Friday, February 8, 2013

Almost ... almost...

I was just having a conversation with Mr D about my past drinking habits and he reminded me about how if there was ever a beer in the fridge - that he would have left in there to have on the weekend perhaps - I would always drink it straight away.

He was saying 'and you don't even like beer!' .. which is true. But if there was booze in the house it would call to me and I'd consume it pretty quick smart. It wouldn't last more than a day or two in the fridge or cupboard. I'd know it was there and it would go down my throat. Worst was when someone bought us a bottle of gin or whiskey duty free. I'd chomp into pretty enthusiastically and it wouldn't last long. There was never any chance of us having a wine rack or booze fridge. What came in the house got consumed...I think I was born with my 'off switch' broken actually.

That's why I'm an alcoholic.

I like Belle's 'high-bottom alcoholic' moniker and have used that a couple of times recently when describing my drinking to people. 'I'm a high-bottom alcoholic' trips off the tongue a little easier than 'I'm an alcoholic but I stopped drinking before I got too bad'. Or 'I was totally addicted to booze but it was only wine usually and always after 5pm'. So 'high-bottom alcoholic' it is.

Anyway, I'm dragging my now-fabulously-sober ass through the last week or so of thesis writing.

Today was a big day because I went into a copy shop and printed off a complete copy (all 130-ish pages, 35,000-odd words) to proof read over the next week. I am so close now I'm can almost taste what it's going to be like having this thesis gone from my life - and it tastes soooooooo good!!!!!!!!

Yes!!!! I am going to fist pump the air like a crazy woman, watch a million crappy romantic comedies every night, indulge in obscene amounts of Reality TV and cooking programmes, read loads of novels rather than heavy text books, tidy up the garden, go to the gym!, swim lengths at the pool!, fart around in my bedroom trying out outfits (not something I normally do very much), do my nails all the time!!, learn how to salsa dance!!  Ok so that last one was a joke... but .... point being ... the finish line is in sight and I am happy with that!!!

Love, Mrs D xxx


  1. thanks for the mention :) buy some lovely glittery pink nail polish and add some donuts while you're at it. and then sleep in :) hugs to you, you're nearly done!

  2. Best of luck for the final stretch!

  3. i wrote a blog post about how messed up i am in that i drank for thirty years and never really liked the taste of alcohol. Talk about "alcohol insanity"!

    PS Speaking as a confirmed "low bottom" alcoholic, all i can say is, you have a great bottom!

  4. Haha! I too would describe myself as a high bottom alcoholic, and every time I say that it makes me want to laugh...there's just something about talking about my bottom, however metaphorical, that cracks me up.

    I like your blog, Mrs. D. And although I'molder than you, and live on the other side of the world, our stories of drinking and now sobriety are awfully similar. Keep putting it out there--I'm sure that you are a beacon of strength to those still struggling. And congrats on your thesis--sounds like a bear!

  5. YES!! You are almost there! I'm so happy for you :)

  6. Oh my GOD!!!!!! You go girl!!!!

    We could never have anything in the house either. I'd suck it down after I went through all the wine.

    So silly.


    1. Me too. We once bought these lovely wine racks while I was pregnant and filled them up. The soon after my son was born steadily emptied them all out.

      Hurrah for almost there and final stretches!!!

  7. Mrs.D! You ARE nearly there. Woot woot! I want to thank you for continuing to blog throughout your entire MA process. I don't know how many people you have helped really think about and analyze their drinking habits but I do know you have helped me and I appreciate it. Knock your socks off and have some fun. You deserve it!

  8. The only reason there was any alcohol left in my house was either I had passed out, or I was very diligently trying to keep some for the inevitable morning shakes. What insanity, indeed! Good luck with your, what perseverance :)

  9. Mrs D I am sooooo excited for you to finish your thesis! And it's soooooooo much better that you did it with a clear head!!!!! Sooo proud of you! What an accomplishment...both of them actually!!! The thesis and kicking booze to the curb!

    With your extra time...have you ever watched Downton Abbey? I just started it...just finished the 2nd episode of the 1st season and its awesome!!!

    Well done Mrs D!!!!