the covers, safe, comfy and certain in the fact that I'm going to have a good night's sleep and wake up bright and early, hangover free!

    Good times! Thanks for sharing.


  8. Great post. Newbies and veterans appreciate that you share your coping skills with all of us.

  9. Sounds like an amazing night! I will have to try a Red Bull one of these days - I'm a little nervous it would make me jittery and shaky (I have a bit of an anxiety disorder) - but I can always try one in the privacy of my own home to see how I do...glad you so enjoyed yourself!!!

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